Valve being Sued in Germany; Microsoft an Sony Will be Watching for Next-Gen

With the lawsuit pending against Valve in Germany, expect that Sony and Microsoft, with their next-gen systems coming soon, will be watching closely. With rumors about the DRM features on the next-gen games Sony and Microsoft will eye this closely.

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NewMonday2117d ago

a lawsuit and winning it are 2 different things

and this doesn't concern games only but all digital software on all devices.

if they win(unexpected), then we should get used to cloud computing

konnerbllb2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Companies get around this by adding it in their terms of use. The only problem right now is valve still locks people out of playing their old games if they don't agree to the new terms of use, so they will have to fix that.

But at the end of the day I really doubt people will be able to trade or sell digital content on steam or the console platforms. Illegal or not, it's all in that digital contract you agree to each time you either install update or use the service.

Dark_Overlord2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

I believe this was discussed in detail before, but to sum it up, no company regardless of what they put in their EULA/TOS can over ride law (and your rights associated with it).

If you read the EULA of most games, you'll find that you are not allowed to sell/lend/give away etc that game again, so why do shops like Gamestop exist? It is due to the law saying they can, regardless of what restrictive crap has been wrote into the EULA you accepted :)

MikeMyers2116d ago

Bruce Willis made a comment about his iTunes content and being able to leave it to his children when he dies. This is the slippery-slope many fear going forwards. What do we actually own? Services like Playstation Plus lean towards a rental service like Netflix. What about XBLA games and all the PS3 games I bought online?

People are often lenient when it comes to Steam because of the service and the prices but as digital gets more cemented into our buying we will have less flexibility. You know going forward that the big guys will be selling more and more games day of release and slowly get consumers to adopt buying online and all of those games will be locked to our accounts.

I don't think the U.S. will support the notion that consumers have a right to sell digital content. That will just open up a can of worms nobody will want to go to. The movie industry will push hard as well against it since they too sell their movies online through services like iTunes.

Knight_Crawler2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

This is BS and hope Valves looses.

If I pay for something then it should be my property and I should be able to do what I want with it.

This is like Apple holding your content hostage on iTunes and telling you that when you die you cannot give it to anyone else...I hope Bruce Willies who has investested millions in iTunes content wins this case against Apple and he can leave all his content to his daughter.

If this is the way digital downloads is going where you do not own the content you pay for and have to agree to some corporate agreements then I will stick with physical copies of what ever I purchase.

Yes some of you will try to justify this by saying that Valve already gives you the game for dirt cheap but it is still our money and we paid for something which means that it is ours and not the company who sold you ot.

aquamala2116d ago

You can't resell digital games on psn and xbl either, MS and Sony have the same problem as Valve

Dark_Overlord2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

They're probably waiting on the result of this case first. Though if Valve lose, MS, Sony and even Nintendo will need to implement a resale feature. It would be silly and very expensive for them to argue against it.

KrisButtar2116d ago

If gaming went all digital, I couldn't play games anymore as Internet is not offered in my area, I hope the Germans win as Why shouldn't you be able to sell the product you bought or lend it to a friend or even trade. That's why I myself would never go digital or even use steam or iTunes or any other service where I don't get the physical copy of the product

jek72116d ago

WOAH! you don't have internet in your area but your commenting here in n4g? did you use your rice cooker to connect?

KrisButtar2116d ago

iPhone and I drive to a coffee shop everyday.. They have Internet, it's still 25 min drive

sypher2116d ago

They don't have a resale value, that's the problem. They are either free (downloaded from piratebay or your favourite torrent site) or at the price the original content holder ransoms it for not to be attained 'illegally'.

You aren't paying for the product, but the service of acquiring that product hassle free. Digital goods are of infinite supply i.e. duplicated endlessly thus there is no 'second hand' market where its true value can be attained. Because goods of infinite supply have no value (in terms of money).

I wrote a big article explaining all this about a month back, if anyone is interested;

ironfist922116d ago

Valve have a right to defend their digital distribution of games on their own first-party software, however I hope Sony and MS dont introduce the dreaded System locked DRM, meaning no one can lend or resell their PHYSICAL product once its been purchased.

ziggurcat2116d ago

don't worry, sony/MS is not going to implement that "feature' into their next systems. rumours are just rumours, and patents don't mater since almost all patents don't see the light of day (that, and an identical patent was filed just prior to the PS3 launch and we all know how that turned out).

talisker2116d ago

Sorry to disappoint you but current gen consoles have had DRM since day 1. You just didn't realize that...

Dark_Overlord2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )


One example would be the Blu Ray discs (PS3), they contain 4 (That I can think of)

High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP)

Advanced Access Content System (AACS)



Now I'm not sure what DRM the Xbox360 Discs employ (though I remember it taking up about a GB of space on the discs until the update last year? was it)

Like I say, thats just the discs, the actual consoles have DRM implementations too :)

P.S on a side note, virtually every console in history has used some form of DRM.

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