XBLA zombie game ‘State of Decay’ announces that its near completion

Undead Labs announced yesterday that they are very close to sending off the first content complete version of their upcoming zombie game, “State of Decay,” for Xbox Live Arcade to Microsoft for evaluation. This would be one huge step in getting the undead survival arcade title into the hands of gamers. To help celebrate this exciting news, the developer also released a new batch of screenshots yesterday to show off various scenes of an upcoming teaser trailer which depicts home life from the game’s base-building mechanic.

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TheNocturnus1185d ago

Hell yes! I cannot wait for this game. I got MS points sitting in wait.

konnerbllb1185d ago

I could do without the feature that allows your world to continue on when you're not playing. Losing resources and survivors because I'm out living my life isn't appealing in a game.

jetlian1185d ago

nearing 1200 MS pts from bing! if it does get approved its should be here within a month or so, Cant wait!

dazzrazz1185d ago

From what I've read game will be 20 bucks

jetlian1185d ago

thats still good enough im 3 days away from getting 1200 MS points.

It takes atleast 2 weeks before MS ok's the game and they are gonna give some warning that its coming. So by the time it comes out i'll have the points anyway.

One of the reason I like bing is it gets me my DLC and arcade games

Jaunty1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

How do you get MS points from bing?

jetlian1184d ago

just using bing search engine after a free sign up. Been doing it since 2011

BALLARD321185d ago

Psyched for this. Getting bored with all my games right now so hopefully it will release soon. Been in need of a true zombie survival game.

Jek_Porkins1185d ago

This is looking pretty sweet! Love how Microsoft has used XBLA to get people retail quality games for a fraction of the cost.