Tiny Tina Labeled As Racist?

Anthony Burch defends his character Tiny Tina in a series of tweets, along with a slew of fan feedback.

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DeadSpaced1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

I personally loved her character.

PS3Freak1961d ago

One dude said that, but everyone disagreed.

So no, she's not considered racist.

ironfist921961d ago

Well that was a quick end of discussion.

Who doesnt love Tiny Tina?

Mounce1960d ago

I'd totally tap Bigger-Tina....aka when she gets older.


Sp1d3ynut1961d ago

She's easily my favorite new character in any new IP from the last several years. I just reached lvl 50 with my 3rd character, and am mid-way on my 6th playthrough. I always look forward to the getting to Tundra Express for the first time, because she always makes me laugh. :D

Sp1d3ynut1960d ago

5 disagrees from losers who need to get a life.

MacDonagh1961d ago

Did Tiny Tim wear a KKK hood and drop N-Bombs? Never played the game tbh, but if she's only using slang that is now common in modern-day culture; it's not racist.

Hell, even I use the word badonkadonk sometimes.

I am not ashamed. Shame is for the weak.

KwietStorm1961d ago

Tiny Tina being racist never even crossed my mind, but your logic/argument is completely wrong.

MacDonagh1960d ago

In what way? Language is constantly evolving and new words are made everyday and it doesn't belong to any particular race. The problem that people seem to have these days are things that don't agree with their worldview and they bitch about it as if they are going to change it. I'm sure many impressionable 13 year olds use the terms that Tiny Tina uses everyday like "krunk" or "badonkadonk" or "gazongas".

People force their worldview on others because they are uncomfortable with anything that disagrees with their own bias.

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The story is too old to be commented.