XboxOZ360 - Conflict: Denied Ops Review

dkpatriarch (David Hilton) of XboxOZ360 Weblog says the game's co-op feature is a lot of fun, but the game is let down by too many poor decisions and could have been so much more:

"I love shooters. It's just that there are so many of them on the 360. This means that I've been there done that so many times that even Call of Duty 4 doesn't seem that innovative. And Conflict: Denied Ops is no Call of Duty 4. Far from it. Still, it is very easy to compare all shooters to COD4 and dismiss any that aren't as exciting or have the same production values.

So it becomes a case of "Why bother compete with COD4s" or "Let's cash in on gamers' love of the genre". Well most publishers go with the latter, and Conflict is one of those titles. Still, it does redeem itself in some areas.

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