Planetside 2 Gets Deadly With Game Update 2, Plus Performance Fixes

Earlier today the long awaited (and quite massive) Game Update 2 for Planetside 2 was unleashed up on the masses. With it, a whole slew of vehicle upgrades, new gear, new weapons, and a variety of tweaks to some of your favorite weapons.

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washednblood2138d ago

I've seen a bit of FPS drop with this patch sadly :S

xseven2138d ago

We're trying to keep a list of possible fixes as well... let me know if you find any.

kefkah2138d ago

Been hearing good things about this game since it launched. Which is saying something because it is from SOE...

ninjahunter2138d ago

Really? I didnt like it very much, well i got about 40 hours out of it before i lost all interest, and one of my friends who actually wanted to start PC gaming, Quit PC gaming because the game was so unenjoyable to him.

But i feel, that must of the problem lies in the FPS issues and MASSIVE grind times to unlock things. I think it was nearly 100 hours of game play to unlock 1 gun and a couple attachments.

Gran Touring2138d ago

"I think it was nearly 100 hours of game play to unlock 1 gun and a couple attachments."

Wow that's a total load of BS if I've ever heard it and not even remotely true.

xseven2138d ago

There's a huge difference when you're going about it as a lone wolf versus joining a squad. Sweeping through the map with a squad and capping points is a huge part of the game, and rightfully the most rewarding.

During the day... you earn battle rank by mowing through people... during the evenings, you earn certs by galaxy hopping with a squad and capping points.

Wormwood2138d ago

Oh, well looks like it is time to log in again. For the NC! Freedom!!!!

debian_zac2138d ago

well it seems some more performance issues have arisen since the last patch

Echel0n2138d ago

I have wanted to play this...maybe the time has come to download the client and give it a shot...

xseven2138d ago

I have to admit I didn't think it was my sort of game at first... but 6 hours later I was still capping bio labs with my squad.

kefkah2137d ago

I may end up giving it a try.