3DS Animal Crossing coming to Korea next week, US release Q2 2013

Drew Bergmark of Released in November last year in Japan, Animal Crossing: New Leaf is one of the most popular titles for Nintendo's newest handheld. About thirty minutes ago, translator Dan Koopman linked a YouTube video that was in Korean and explained that the new Animal Crossing would be coming out on February 7th in South Korea. In Japan over the two months it was out, the game sold over 273 million times according to last week's earnings report.


I forgot to add a period to the statistic. It is 2.73 million in sales, not 273 million.

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animegamingnerd2089d ago

god damn it nintnedo why must you release so many games in Q2

Blastoise2089d ago

I've waited so long for this game...

Drainage2089d ago

I bought my 3DS for this game. wish I waited or I'd have an XL for less money but it is what it is