Predictions For Sony’s Future of PlayStation Event

Earlier this week Sony released a video and invite to what they’re calling “The Future of PlayStation” event. The event takes place on February 20th on 6:00pm EST in New York City. Sony invited the press and even investors to the even hinting at some major PlayStation news being announced. Just about everyone is expecting Sony to announce their next generation home console, the PlayStation 4. Here at GVN, we decided it would be fun to share the writing staff’s opinions/predictions on what and how Sony will be announcing things on February 20th.

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WooHooAlex2143d ago

I think the event will feel really similar to the PlayStation Meeting in 2011 when they unveiled the NGP.
They'll probably show off the PS4 without going into any specs or pricing, show us a sizzle reel where it confirms a few of their first party titles like Gran Turismo, Killzone, maybe Uncharted ect...
They might be saving this one for E3, but I also think there's a chance they will talk about their plans for Gaikai and how they're building the cloud service into the next-gen PSN.

Lior2143d ago

PS4 lol I am waiting for the 700 series to be announced by nvidia.

akaakaaka2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

okay you play games like this on your pc.

and i will play games like this only possiple on the playStation.
or this


Gamer392142d ago

Ps3 power?
Open world this visuals quality:

This is power not corridor shooter.

Muerte24942143d ago

is, in most cases, an afterthought. Last of Us could be done on PC seven years ago but we have yet to see it. You actually get people asking for Half-Life 3, World of Warcraft, E.V.E, etc. PC only receives a fraction of titles a year compared to consoles.

tubers2143d ago

Well that's how some devs have been treating the PC as an after though. Look at Dead Space 3.

PC receiving a fraction of titles released/ year compared to consoles sounds wrong though.

Maybe if you combine all non PC gaming platforms.

Agent_00_Revan2143d ago

Sadly I doubt it'll be BC because of them changing from the Cell to a normal processor.

I wish it was. I would like nothing more then to have One system that can play Every game in my Playstation library. PS1-4.

Conzul2143d ago

That would be amazing. Never say Never.

dboyman2142d ago

They might offer a deluxe version with a cell processor...

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