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Submitted by Luismacintosh 1102d ago | opinion piece

Predictions For Sony’s Future of PlayStation Event

Earlier this week Sony released a video and invite to what they’re calling “The Future of PlayStation” event. The event takes place on February 20th on 6:00pm EST in New York City. Sony invited the press and even investors to the even hinting at some major PlayStation news being announced. Just about everyone is expecting Sony to announce their next generation home console, the PlayStation 4. Here at GVN, we decided it would be fun to share the writing staff’s opinions/predictions on what and how Sony will be announcing things on February 20th. (PS Vita, PS3, PS4)

The_Infected  +   1102d ago
Sony could possibly release the PS4 early and make it backwards compatible to play the upcoming PS3 games this year so they wouldn't hurt their AAA game sales. They may have to do that to get a jump on MS. Who knows whats going to happen in about 18 days we will know I guess.
LOGICWINS  +   1102d ago
I think Sony will have some sort of trade in program for people who have PS3s and want to upgrade to backwards compatible PS4s.
2pacalypsenow  +   1102d ago
Highly unlikely

@Lior yeah I would prob be able to buy 2 ps4's for the price of one of the high end 700 series
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DigitalRaptor  +   1102d ago
and how will Sony make money from that?
aCasualGamer  +   1102d ago
The only thing i want is Sony to atleast mention PS4 with some teasers of nextgen titles.

It would be the biggest letdown if Sony doesn't atleast mention PS4 after all the expectations from millions of fans.

They have to, i mean, there is no other reason for livestreaming an event which is solely based on Playstation in 2013. Titles for PS3? Why? There are already 3 big titles for this year that have already been revealed(GOW Ascension, Last of Us and Beyond two souls) so there is no need for an independent event on exclusive titles for PS3.

Personally this is what i would love to see:

I think Kaz should start off the press event with a covered PS4 and controller and let gaming media shout "SONY SONY SONY!!!" as Kaz casually says "Yes, ladies and gentlemen it is indeed a next gen console behind me!". That would be the greatest presentation of a new console to date. He wouldn't uncover it, no, he would just casually point the direction towards the big screen and say "This is what this next gen hardware will be capable of..." and show off a minute teaser each for all the exclusive titles under production. First Uncharted 4, then Killzone 4, then Gran Turismo 6 and then... show off a compilation video of all the new IP's that have been under production within these studios: Santa Monica's new IP, Guerrilla Games new IP, Sucker Punch studios new IP, Media Molecule's new IP, Evolution Studios new IP, Quantic Dreams new IP(not Beyond, they have a seperate team on that), Incognito's new IP.

Then.... (after the crowd roars out "SONY SONY SONY!!!") Kaz uncovers it, and says "Final specs, release date and pricing will be revealed at E3 this year! Thank you for showing up... oh i almost forgot... RIIIIIIDGE RAAAAAAACER!!!" and the last teaser is a mindblowing Ridge Racer preview with next gen visual effects.

If this happens, i will never ask for anything ever again from humanity. I will simply... die happy.
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Kevin ButIer  +   1102d ago

Dude, you just wrote your wet dream as a comment; the weird thing is that I had a similar LOL

The hype train is at hyperspeed, Sony is aiming to be a game changer this gen.
aCasualGamer  +   1102d ago

Lol, guilty as charged! But dude, this is what i love about this industry more than any other. When a new console is about to release, you get overwhelmingly excited. I'm 23 and i get the feeling that i got when i was younger and played a console game for the first time. It's better than christmas or any other holiday.

I can't describe the feeling but i think it's only present in our industry, the hype that builds up and when the community all come together to discuss this matter. It's bigger than just products and sales, it's us... it's our community.

Ok, i know i got too philosophical... anyways, if Sony announces a high pricepoint say 499$... it would start a negative stream of "doom" articles. BUT, i really don't think it's fair to expect hardware that is more than midrange, interms of PC specs, and at a similar price as Wii-U. I get that you don't want to pay alot for anything. But think it as an investment spread over the next 5-6 years. It's a new generation of gaming. Not only that, but it's your favorite hobby. I seriously wouldn't mind spending 499$ on a PS4 knowing that Sony won't sell it at a loss. I would be worried for the industry and Sony if they sold it at a loss. It's an industry and hobby that has given me so much. Why would i want it to crumble because of a 100$ more expensive pricepoint? With that said, i'm pretty certain it won't crumble because of Sony selling it at a loss, but it would mean that Sony doesn't bet on companies like Quantic Dream and Naughtydog and there is nothing more i would like to see than MORE companies like them, with lots of creative freedom.

I'm a student, but damnit if i can afford an overrated product such as iPhone then i sure as hell can afford a piece of hardware that will provide me with so much joy for the next 5-6 years. I've spent more than 1000$ over the last year on crap that i really regret. But i've never said that for ANY console i've bought. This is the only industry that truly delivers on quality and entertainment at the rate it does.
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abzdine  +   1102d ago
imo the PS4 will be backward compatible but only with digital files, so i would recommend all of you guys to get PS+ and DL all the free games now so you can re DL them on it. That would also be part of the Gaikai service to stream all kinds of games.

LOGICWINS: yeah maybe but when you look at PSP physical discs on Vita i haven't seen that many do it cause the process is complicated and not many are tempted by it.
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mmildred96   1101d ago | Spam
WooHooAlex  +   1102d ago
I think the event will feel really similar to the PlayStation Meeting in 2011 when they unveiled the NGP.
They'll probably show off the PS4 without going into any specs or pricing, show us a sizzle reel where it confirms a few of their first party titles like Gran Turismo, Killzone, maybe Uncharted ect...
They might be saving this one for E3, but I also think there's a chance they will talk about their plans for Gaikai and how they're building the cloud service into the next-gen PSN.
Lior  +   1102d ago
PS4 lol I am waiting for the 700 series to be announced by nvidia.
akaakaaka  +   1102d ago
okay you play games like this on your pc.

and i will play games like this only possiple on the playStation.
or this

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Gamer39  +   1101d ago
Ps3 power?
Open world this visuals quality:

This is power not corridor shooter.
Muerte2494  +   1102d ago
is, in most cases, an afterthought. Last of Us could be done on PC seven years ago but we have yet to see it. You actually get people asking for Half-Life 3, World of Warcraft, E.V.E, etc. PC only receives a fraction of titles a year compared to consoles.
tubers  +   1102d ago
Well that's how some devs have been treating the PC as an after though. Look at Dead Space 3.

PC receiving a fraction of titles released/ year compared to consoles sounds wrong though.

Maybe if you combine all non PC gaming platforms.
azshorty2003  +   1102d ago
Sadly I doubt it'll be BC because of them changing from the Cell to a normal processor.

I wish it was. I would like nothing more then to have One system that can play Every game in my Playstation library. PS1-4.
Conzul  +   1102d ago
That would be amazing. Never say Never.
dboyman  +   1101d ago
They might offer a deluxe version with a cell processor...
ldfgwergweg   1102d ago | Spam
trenso1  +   1102d ago
has sony announced the location for the event yet? None of the sites say where in New York it is being held.
Braid  +   1102d ago
I predict that Sony will be announcing their next Playstation console which is fully compatible with Xbox games.

Following the lawsuits Sony will go bankrupt. Microsoft will focus on PC gaming with DirectX 12.1.3 while Steambox dominates the console gaming with shovelware Linux titles. Stembox will compete with Apple's Angry Birds Entertainment System, but will eventually win with a smart strategy when they release Half-Life Episode 3 on Steambox, a fully new one-hour Half-Life experience that you can not enjoy on any other system. This, or waiting is messing with my head.
smashman98  +   1102d ago
i thought this article was pretty lame no really interesting predictions just

"I think the ps4 will be announced but not with anything else"

and it was said like 7 times
evilhasitsway  +   1102d ago
see sony was top selling consol on all systems even ps3 after coming in the game late i think they want to go all guns blasing this gen. thats why we see all these awesome games coming this year and end it with a nuke the ps4. i think they want to put there name out there like it was with the ps2. which was the best selling consol of all time.
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evilhasitsway  +   1102d ago
my predection about cost and release date is a 250g for $399 or $499 and a 500g for $499 or $599 it will be somewhere in that range and i believe hdmi cables will come standard with the system. which newer ps3s come with those hard drives. as for release date i say any were from oct-nov cause the vita was shown off early 2011 like the possible ps4 and it launched in us that oct. i think we will see something similar with the ps4. and the reason sony changed there mind about waiting for ms is cause sony believes that the new xbox is too late in development to make major changes to make it better than the new ps4 cause with game developers with rumor saying ps4 is more powerfull than new xbox so they figure why not go ahead and just beat them to the punch. it would make a epic year for sony with all the games coming this year and just end 2013 with the biggest bang in gaming history.
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smashman98  +   1101d ago
Small correction vita didn't launch in us til Feb 2012
WeaseL  +   1101d ago
If it wasn't about the ps4 Sony would have said by now.
Anything other than the ps4 now would be a big let down and make Sony look bad by not dispelling the rumors.
Lethalsuperhuman  +   1101d ago
I think they will relese something on ps vita and ps3 remote play. And more ps vita games like nba 2k14 for ps vita.
stefan771  +   1101d ago
Everything I've seen points to Gakai
Hicken  +   1101d ago
To me, Gaikai is more a "future of Sony" thing, as its implications go considerably further than just in gaming.

I can't think of anything that would say "future of Playstation" more than the next Playstation console.
ColeMacGrath  +   1101d ago
Why do I have a feeling that Sony will ditch the redesigned controller which will be released for the new PlayStation and go back to the DualShock? Like they did with the PS3 and boomerang, I really love the DS, and I don't care if its getting old or not, just more cool improvements while keeping its design would be awesome! Just a piece of an opinion..
tweet75  +   1101d ago
I imagine the new controller will be a dualshock style controller with an lcd screen built in
ColeMacGrath  +   1101d ago
I'd imagine that too, but I hope they keep the PlayStation symbols and the design..
tweet75  +   1101d ago
personally im not ready for ps4 just more great games for ps3 im not ready for a new console.
DAS692  +   1101d ago
No one is going to like the pricing. If Apple Inc. can release a tablet for $500 dollars then, who's to say that Sony won't release a BRAND NEW gaming console for that much or more? You would be lucky to find a $400 price-tag on a new piece of hardware such as this.

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