Want a Dead Space 3 Watch? That will be 265 Dollars

GamerFitNation: Apparently EA is not only milking Dead Space 3 with its 11 DLC’s on launch day, but they are also releasing a watch that is an exact replica of the one that the main protagonist Issac Clarke wears in the game. You might be thinking that this is something cheap and simple product for profit, but this is EA we are talking about. They don’t live in the realm of cheap. The watch which only has 500 being made is going to cost you a whopping 265 dollars.

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Christopher1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Glad I don't want one *puts $265 back in his wallet*

Wonder how long that would actually last with being worn. that's one large turning screw element there.

Root1547d ago

It's EA, every 3 months you have to do a micro transaction so it will keep on working

SilentNegotiator1546d ago

Plus, the minute hand is DLC.

Snookies121546d ago

It has a feature to set itself to the correct time, but you'll need to buy an online pass for that to work.

brish1546d ago

You forgot to mention the day one DLC!

For an additional $50 you can download a brand new feature that allows the watch to tell time during PM!

EA denies reports that the PM feature was removed from the watch to charge customers more.

In unrelated news: EA gets voted as the worst company in America for a second year!

MysticStrummer1546d ago

"In unrelated news: EA gets voted as the worst company in America for a second year!"

...which is just one more illustration of how clueless americans are.

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Blacktric1547d ago

>As worn by Isaac Clarke in Dead Space 3

Let me guess... They added one scene where he checks his watch and ultimately, they have included such scene/in game model to justify the 265 dollar price tag for a crappy watch.

Sad. Nothing more, nothing less.

Baka-akaB1547d ago

does the disagree really believe there will be some scene with a deep meaning involving the watch :p ?

jony_dols1547d ago

Ea, I'll give you 'bout three fiddy.

Blastoise1547d ago

I'd rather have his plasma rifle

plmkoh1547d ago

No scene and you'll barely notice at all, but he does wear it when he's not in the armour.

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subtenko1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Doesnt look that cool to me either.. $265? I rather get the WiiU

That thing better glow blue with some yellow glowing ambiance in between the numbers, or a red glow instead of yellow. It better make some cool dead space sound as part of a built in alarm. It should also be water resistant. That's all I could think of I guess for that watch.

JaredH1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

I guess people actually bought the watch made for Mass Effect 3. It cost even more too.

MidnytRain1546d ago

Wait, why'd you take the money out in the first place?

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Looks kind of plain to me

Gamer391547d ago

This is a pure horror dear EA.

Allsystemgamer1547d ago

The price is scarier than the game...

KwietStorm1547d ago

That's about $50 more than my watch, and it looks pretty damn flimsy with a rubber wristband lol.. Rubber. No thanks.

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The story is too old to be commented.