Looking ahead: Five most anticipated RPGs of 2013

With key exceptions, video game role playing games have seemed to be on a bit of a decline in years past. Maybe they're slowly falling out of favor with the gaming mainstream -- even with all of the free-to-play MMORPGs that seems to be coming out every few months. Then again, maybe the genre as a whole was just holding back for a great year sometime in the future.

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miyamoto1811d ago

Phantasy Star Online 2
Soul Sacrifice

Son_Lee1811d ago

Tales of Xilia
Dark Souls II
Lightning Returns
Atelier Ayesha

JP13691810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

I thought the last interview that the producer of DS2 gave put significant doubt on the game making a 2013 release?

Edit: Never mind. I actually read the article and it seems the author is also unsure of a release this year.

Son_Lee1810d ago

Yeah I somehow completely forgot that. It's only 25% done, so remove Dark Souls II from that list. Guarantee I got disagrees for Lightning Returns but I could give a crap, I loved FFXIII (hated FFXIII-2) and am cautiously excited for LR.

JP13691810d ago

"Guarantee I got disagrees for Lightning Returns..."

Ha! I thought the same thing. Just so you know, I didn't give you one. Couldn't care less about the games you like, actually. You enjoy your games, I'll do the same with mine.
I'm really hoping DS2 comes to PS4/720 in addition to their predecessors. Even if it's just a resolution and framerate upgrade, I'd be pretty happy.

Mikefizzled1810d ago

Dark Souls II Is the only RPG im buying this year

Neixus1810d ago

how can you buy something thats not coming out til early 2014?

Relientk771810d ago

Playing Ni no Kuni now, its amazing

I'm also getting Tales of Xillia when it comes out

DEATHxTHExKIDx1810d ago

Lightning Returns
Tales of Xilla
Sill need to get Ni no kuni in the mean time.

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