Nintendo’s Gambit: Business Strategy for the Wii U

Oprainfall writes:

"If the Wii U cannot keep up with the current-generation technology, what hope could it possibly have once the next-generation consoles become available? Has Nintendo lost the “console wars” already?"

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AsimLeonheart2140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

I dont how Nintendo fans continue to cling to hope of seeing some truly next-gen looking game on Wii U. Right now there isnt a single game on Wii U that can prove that it is a significantly more powerful console than PS360. Moreover, the hardware specs arent very "next gen" either. Just look at the specs of PS4/Orbis and Durango. Now those are REAL next-gen consoles which will able to run games like Watchdogs and Star Wars 1313.

PopRocks3592140d ago

"I dont how Nintendo fans continue to cling to hope of seeing some truly next-gen looking game on Wii U."

I don't speak for all fans, but I don't think that to the same context that you're suggesting. I just believe that the games will look better and better as the PS3 and 360 become less and less relevant to developers.

"Moreover, the hardware specs arent very "next gen" either. Just look at the specs of PS4/Orbis and Durango."

Now find me some official information. A hacker's analysis of the Wii U hardware and leaked spec sheets of changing hardware that is still in development does not do it for me.

metroidfusion22140d ago

Fuckin tthanks for saying that I am not going off of what a hacker says I will wait for a full spec sheet. Now I. Don't care about specs but I can see how many times the wii u is acctually strongerr then thiss gen instead of people saying this and that thinking they know everything

AsimLeonheart2139d ago

Official hardware specs for Wii U will not be revealed by Nintendo just like the Wii because they do not want their console to look clearly inferior. They want to maintain this ambiguity for the sake of argument that "nobody knows the real specs." Finally the PS4 specs are all but confirmed by various sources including Edge. If you want official specs then we will probably have them as well on February 20. It is guaranteed that PS4 will be a lot more powerful than Wii U.

mr_magic_mike2140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

That's a really bold statement considering that we haven't seen the new 3D Mario, Smash Bros., or Zelda yet.


I think that if you are a Nintendo fan, you're expected to think positively. What fan, or logically person, purchases a product that they don't want to succeed?

user39158002140d ago

Im so tired of broken journalism and fanboys a like. Here it is, wiiu is under power when it will come to ps4 and 720, wii u was a mistake in technology for next gen, and I dot care cause I bought it for its dirst party games that no one else can provide. Now shut up already, I love gaming and Big N its great.

stragomccloud2140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

I think X looks pretty amazing. By the way, counter statement.

I don't know why so many people who claim to be gamers are so keen to hate the Wii U. It is literally another source for amazing games that a lot of "gamers" are sadly hating on simply because it says Nintendo on it.

I guarantee if X, Wonderful 101, and Bayonetta 2 were coming out on PS4 or Durango, that people would be changing their tune.

RTheRebel2140d ago

NExT Gen consoles 1080 at best with 30FPS is not next gen
my Pc TrAmple those specs prepare to be dissapointed with mid gen consoles lol

DarkHeroZX2140d ago

with their modern hardware and the rumors or at least 4gig of ram next gen will be doing 1080p at 60FPS. My old 460GTX and i5 desktop with 6 gig of ram shared with the OS can still run alot of games on high with stable 60fps at 1080p. Unless next gen is weaker then an old 460GTX then i doubt 1080p at 30fps is going to be the standard.

SonyNGP2140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

I don't really care that much about looks. All I want is my goddamn Smash Bros.

If I wanted looks, I have a PC for that (which is pretty powerful specs-wise), and I'll definitely pick up a PS4 for the games that won't be on the PC/Wii U c:

Fierce Musashi2140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

I have no idea who these Nintendo fans you speak of are. From what I see, most fans just want to actually PLAY the recently announced and upcoming games for the machine, not marvel at how they look.

And as for nothing out now showing the power of it, well duh. No one can expect early games of a console that just launched to show what it capable of. That should be common sense. We didn't have Crisis 2 and The Last of Us like graphics on the PS3 & 360 at launch.

RFornillos42140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

Aha. What if Watchdogs and Star Wars 1313 are announced to include the Wii U platform?

Remember, there's still that rumor that a supposed "next-gen" game that is unexpectedly coming to Wii U.

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Gamer392140d ago

Dear AsimLeonheart.

Your typically graphics fanboy, like Watchdogs and Star Wars 1313, one TPS one GTA clone. This is awesome games? You knows? Why? Buy yet and testing the game? No, only you see graphics and say this is awesome games. Typically.

KrisButtar2140d ago

I think the GPU from reading the article was a great choice if it keeps the cost of games down. Sure programmers prefer the CPU(going from the article) but if he next box and ps4 both do a GPU, that would become the new standard would it not? Also on a side note I didn't know the USB ports were 2.0, I honest thought they were 3.0 ones, not like I would notice a difference. Anyways reading the article I thought was well wrote.


I really don't get what's so hard to understand. Nintendo is in a class of their own. The Wii u will provide games that a lot of us grew up with in HD! As a gamer why should you care that the next Mario won't look better than the next Nathan or master chief? I never bought a console for its power I bought consoles because of the gamer in me. We all no that the Wii u most likely won't be as powerful as the next ms or Sony consoles, but do you really think I will enjoy Zelda hd any less? Nope...

Venox20082139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

yea thats a thing that many "neo gamers" & gfx whores fail to understand :) cant wait for new Wii U & 3DS games :) graphics isnt everything, sure its nice to push as much as you can, but it will still be enough decent to play..

Kevlar0092140d ago

What the WiiU desperately needs is advertising. Look at the Wii campaign, it was everywhere and you knew exactly what the Wii was about. It's like Nintendo isn't even excited about what they've released (Gamepad controller, TVii, interaction through Miiverse).

WiiU also need games, which is a shame they haven't been on top of releases the past month. They need a game like "X" to show the wide capabilities of the WiiU, as well as more 3rd party support. Also, why hasn't a game like Watch Dogs been announced for the WiiU yet? It fits the Gamepad perfectly and should be a part of the partnership Ubisoft said they were crafting.

Anyway, the WiiU needs to step it up into high gear, they can't let it sit on shelves and hope people "get it". You walk into the store, see a sign for the WiiU, and yet have no idea what it is all about. They can't expect the casual to understand what it can do or the Hardcore to pick it up on a whim. We are looking for the best console with the best games, if Sony and MS release a system Nintendo can't compete with (in games and features, not power), then don't expect WiiU to take off (Gamecube at best)

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