Playstation 4 Listing Pops Up on Play-Asia

Play-Asia has a listing for the upcoming Playstation 4 console up on its website. Although there is currently no release date or price listed on the website, you can sign up to be notified when they have them pre-orders available.

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piroh1721d ago

"...console might have a brand new controller, although the existing sixaxis, dual controllers and the Move remain compatible"

was it confirmed? it would be perfect secondary option for my friends since i have many dualshocks

morkendo231720d ago

PS4 listing on play-asia?? damn!! i deleted the news without reading it today on my yahoo would have loved to seen the console first hand.

admiralvic1720d ago

I wouldn't get too excited about Play-Asia listing it...

Play-Asia also lists a Vita version of Lost Planet 2, Yakuza and Bioshock Infinite (which at least was announced in a more official way). They also list Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain as a PS3 game (one of the two listings shows a picture from ground zeroes), though I don't recall it being confirmed a PS3 / Xbox title (an assumption people made based off them listing PS3 / Xbox on the official site, where as many people believe it is a Vita title and thats why it's MGS V.) or that the title was in fact a Metal Gear Solid title. Another listing has Highlander... still, which was confirmed months ago as canceled.

Anyway, Play-Asia is a weird site. They were also pretty late to list Kingdom Hearts and other popular games don't appear. Like you can preorder Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, but Ground Zeroes isn't listed (TPP comes up if you search it). This listing is most likely them jumping the gun (hence the Xbox 720 also being listed) and I would take it with a grain of salt...

nukeitall1720d ago


It's clear from the "temporary description" they put up, that they know nothing and is just fishing for hits.

1719d ago
trancefreak1720d ago

They also list the xbox 720 under Sony computer entertainment. Those Typo's

pixelsword1720d ago

Maybe Sony WILL by the XboX...

Meh, just an error.

trancefreak1712d ago

Funny the disagree fairy's who can't read a factual statement.

And yeah def an error.

2pacalypsenow1721d ago

I thought I read that it would be a Dualshock controller but with a touchscreen in the back like the vita

Root1721d ago

People keep saying it will be a brand new controler but all it will be is a new improved DS controler with the touch screen (if it's true).

I doubt they would totally redesign it

princeofthabay1721d ago (Edited 1721d ago )

found this on neogaf

Root1720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )


Now that's a nice controller, love the silver linings on the analogue sticks, shame they weren't on the select/start buttons but beggars can't be choosers I suppose

The bit where the start/select button is looks like a speaker built into the controller

I wouldn't mind if that was the final design, seems ok in my opinion

TheFallenAngel1720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )

WTF is that! Kill it with fire!

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GraveLord1721d ago

its supposed to be a touch pad and its supposed to be in the front.

classic2001720d ago

Now how are we going to utilize the touch screen in the back of the dual shock looool

Capt-FuzzyPants1720d ago

The same way we do on the Vita I would guess. But the reports I've read say the tracking pad is on the front not the back.

Snookies121720d ago

@Capt-FuzzyPants - I believe he was making a joke about how the comment above said "touch screen". As it's a touch pad, it would not have a screen of any sort.

1720d ago
Smurf11720d ago

They also have Xbox 720 listing, this is just a placeholder.

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