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Why now is the time to get back into ‘Halo 4′

Stick Skills: "Like many, I was optimistic after the launch of Halo 4. 343 Industries had done well after Bungie handed over the reigns of Halo: Reach, so there was no reason to expect anything other than continued success." (Halo 4, Xbox 360)

GalacticEmpire  +   813d ago
With games like Ni No Kuni recently released and a new God of War on the horizon the motivation to go back to Halo 4 is going to be pretty hard to find, personally.
StrongMan  +   813d ago
Exactly. I'm too busy with Ni No Kuni and took excited for God of War: Ascension to think about Halo 4. I played it once and didn't like Halo 4. It felt soooo outdated. To each his own.
mr_kubrick  +   813d ago
Sony-slaves tryin hard to raid everything...
Jek_Porkins  +   813d ago
You don't have an Xbox, never have. You messaged me your supposed Gamertag remember? I checked and it didn't exist.

You bash on Microsoft every chance you get, so stop acting as if you've ever even given it a try.

I think by now we all get it, your nose is firmly planted up Sony's rear. You are just making yourself look foolish now.
plaZeHD  +   813d ago
Dude, what does those games have to do with Halo 4?
ThatGuy2  +   810d ago
You dont even have a xbox loser...
Ezz2013  +   813d ago
what those ps3 exclusives have any thing to do with this xbox article ?!!

no need to do this ,guys
GearSkiN  +   813d ago
ikr pretty funny.
Septic  +   813d ago
Yeah that's great logic right there. With a JRPG released and a game that hasn't been released yet, there isn't any need to play Halo 4, a FPS the likes of which has never graced the PS3.


@Galactic and Strongman: Your comments show how completely insecure you are about Halo. That's one thing I love about killer apps like Halo, their propensity to make fanboys tremble in their boots.
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aiBreeze  +   813d ago
Tbh you're just trying to start an argument that isn't there. Ni No Kuni is a game, Halo is a game, both require gamers time hence why someone would probably rather invest their time in that game than on Halo. Platform and genre is irrelevant
Septic  +   813d ago
Well then by your logic, the whole 'apples and oranges' saying is moot because they are both fruit.

This is an article about Halo. You talk about gamers time; please tell me how the new God War, that hasn't even been released yet, takes up his gamer time?

And I'm sure I don't need to explain why StrongMan's sentiments should hardly be taken seriously.

I'm not trying to start anything here. I'm trying to stop blatant B.S trolling running rampant on here. No easy task that's for sure.
aiBreeze  +   813d ago
Ok the god of war point is valid I'll give you that.
jetlian  +   813d ago
Halo is every ps fans worst nightmare! The halo games this gen have sold 41-42 million. Thats more than GT,GOW, and UC series combined!

I still need to play halo 4. im debating if it will be the next game I play or binary domain. Need to get my old games out the way

Does S OPS have match making? I dont really know if my friends still play halo 4
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GalacticEmpire  +   811d ago
I genuinely enjoyed Halo 4, how does having no time to play it make me a fanboy?

Oh wait it's because the games I mentioned are PS3 exclusive, I would also include Guild wars 2 in there (PC) and was thinking of getting a Wii U. You're jumping to the wrong conclusion.
Perjoss  +   813d ago
What makes me laugh a lot is if you look at the recent "top 5 ps3 exclusives" news article you will notice that there is no trolling in there, xbox users are a different animal to immature ps3 users.
fourOeightshark  +   813d ago
But if you go on Youtube videos it's the opposite in the comments section. I never see PS3 fans trolling on Xbox videos like Xbox fans do it to TLoU and GOW trailers.
Mainsqueeze  +   813d ago
Haha sorry but that is just complete B.S, idk what youtube you go. I think its just a little more even on youtube.
Knight_Crawler  +   813d ago
Welcome to N4G where non related PS3 comments are acceptable in a 360 article but if you say something about the 360 in a PS3 article you get banned.

One thing I have learned on N4G is that if you want a PS3 fan trolling comment removed you have to take one for the team.

I will see you guys in 4 days - strong man,galactic,abzdine and neo tribe why dont you PS3 trolls take your sausage fest to a PS3 related article instead of trolling 360 articles.

What kind of human gets pleasure by waking every day and making it a mission to bash everything MS and 360.
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greenpowerz  +   813d ago
What the heck is ni no kuni? Never heard of it.
otherZinc  +   813d ago

No one is even going to buy Ni No Kuni. LOL! There will be more people playing Chapter 1 of Episode 8 of Spartan Ops, than will people that actually buy Ni No Kuni...WTH are you guys talking about, LMAO!!!

I play Halo 4 every week, especially on Mondays & Tuesdays for the new Spartan Ops Episodes.

I hope the go into a break for the release of Gears Of War Judgement March 19th I think.

Spartan Ops is fantastic: Movie Episodes and now the story and game play work awesome together. I'm looking very forward to this.
abzdine  +   813d ago
because there is noting else to play? oh yeah: COD!
NeoTribe  +   813d ago
Halo sucks.
vishant101  +   813d ago
that is the most original comment i've ever heard /s
cpayne93  +   813d ago
There would be a lot less of these comments if Halo wasn't a 360 exclusive.
nilamo  +   813d ago
They really improved spartan ops this season
vishant101  +   813d ago
i got back into halo last week after not playing it for a month all i have to say is 343i you did good. they took my biggest problems with the game and have improved it. spartan ops is no longer a POS and is quite enjoyable due to new areas and community maps are awesome now bring back a classic version of slayer without ordnance and with set weapon spawns and ill be happy
AusRogo  +   813d ago
II'm going to try out this season of Spartan ops. Wasn't a fan if the first season but from what I've heard this season is pretty decent.
munish23  +   813d ago
It's still the same season, just the second half of the first season. Remains to be seen whether we'll be getting a second season. Of course they'll be charging if there will be.

And yes, they've definitely stepped up for the second half. Missions play out more like campaign missions, its actually pretty fun now. Also, the CG episodes just keep getting better.
BanBrother  +   813d ago
I played Halo 4 for two solid weeks after its release, only touched it again last week. Did Ep3 and 4 of Spartan ops, it is actually really fun. Need to do ep 5 (tonight) then download the 2gb other eps.


You are not fooling anyone, just quit. You troll ever Xbox article. If Halo 4 feels outdated, then you must nkt like any other FPS, as no-one can deny that Halo is game-play king when it comes to fps. I don't play it online due to the lag, but I give credit where it is due.

P.S are there any Halo fans on this site? Seriously you can come out of hiding, these trolls are hilarious, so don't be afraid to speak up. You can just laugh off these peoples comments when they claim to have played Halo.
IronFistChinMi  +   813d ago
After staying away for a month, I've become hooked again. Really loving MP now, plus I'm looking forward to playing the new season of Spartan Ops.
ldfgwergweg   813d ago | Spam
aiBreeze  +   813d ago
Too little too late, there are just too many games to play now that are far more deserving of my time than this Halo/COD hybrid. If the new map pack actually addresses the need for proper small arena style maps, then I'll give it a shot, otherwise I'll just stick to all the other great games I'm playing.
sway_z  +   813d ago
Do not dare compare Halo to COD...that's like a joke...

Halo 4 is cool....I like the story and the art design is amazing....343 industries first game!!

...Can't wait to see what they do next!

If there is one thing I would like to add is that maybe MS have relied on the franchise to heavily....anticipation is better than an over saturation of any IP.
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munish23  +   813d ago
Spartan Ops is definitely a step up from the the first half of season 1.

I'm a huge Halo fan since day 1, so I was really surprised that I lost interest in playing within a few months. The multiplayer direction is not what I hoped for, Infinity has made matches too random. Slayer Pro was a great playlist and even that was taken out.

However, news of a new playlist with no Personal Ordnance, Respawn Timers back in, no Join in Progress, Pre set loadouts has me excited. That and the return of Team Doubles tomorrow.
Jek_Porkins  +   813d ago
The jealousy is strong with this one...

People love to hate on Halo because it is one of the most popular franchises of all time, it's a system seller and is synonymous with quality. The fact that so few games get online and offline so right tends to embarrass a lot of other games in my opinion.

I never stopped playing Halo 4, it's very much in my online rotation. They constantly update the playlist and that is what I love about Halo, aside from it having the best online mode of any game right now.
MYSTERIO360  +   813d ago
Im preoccupied with the crysis 3 beta
Rattlehead20  +   813d ago
I stopped playing around Christmas time for some reason.

Started playing the multiplayer again, and I forgot how fun it is...Second to none IMO. Halo gets alot of undeserved stick.
GuruStarr78  +   813d ago
I stopped playing about a month ago, now.... I think I'm just about at level 120....

I'll probably jump back in sooner or later.. I had a game with 48 kills in it, and then promptly started to go downhill from there..

Sonic all stars racing transformed has been taking up most of my time.... one of the hardest games out there to platinum... playing it on the Vita..
plaZeHD  +   813d ago
Bought Halo 4 three weeks ago. Completed the campaign mode in six hours and played three hours of multi-player and I have never touched it since.
eliteslaya13  +   813d ago
I love Halo. But Halo 4's multiplayer went too far for me. Everything is too random now.

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