Five Things Sony Should Announce on February 20

Louis Bedigian: ''Sony is set to make a major announcement on Wednesday, February 20. The company has not provided any info regarding what investors can expect from the event, but it has said that it will involve the future of the PlayStation business.

That business encompasses more than the next PlayStation console -- it involves online gaming via PSN, digital distribution, PS Vita, online videos, PlayStation Mobile, and an unannounced streaming game service spawned from a $380 million acquisition. Thus, Sony's event could be about virtually anything. There are, however, five things that the company should focus on.''

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Sandmano2117d ago

I swear Sony if you build us all up with this hype only to let us down and not announce the ps4? I will FLIP!!!!!!!!!!!11111111

ThatArtGuy2117d ago

People need to remember that Sony said nothing of the PS4, everyone else did. So, don't go nuts if it's LBP3 (which would also be awesome).

classic2002117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

Sony know there image would be destroyed if they lead people the wrong way with this teaser, obviously they read youtube and twitter comments and know the world see this as a PS4 announcement.

So many hours have passed and no more word from sony means obviously the teaser did what it suppose to do. This is a PS4 meeting from them unless they are willing to disappoint the world including fans and investors to a great deal.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

Inviting investors and media for LB3?? nah..

If it's not ps4 they will wish they didn't have the event. To much Hype to let us down.

subtenko2117d ago

I know what the announcement is. All I'm gonna say is..

*whispers in N4G audience ears*

"You R not E" :)

unchartedxplorer2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Oh imagine if you can make 3d levels in LBP3

cedaridge2116d ago

AGREE! It's all this n4g article's that is gettin ppl hype. Sony have never said a word except their event coming Feb 20th. xbl: cedar4Thunder / psn: Mikee4Thunder

2116d ago
Freak of Nature2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

LBP 3 would be something special, but it's a unveiling of the PS4 more than likely. Now a few game announcements would be frosting, and a must, but I do not expect a full throttle showcasing of new PS4 exclusives or 3rd party games, they will show a glimpse here and there, and than more at GDC and E3.....

LBP 3 will probably be done by an out source studio with MM's guidance...But there new PS4 IP that has been in development for about 3 years now including R&d could very well be showcased, I could see a new MM mascot for the PS4 be shown right along the PS4 unveiling. Perhaps this little mascot could be a host of some of the things they will show as they did with sackboy at past E3's...

Divine2116d ago

anything sony announces will be greatness. i hope the announce ps4 but if they dont i wont be disappointed because we all kno its coming . next gen starts when sony says.

linkenski2116d ago

Nah, LBP 2 was like LBP1.2 and LBP would just be like LBP1.3 unless it's for THE PS4.

lilbrat232116d ago

I figure not to not get excited since they never said anything about a PS4 it could be a new Killzone for all we

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SonyStyled2117d ago

i wouldnt be too upset because if not itll be announced at E3. i mean you know the thing exists. it is probably the PS4. its sony after all, they love building up hype to have it carry over to E3

Neixus2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

As far as i know, i may be the first person to find out something like this..
Watch the teaser, now, what is the theme of it? Blue glassy thingies,yeah.

Now look at this site, which Sony bought up long time ago tell me, what is the theme of that one? Blue glassy thingies.
If you click ''About'' on that site, it says that the future is bright, and the teaser sony released, was named ''See the future''

me think two things:
1. The ps4 overall theme, is that blue thingies, and they will announce the ps4 at 20th
2. as they said ''see the future'', which can also mean that they will announce gaikai, and save ps4 for later.. (GDC) But then again, ps4 is future aswell, everything is future :<

grailly2117d ago

I thought about this to.

I wouldn't mind gaikai instead of the PS4, both are great for gamers.

I'm also pretty sure the PS4 will include gaikai, so they can also announce what they'll be doing with both.

rainslacker2116d ago

Good theory. And I have to say, if PS4 goes with that blue glassy thingies look/motif, it will be a very nice system to display in the living room.:)

SandWitch2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Probably it's PS4 + Gaikai, and that's most likely why Sony were so silent about Gaikai. It's probably one big feature of PS4 and will launch along with it.

hotrider122116d ago

best thing to do SANDMANO
not to expect anything til FEB. 20th that way no disappointment. hype is the lie any company use to draw SUCKERS why be one? wait and see if you see ps4 then drool in your pants.

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SonyStyled2117d ago

what sony should announce feb 20th is Jak and Daxter 4. sigh...

NeoTribe2116d ago

Ummm no. Of all things i wanna hear, thats prolly the last one.

waltyftm2117d ago

Last guardian release date and Agent gameplay reveal would be rather nice.

sourav932116d ago

I would actually love that :D

Snookies122116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Versus XIII too lol. Nah, we all know that will never be seen again.....

Kingthrash3602117d ago

Vita AND ps3 price drop AND ps4 announcement. Nostrodomas sent me an email stating this...

Root2117d ago

For me if Sony could get the Last Guardian, Killzone or Uncharted 4, AGENT, a new good looking IP as launch games and have the console selling at a reasonable price....then they've struck gold in my opinion