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Submitted by Gekko 1100d ago | opinion piece

Five Things Sony Should Announce on February 20

Louis Bedigian: ''Sony is set to make a major announcement on Wednesday, February 20. The company has not provided any info regarding what investors can expect from the event, but it has said that it will involve the future of the PlayStation business.

That business encompasses more than the next PlayStation console -- it involves online gaming via PSN, digital distribution, PS Vita, online videos, PlayStation Mobile, and an unannounced streaming game service spawned from a $380 million acquisition. Thus, Sony's event could be about virtually anything. There are, however, five things that the company should focus on.'' (Next-Gen, PS Vita, PS4, Sony)

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Sandmano  +   1101d ago
I swear Sony if you build us all up with this hype only to let us down and not announce the ps4? I will FLIP!!!!!!!!!!!11111111
ThatArtGuy  +   1100d ago
People need to remember that Sony said nothing of the PS4, everyone else did. So, don't go nuts if it's LBP3 (which would also be awesome).
classic200  +   1100d ago
Sony know there image would be destroyed if they lead people the wrong way with this teaser, obviously they read youtube and twitter comments and know the world see this as a PS4 announcement.

So many hours have passed and no more word from sony means obviously the teaser did what it suppose to do. This is a PS4 meeting from them unless they are willing to disappoint the world including fans and investors to a great deal.
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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1100d ago
Inviting investors and media for LB3?? nah..

If it's not ps4 they will wish they didn't have the event. To much Hype to let us down.
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subtenko  +   1100d ago
I know what the announcement is. All I'm gonna say is..

*whispers in N4G audience ears*

"You R not E" :)
Clarence  +   1100d ago
Your right.
unchartedxplorer  +   1100d ago
Oh imagine if you can make 3d levels in LBP3
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cedaridge  +   1100d ago
AGREE! It's all this n4g article's that is gettin ppl hype. Sony have never said a word except their event coming Feb 20th. xbl: cedar4Thunder / psn: Mikee4Thunder
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Freak of Nature  +   1100d ago
LBP 3 would be something special, but it's a unveiling of the PS4 more than likely. Now a few game announcements would be frosting, and a must, but I do not expect a full throttle showcasing of new PS4 exclusives or 3rd party games, they will show a glimpse here and there, and than more at GDC and E3.....

LBP 3 will probably be done by an out source studio with MM's guidance...But there new PS4 IP that has been in development for about 3 years now including R&d could very well be showcased, I could see a new MM mascot for the PS4 be shown right along the PS4 unveiling. Perhaps this little mascot could be a host of some of the things they will show as they did with sackboy at past E3's...
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Divine  +   1100d ago
anything sony announces will be greatness. i hope the announce ps4 but if they dont i wont be disappointed because we all kno its coming . next gen starts when sony says.
linkenski  +   1100d ago
Nah, LBP 2 was like LBP1.2 and LBP would just be like LBP1.3 unless it's for THE PS4.
lilbrat23  +   1099d ago
I figure not to not get excited since they never said anything about a PS4 it could be a new Killzone for all we
SonyStyled  +   1100d ago
i wouldnt be too upset because if not itll be announced at E3. i mean you know the thing exists. it is probably the PS4. its sony after all, they love building up hype to have it carry over to E3
Neixus  +   1100d ago
As far as i know, i may be the first person to find out something like this..
Watch the teaser, now, what is the theme of it? Blue glassy thingies,yeah.

Now look at this site, which Sony bought up long time ago tell me, what is the theme of that one? Blue glassy thingies.
If you click ''About'' on that site, it says that the future is bright, and the teaser sony released, was named ''See the future''

me think two things:
1. The ps4 overall theme, is that blue thingies, and they will announce the ps4 at 20th
2. as they said ''see the future'', which can also mean that they will announce gaikai, and save ps4 for later.. (GDC) But then again, ps4 is future aswell, everything is future :<
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grailly  +   1100d ago
I thought about this to.

I wouldn't mind gaikai instead of the PS4, both are great for gamers.

I'm also pretty sure the PS4 will include gaikai, so they can also announce what they'll be doing with both.
rainslacker  +   1100d ago
Good theory. And I have to say, if PS4 goes with that blue glassy thingies look/motif, it will be a very nice system to display in the living room.:)
SandWitch  +   1100d ago
Probably it's PS4 + Gaikai, and that's most likely why Sony were so silent about Gaikai. It's probably one big feature of PS4 and will launch along with it.
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hotrider12  +   1100d ago
best thing to do SANDMANO
not to expect anything til FEB. 20th that way no disappointment. hype is the lie any company use to draw SUCKERS why be one? wait and see if you see ps4 then drool in your pants.
SonyStyled  +   1100d ago
what sony should announce feb 20th is Jak and Daxter 4. sigh...
NeoTribe  +   1100d ago
Ummm no. Of all things i wanna hear, thats prolly the last one.
waltyftm  +   1100d ago
Last guardian release date and Agent gameplay reveal would be rather nice.
sourav93  +   1100d ago
I would actually love that :D
Snookies12  +   1100d ago
Versus XIII too lol. Nah, we all know that will never be seen again.....
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Kingthrash360  +   1100d ago
Vita AND ps3 price drop AND ps4 announcement. Nostrodomas sent me an email stating this...
Snookies12  +   1100d ago
What's his email address?
Kingthrash360  +   1100d ago
[email protected]
Root  +   1100d ago
For me if Sony could get the Last Guardian, Killzone or Uncharted 4, AGENT, a new good looking IP as launch games and have the console selling at a reasonable price....then they've struck gold in my opinion
contradictory  +   1100d ago
i hope it's something about the PS4 controller design.
because it bugs me
GloriousBagel  +   1100d ago
Rebrand the PS Vita as a tablet? Fail.
NameRemoved0017  +   1100d ago
It would be smart to make a new vita with a tegra 4 + 2gb ddr3 ram. Then it would holds its own againist android for a few years.
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GloriousBagel  +   1100d ago
It already is.
UltraVegito  +   1100d ago
LOL okay i'm gonna put it like this

1.The Vita IS holding it's own against them

2.tegra 4+2gb OF DDR3RAM? are you insane?
The Vita is already struggling at the price point it's at now.
Upping the price is suiside.

Edit:Also with nvidia's current history of screwing sony over and the fact that they are trying to enter the handheld market;going for a tegra 4 may be one of the most idiotic move with the Vita.
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matrixman92  +   1100d ago
"We have some very special news today to share with everyone. It is finally time to see the future...We are proud to present....PS VITA GO!!!!!!!"

*cue the dubstep music*
caballo  +   1100d ago
That would suck, unless it's a slimmer version with the same capabilities as the original and not what pspgo was, i'm all in for it. I'm still waiting for the slim version to be out so I can get my hands on one; So i'm hoping for a PS Vita Slim & PS4 announcement.

:fingers crossed:
rainslacker  +   1100d ago
The Vita is already pretty much a go without built in memory and a nicer screen, ignoring design differences of course. The premises available on the Go are available in the Vita. The major difference is the addition of a proprietary slot to hold the physical game carts. Something that would be stupid to remove, as it likely doesn't cost them much.
Riderz1337  +   1100d ago
Guys it's "the future of PlayStation". They are inviting media AND investors. It's clearly an invitation for the PS4. They won't go through all this trouble just to announce a release date for some video game such as the Last Guardian. Plus they are streaming the event. All signs point to a next generation console. Finally next gen is here.
Timesplitter14  +   1100d ago
This BETTER not be about the PS Vita X Plus Go or I'll lose my shit
RogueStatus28  +   1100d ago
1) PS Vita 3D
2) New Last of Us trailer
3) Sony's future PS3 plans
4) TearAway trailer
5) God of War Ascension live action trailer
RogueStatus28   1100d ago | Trolling | show
KontryBoy706  +   1100d ago
I still refuse to believe it has ANYTHING to do with PS4. They already said they will not reveal anything until Microsoft does. People are going to be let down. Big time.
Kevlar009  +   1100d ago
I believe it was specifically about a release date, though we will have to wait and see
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   1100d ago
They definitely shouldn't announce a Vita phone. It's just a bad idea.
rainslacker  +   1100d ago
I think a phone that could play Vita software and have physical input would actually be pretty cool and convenient. The only bad thing is it would likely be priced way too high, given current cell phone trends, and require a contract to buy at a reasonable price, which would just suck for me. Also for it to be really viable in the market it'd have to be slimmed down a bit, possibly with a smaller screen.:(

I probably wouldn't get one anyways. Got a nice Windows Phone free from MS so I was able to get a really cheap cell plan and not be locked into a carrier. It'll probably serve me well for another 2-3 years since I don't do all that smart phoney stuff.
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Ritsujun  +   1100d ago
PS4 with launch titles UC4, RS4, GOW4, KZ4, inF3, GT6:P
SandWitch  +   1100d ago
Hell no! They would better spread their major first-party games by at least 3 months so they would not get into total games drought.
Neo-Axl  +   1100d ago
Totally off topic but.. PS4 now has it's own N4G tab! that means it truly is close, 20th cannot come fast enough!.
smashcrashbash  +   1100d ago
So Sony's rep will be ruined by something they never confirmed and that we assumed? You guys kill me. So anything that isn't the PS4 is going to be Sony's fault? And I am not sure why people insist on it being games? What the hell would Sony gather their investors and the press together to show off some games? They could have just as easily posted games on line or talk about Gaikai online. Why gather everyone together when they could have easily just put it on their website for everyone to see? Do you know the impact it will cause if they reveal the PS4 live in front of everyone including their investors? That is a nuclear level bomb drop there.
black911  +   1100d ago
Its probably just Gaikai. Sony will showcase it's new Video Game Streaming Service.
NameRemoved0017  +   1100d ago
I think it will also be Gaikai. There is still tons of developer titles being announced/released. If there was a ps4 developers would know about it and stop making games.
Ritsujun  +   1100d ago
Brat, you are so outdated. Developers and publishers have already teased about having next-gen development kit and doing next-gen title developments.
Nope, they're not talking about the Bieber-gen WiiU
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TBONEJF  +   1100d ago
#19 (Edited 1100d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
NameRemoved0017  +   1100d ago
Even though I play PC I will buy the PS4 if it can play all ps3 games just for the exclusives.
Xer0_SiN  +   1100d ago
U R not <red>E</red>.
Zefros  +   1100d ago
Is this gonna be streamed?
r21  +   1100d ago
Price drop is most likely coming, one of Sony's exec even confirmed it last year BUT dropping the price to $99? Nope! Thats too cheap for such an awesome device. They should just drop it to the same price as the 3DS.
Funky_Homosapien  +   1100d ago
drop it too $99.99 hahahaha they would be bankrupt within one quarter.
hgjghjghjytj   1100d ago | Spam
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1100d ago
Here's my list:

1. PS4

2. PS4 is BC with all previous playstation consoles through the use of Gakkai Streaming.

3. Redesigned controller with the analog stick in the forward position.

4. Tons of Vita games and a hardware price drop.

5. A reasonable price for PS4.
MakiSaad2  +   1100d ago
I will buy a PS4 anyway I don't care if it's BC or not I will keep my ps3 to play this gen games anyway? I still keep my ps1 & ps2 and they are %100 functional
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landog  +   1100d ago
lol....if it is ANYTHING other than ps4, the entire gamer/media/investor population is going to be utterly disappointed, there is nothing else it can be, nothing else could even come close to the hype around ps4, people at work that are not even gamers are talking about it

they want to know, what type of features will it have, new ultra bluray?

integration with smartphones?

tablet controller?

this is the way to draw in the high end audio/video crowd, who will be willing to buy this $600 monster, cause you know that is going to be the price again, probably with a premium sku for $750 with a 2tb drive and backwards compat!

hopefully it supports dedicated 7.2 channel audio, 4k video rendering (obviously not for game, that is NOT happening this gen except on pc) and reads regular bluray as well as new, hi fi ultra bluray

this is how sony appeals to the early adopters, i bought my ps3 in 2006 for over $800 after an extra controller and a game and a bluray movie, really, more for the bluray player for my home theater system, the games at launch were all kinda mehh.....and thats usually how launch games are, but the video quality, man, it was a whole other level in movie viewing pleasure!

if sony truly brings the movie experience to the next level, they will have the audio/videophile crowd, and they are the ones willing to drop the hardcore cash

sure, hardcore gamers will too, but how many kids do you see on this site WHINNING they are not ready for next gen cause they just bought their ps3 in 2010, lol....who cares!!! i've had mine since 2006, I wanted a new console in 2010!

what do the people who "aren't ready yet" care anyway, its not like their cheap asses are going to buy it a launch anyway, the sooner it launches the better for the kids who don't buy consoles until YEARS after they're out, it'll just get cheaper faster for you.

me, as long as it offer truly exceptional movie quality, 4k film support, 1080p in ALL games with anti aliasing, I'll pay $900 for it

i seriously cannot stand to look at 95% of console games anymore, there are a select few that are tolerable, but most just look two generations old, covered in artifacts and jaggies, and horrendously sub-hd

BRING IT SONY, I got my money ready for you, launch it before E3!
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ajax17  +   1100d ago
Well if it's not a PS4 announcement then the second most important thing I can think of is bringing Gaikai to the PS3.
Orionsangel  +   1100d ago
They're announcing, The Move 2, 3D Vita, Riiiidge Racer HD! Remember that? Riiiidge Racer! Lair 2 and Amy 2 with Move 2 support. The Playstation smartphone with Move 2 support. A new ip called, The Wizards new enchantment on Gromet Hill the forth Dweller. It has Move 2 support.

Oh and the big announcement, PS3-X. It's an attachment that hooks up to the PS3 via USB and it gives the system more power. It has exclusive games that that only work with the PS3-X. Little Big Planet Karting-X Exclusive new ip, Crash Warriors on Bunker Hill-X with Move 2 support. Cookie Monster Crafting-X with Move 2 support. Last, but not least, The Duo9-X adapter for the Move 2. Which turns it into, The Move 2-X motion sensor. It comes with the game Termites Vs. Cowboy Zinger.
inFAMOUS_KRATOS  +   1100d ago
it looks like the ps4 theme is " see the future " im serious, play beyond wasnt bad but the price was for ps3.

either way is day 1 buy for me lolll
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