February Wii U Deals including Black Ops 2 $29.99 and The Amazing Spider-Man $39.99

All of February Wii U Deals and Sales including Black Ops 2, The Amazing Spider-Man Pre-order and many more.


Nintendo Land - $39.49
NBA 2K13 - $37.00

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Jadedz2061d ago

A good time to purchase software.

lilbroRx2061d ago (Edited 2061d ago )

Even though I don't have Wii U(yet!) I will probably pick up a few of these.

The only thing that really turns me off about buying the Wii U is one of the things that completely turned me off of the 360 and PS3. Game costs and paid DLC detraction.

I'm debating on whether or not I should jut get a gamefly account and stop buying the games. There are a few I would like to own, though. The ones that actually have enough content to be worth having for more than a week.

DivineAssault 2060d ago

still too expensive for those games.. Those prices are what it shouldve launched with