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It's time to ignore Dead Space 3's micro-transactions

EuroGamer - Sci-fi survival shooter Dead Space 3 includes micro-transactions, Eurogamer uncovered last week, as a way to save time with the game's weapon-crafting system. The response to this news was fairly one-sided: that publisher EA had switched into full money-grabbing mode to nickel-and-dime hardcore gamers. It was another example of a company initiating a "pay to win" scheme, and an encroachment of free-to-play principles into a game that already costs £40. But is it really such a controversial move? Is it that unexpected? Or is it, like other time-saving examples in console games, something you can just ignore? (Dead Space 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Blacktric  +   880d ago
"But is it really such a controversial move?"


"Is it that unexpected?"


" Or is it, like other time-saving examples in console games, something you can just ignore?"

No it's not. If you ignore sh*t like this, it'll only end up getting worse. EA will gain more courage to integrate this into their other games and then they're going to find something else that completely wrecks the balance just because people kept their mouths shut/supported this. And I'm not even going to get into how they slowly turned a great survival horror game into another shooter heavy crapfest. At least they had the dignity to remove the "universal ammo" though.
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joab777  +   880d ago
You know, at first hearing about this i thought, here we go again. Notonly do we pay $60 but theres micro transactions. I was kinda pissed. Then i remembered how they have always been there. I bought all the originals outfits etc. I would rather, though, that they had been in the game and i could earn them by doing something.

Now here me out. This idea is brilliant. Instead of forcing us to buy stuff that we can only get that way, they are selling it to ppl who dont want to earn it. In a time when the market is saturated with games and even triple A titles are having a hard time making money, ppl dont have alot of time to play. Many ppl work, etc. Now, if u want to play it for a month and earn everything, u can. If u dont, u can buy it and speed up the process while supporting the company. Obviously this cant be done with multiplayer but with sp, who cares? I have never had a problem supporting games i like. I bought all the dragons dogma dlc because i loved the game and want to see a second one. This is a great way without forcing ppl to pony up $40 to get everything u want. Just earn it.
MikeMyers  +   879d ago
Years ago people used to find glitches or secrets to speed through a game or make it easier. Now they see it as extra revenue to be made because now they can fix the game online with an update and then charge you for things like God mode we used to use in games like DOOM.

Publishers like EA will milk it for all its worth. Next they will be charging for game manuals since those are now almost obsolete. They could easily sell walkthroughs too.

I don't have a problem with people buying all the unlockables people can do for free given time. What I do have a problem with are those who speed up their process and have an advantage online. That's where we could see some issues. What's to stop EA from releasing paid DLC like a super-powered car and having an advantage in online races? Or having a golfer that is 100% on all attributes and playing people in a match online?

Micro-transactions are fine as long as it doesn't cloud the original release. I don't want them purposely taking content out and withholding it to sell later. If it's extra costumes or equipment you want to get but don't want to take the time to unlock then no problem. However it is a problem if they only make it available by buying it. This leads to another issue, retailers and other regions that have exclusive content. But that's another debate.
Root  +   879d ago
Thats what I was going to say

If you ignore this now it's only going to get worse

Think of it as a weed in your garden, you ignore it over and over thinking "Meh...it's only a small weed" then next thing you know it's grown and there's a ton of them.....the next thing you think is "Why didn't I do something when I knew this could happen"
Sp1d3ynut  +   880d ago
I'll have no trouble ignoring the micro-transactions, since I'll be ignoring the entire game. But don't worry, EA...I'm sure millions of iPhone gamers will snatch that crap right up.
00  +   880d ago
It's time to ignore all EA games.
I'm not surprised that the gaming media would be defending
EA's greed.
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Doctor_Freeman  +   880d ago
If EA is looking for better sales, they're making all the WRONG moves.
Kevlar009  +   880d ago
You can't adopt a new audience and expect the old to stick around at the same time. Just because 5 million were into it before, doesn't mean you will always keep that 5 mil.
BuffMordecai  +   879d ago
And you somehow get that new audience by screwing them over by offering paid dlc for what used to be unlockable in-game items?
2pacalypsenow  +   880d ago
man i miss the good ol days of free cheat codes and the game shark
ironfist92  +   880d ago
Welcome to the future of DLC and micro-transactions and season passes and online passes and disc-locked content and god knows what else.

Its only going to get worse from here on out.
shivvy24  +   880d ago
Lol remember the days when you would get a COMPLETE game on one disc and get rewarded with skins etc by unlocking in in game , ahh before we paid for ingame content using ingame money we collected by running over it , now we actually pay for it
JohnApocalypse  +   880d ago
I am
mydyingparadiselost  +   879d ago
This IS a huge problem and damn I wish more people would do something about it. How are micro transactions and day one dlc better than an easy mode (FREE easy mode)? Crap like this just fuels the idea that companies are greedy and people are stupid money cows. Having trouble with Dead Space? Put your wallet away and try getting better, or stop playing at all.
3-4-5  +   879d ago
Also time to continue ignoring this game.

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