1Up: What Do We Know About the Playstation 4?

Nothing! But here's some baseless speculation to generate ad revenue.

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Cam9771809d ago

Don't even click on the link, it's a terrible ploy to merely gain as revenue, as the description suggests.

BiggCMan1809d ago

It is quite humorous though haha, at least they are honest!

SilentNegotiator1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Hey, they're outing sites for the practice and doing it in a humorous way. I don't think this article is a ploy at all.

edit: It's not even an article actually. Just a blog.

HebrewHammer1809d ago

It's also a blog within 1up, so we shouldn't all assume this was written by 1up staff.

MmaFan-Qc1809d ago

1up stopped to be revelant a long time ago, lately they jumped on the sensationalism train with blatant shitty articles and bad review(Ni No Kuni) made with the only purpose of getting hits.

they should be voted down in a heartbeat.

SilentNegotiator1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

That's right, MmaFan-Qc; every site that didn't give your new favorite game a 10/10 is bad. How dare they criticize a game for not innovating and doing things unspectacularly! And in a REVIEW! The nerve!!

3-4-51809d ago

We won't know anything until the 20th at the earliest.

And that is best case scenario.

adorie1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

What the hell does a zip drive have to do with PS4?

Oh.. a comedic piece.

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hot4play1809d ago

1up - tasteless and irrelevant.

stragomccloud1809d ago

That picture! It's one of the old zip drives!
Man, back then there was such a rush to replace the floppy disk. I liked the LS-120 superdisks because they were backwards compatible with floppies.

That said... flash memory..... soooooooooo much more convenient.

Blastoise1809d ago

It looks like someone squashed a gamecube lol

stragomccloud1809d ago

Never thought about it that way. But indeed it does.

Dang. Now that's all I can see. lol

TheTwelve1809d ago

lol, zip drives were relevant for one year only, and I think that year was 1997. haha --- 12

adorie1808d ago

97-98. I remember saving game trailers on a bunch of my discs, walkthroughs, codes and roms. :D

VonBraunschweigg1809d ago

So many BS articles with little news, what I would like to see is an article that sums up all info available on the thing that really matters, the games...the 1st party studio's, who survived, who merged and what are they working on? Which IP's will continue, get a rest or stop, and isn't there any news about any new IP? Gamedevelopers, esp. the famous and infamous, what would they like to do or see next-gen?

neogeo1809d ago

I want PS4 to have a zip drive! The future is now!

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