Game Informer Reviews Patapon

"Patapon is tough to describe, yet easy to love once you get your hands on it. The foundation is built on long-held tenets of the real-time strategy and rhythm genres, but somewhere in the blending process they both come out fresh. Players select a mix of unit types, equip them with armor and weapons, and spend the next five to ten minutes locked in a heated battle against the rival Zigoton army or a towering monster."

Patapons falters only in a couple of small, but important areas. The limited tutorials will have you paging through the instruction book or going online for clarification. Weapons can only be obtained through scarce random drops, leaving some of your army with crappy starting weapons even later in the game. And rather than using experience to progress soldiers, you have to rely on the luck of the drop for some high-level wood, stone, and meat items to create top-tier troops. Let's just say you're going to spend a lot of time hunting and re-fighting old bosses. As a whole, however, Patapon is an experience not to be missed, and at $20 there's little excuse to let it pass you by."

- Bryan Vore

Second Opinion: 8.5/10

- Matt Helgeson

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