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Submitted by Rashid Sayed 1106d ago | opinion piece

The Next Generation: Where the PS4 and Next Xbox Stand, How and Why

"It’s only human to dream of bigger and better things. When a high-profile game releases, people, be it the gamers or media, automatically start talking about what the sequel holds. When viewing an upcoming sequel in a long-running series, thoughts of how it fits into the overall trilogy begin flowing. How many articles have you read, talking about the “Top 5 Most Wanted Features” for an upcoming theoretical sequel?" (PS4, Xbox One)

theWB27  +   1106d ago
Where do they stand for me??? Doesnt getting both systems hopefully just like this gen. More gaming the better!Fanboy crap is so short sighted..
TheBrownBandito  +   1106d ago
Where did you infer "fanboy crap" from that article? :/

Another well written and informative article, thanks. And to think not long ago, some sources were begining to summize that one of the big three wouldn't be releasing another console. With the SteamBox announced, instead the future for console gaming seems to be getting brighter.

Edit: splelling
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theWB27  +   1106d ago
I didn't infer it from the article...i was stating there was no bias for me. On this site allot of people pick sides to what console they want and then bash the other...see digitalsmoke's comment below. Hr didn't say anything about me wanting both consoles but attacked me because I'm not supporting one company...and choose to want an xbox. I enjoy gaming on my xbox more but love the hell out of Sony's exclusives.
MikeMyers  +   1106d ago
Where it all stands for me is real gameplay. Not tech demo's. I don't want to see what it can apparently do but what is actually does. I also don't want to see games that are 3+ years away from being released.
Divine  +   1106d ago
i am a fan boy of just great things and quality which is why i will have a ps4 at launch if i get the xbox it will be after a few price drops i think it will just be a waste of my money. that will be going towards quality "ps4" there is no need to figure out where they stand sony is on. top , next gen starts when ps4 is here
dcbronco  +   1106d ago

you're on N4G. Fanboy crap is always inferred. Just read the post on this page. I haven't. but I know where they're going. We all do.
-Superman-  +   1106d ago
If i have to pick one console from 3(Wii U, PS4 and X720) then i would pick PS4

Why? Because Sony has most exclusive games, PS1,PS2 and PS3 proved it, and so will be PS4 same way.
Also, PS4 WILL be powerful.

Reason why not X720:
Lack of exclusives, too many Halos and Gears of War... Also too much Kinect stuff. Dident microsoft told that next gen they focus on Kinect 2? I really want exclusive big games, not Kinect games!!!

Wii U? Um... more like last gen...
nintendoland  +   1106d ago
you are the most biased f*ck ever. Sony might have lots of exclusives but 90% of those are shovel ware and casual s*it. For example Heavy Rain and Gran Tursimo. Wii u is last gen? really? Are you that slow? Nintendo and PC for next gen. Nintendo for great exclusives and PC for 3rd party. What does sony/microsoft have. Uncharted, Halo... you crack me up.
aquamala  +   1106d ago
but why would you want to pick just one console?
gobluesamg  +   1106d ago
Your name is nintendoland and you want us to believe that your not biased. Sony exclusives are not shovel ware. Simple as that.
cedaridge  +   1106d ago
AGREE! I'm lookin to get both as well. I like gears for xbox, uncharted for ps3, and it depends for multiplat. But let say Sony charge a membership for the ps4, i might have to decide cause i don't see myself paying for a membership for both ps4 and xb720.
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one2thr  +   1106d ago
I'd pay for PlayStation Plus, any day... Excluding days when I'm hungry, need gas money, and etc. But any other day, I'm more than willing to pay for that "membership", ad long is it follow its current service/trend.
evilhasitsway  +   1105d ago
i wouldnt really call myself a fanboy of sony the only reason i stick with sony is the games they have more.
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DigitalSmoke  +   1106d ago
Lol you know what is short sighted?, just throwing money at hardware because you lack the insicht to separate quality from garbage.

You know whats even worse?
Company's getting away with making tons of cash on marketing low level bullshit products cause of ppl like you.
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DigitalSmoke  +   1106d ago
The ppl who have no knowladge about hardware or quality games voted Disagree Hahaha look at it!
LiquidSword93   1105d ago | Off topic | show
Intentions  +   1106d ago
I don't need to understand where they stand.

All I know that both will be F***ING EPIC!
juandren  +   1106d ago
I love it when an article says "Next Xbox" and not f*cking "Xbox 720". Seriously, do people HONESTLY think it will be called that?
PS4isKing_82  +   1106d ago
No but we don't have an actual name for it and that name just stuck so ppl use it to refer to the next Xbox whatever it'll be called.
Ppl have to call it something for now so other ppl know they're not talking about the 360.

But honestly who cares what Microsoft calls it, until they invest in more exclusive ips than just halo and gears and kinect, I will never own an Xbox.
inFAMOUS_KRATOS  +   1106d ago
everytime someone type " get both system " or best of both world...."

it grinds my gear, everyone has a preference doesnt have time for two consoles, if you like your the coolest guy on the planet having " both consoles " then be it.. stop typing it like your getting wanked by a model.
DigitalSmoke  +   1106d ago
They got no sense, 9 ou of 10 if they buy both its just to cover for their insecurity or ignorance.
Yelling "im not a Fanboy see!" could just as well be "I am an idiot" in these cases.
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rainslacker  +   1105d ago
uhhh...or they could be buying both because they both offer something that the person guess would be exclusive games or some other quantifiable aspect of the machine or games that appeals to them.

I'll be buying a PS4 unless Sony shows they really dropped the ball on it's announcement. Already have a Wii U and am enjoying it. Already have, and will always have a PC. Have a Vita and love it. Have a Saturn, DC, SNES, NES, Turbo Duo, Gameboy Color, PS3, PS2, PS1, and Sega CD. Will buy a 360 if enough games come out for it that appeal to me, if not then oh well.

All that and I'm pretty secure with myself, and I'm definitely more informed than you when it comes to gaming based on your posts.

Edit @ Nintendoland below

Doesn't make him stupid. They are two separate racing games that offer something different from one another. Some people really like racing games, so the more the merrier.
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steve30x  +   1106d ago
Some people buy both so that they can have the titles that wont be on both consoles. I bought an Xbox 360 for Forza games and I have a PS3 for GT5.
nintendoland  +   1106d ago
I almost feel sorry for you. I mean can someone be that stupid?
WalterWJR  +   1106d ago
You must have a very rusty gear.
aquamala  +   1106d ago
if one can more than afford it why not?

what's worse? someone that picks one console to own and bash the other consoles and games that they won't ever even play?
hazardman  +   1105d ago
Keep grinding them teeth then, because I'm getting both. I'm a gamer who just happens to like what Sony and MS have to offer. The only thing cool is to know I can afford both!
DivineAssault  +   1106d ago
I hope it releases this year.. I cant take much more of this gen & all its problems..
Droid Control  +   1106d ago
I think despite selling 75 million consoles world wide, I think M$ has hurt the XBOX brand by turning their back on core gamers.

This is too late to effect them this generation, but I think many gamers might think twice about buying the 720 when Sony are going to offer a slightly more powerful console at the same time (not a year later like they did with the PS3) and at a more reasonable price, free online, and a ton of guaranteed first party exclusives.
inFAMOUS_KRATOS  +   1106d ago
xbox has just as many as fanboys as sony does tho, we were argueing at work on what console " 8 of us store clerks should buy - so we can game together and so far im winning the ps4 fight lol... i let everyone borrow my ps3 and play uncharted so far i got 5 of those guys ps4 next gen...

know the other too " fable is not on playstation... i was amazed.
user3915800  +   1106d ago
What does that has to do with the article? really your gamertag says it all.
ldfgwergweg   1106d ago | Spam
steve30x  +   1106d ago
I cant wait to see what Microsoft and Sony bring to us.
j-blaze  +   1106d ago
if the rumors about PS4 were true then Sony is most likely to win next gen
Karpetburnz  +   1106d ago
Im getting a PS4 day 1.

Sony is and always will focus on the core gamers, Microsoft seems to be targeting the casuals with the Kinect. And theres gonna be a Kinect 2.0 for the next Xbox, so theres no way in hell im buying the the next Xbox unless they start bringing out new games and stop charging a fee for online multiplayer.
broken_back-man  +   1106d ago
if thecnext xbox is called 720 that just means m $ got lazy, 360 was unique and all tge playstation predecessors have had 1 2 3 so it would only make sense to call the new playstation ps4 but cone on ms make a new mane not a lazy name its not skate boarding? ??
hazardman  +   1105d ago
Ok ok hey kids we need a new name for the Playstation can you all count to 3, yes 1, 2, 3.. ok what comes next 4. Yeah give yourselves a round of applause. Fucking standing ovation for coming up with the name of the century. PS4.. give me a break. Its as lame as rapper spelling words and names on their songs. If anything Sony is the lazy ones!
TheDynamic  +   1106d ago
We All Know PS4 Will Be On Top, Sony Has Way More Exclusives Than This Microsoft. Gears Of War Is Nothing Compared To Any Killzone Game. Granted They Have Halo But That's As Good As It Gets. And Because Of Kinnect The 360 And 720 Automatically Lose. There Is So Much Kinnect Crap Its Ridiculous. PS4 Next Gen 720 Better Off Working With Wii U Or Something
hazardman  +   1105d ago
Dude don't get me wrong you picked the wrong franchise togo against Gears. I've played all 3 killzone titles and non come close in overall gameplay and fun of Gears of War series. Now if your going on graphics then hell yeah killzone is crazy. And I aslo wish that killzone 2 had killzone 3 polish because that movement lag was horrible and the only thing keeping back.
TheDynamic  +   1105d ago
Running Around With A Gun That Has A Saw Killing Glowing Creatures Is Fun? Compared To A Game That Uses Realistic Weapons I Think Not. Gears Is A Game For Children And Noobs Who Are Terrible At Any COD. Also Killzone Is 1st person Gears Is Not Which Makes Is GARBAGE. Basically Gears Is A Tragic Mistake And The Only Way Microsoft Can Fix It Is My Leaving It In This Gen FOREVER.
TheDynamic  +   1105d ago
mayberry  +   1105d ago
Killzone is a fps, Gears is a tps so you're right, they shouldn't be compared, but Killzone 2/3 are, imho, far superior in gameplay, A.I., sound(true 7.1 surround sound is boss!), visuals, 3D. realism etc... any fps fan who doesn't experience these titles is doing themselves a huge disservice.
clarkdef  +   1106d ago
Ps4 for me, having both is overkill and they will deliver similar experiences, never been into xbox, not saying it's a bad console, just don't care.

I have fears of buying day 1, because the ps3 had ylod and xbox had rrod, their evolution fixed those issues and others. So are we better to wait 3 years?
potedude  +   1105d ago
4G of RAM for the PS4?
I read recently enough that the PS4 was getting 8gb of ram, didn't mention whether it was DDR3 or DDr5. A few other articles backed it up also, not sure what to believe.

I don't actually think it will matter all that much but you can never have too much ram ;-)
mayberry  +   1105d ago
I'm typing this from my launch 60G PS3 that has been on constantly today for 13 hours now, it's on at least for 4 hours everyday, for me Sony's hardware and software has not let me down at all this gen, but Ms clear lack of first party, and new AAA ip's, and reliability issues( I bought my first 360 1 year 3 months ago and had to get a warranty replacement and other issues already), has me very leery towards getting more than one console next gen. So I will get a PS4 and will wait and see what Ms has, imho.

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