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Close Up: Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Original Soundtrack

The Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker soundtrack is the first one since Metal Gear Solid 2 that wasn’t composed (partially) by Harry Gregson-Williams. It didn’t hurt the music too much, however, because though it’s not as great as Metal Gear Solid 4’s, this soundtrack is still very good, and it is still instantly recognizable as a Metal Gear soundtrack. (Culture, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, PS3, PSP, Xbox 360)

morganfell  +   838d ago
MGS3 is pretty much the high bar of MG Soundtracks with MGS2 running hot on it's heels.
Luke_fon_Fabre  +   838d ago
Don't forget Guns of the Patriots. That game had an absolutely amazing soundtrack.
Nyxus  +   838d ago
That's actually my favorite video game soundtrack ever.
DoctorNefarious123  +   838d ago
@ Nyxus
Great article. Who did the soundtrack for Portable Ops? 'Calling to the Night' a brillant song.
Nyxus  +   838d ago
Norihiko Hibino, who did MGS2 and 3 as well (partially).
DoctorNefarious123  +   838d ago
Cheers man,
Keep up the good work.

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