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Submitted by Gekko 1100d ago | opinion piece

Why I Bought A Nintendo 3DS Instead Of A PS Vita

Manpac: ''The last handheld system I bought was a PSP, a platform I’ve spent countless hours with and had no cause to regret purchasing. Sony are a great company for games, but when push came to shove and it was time to decide where to land my next investment in virtual entertainment I switched to Nintendo’s handheld machine. You see, the problem is almost the same as the one SEGA faced when they released their Saturn console back in the 90’s, in that Sony have relied far too heavily on their brand name.

There are other factors that drove me into the colourful and overtly cute realm of Nintendo, linked with this mistake.'' (3DS, PS Vita)

chadboban  +   1100d ago
(This headline) + (N4G) = Guaranteed Hits!!!
LOGICWINS  +   1100d ago
To each his own.
bullymangLer  +   1100d ago
nope . it's not to each his own .

the Vita is uncomfortable .. and can't even do 3D, which 3D has been proven to not be a gimmick, and to enhance gaming experience . to each his own? . nuh uh
cpayne93  +   1100d ago
@bullymangLer wow how does a square fit your hands better than the curved sides of the Vita?

I guess different people have different shaped hands... TO EACH HIS OWN.

Oh and 3d isn't all that important if you prefer the Vita's games more.
pain777pas  +   1100d ago
@bullymangLer Use common sense. If the Vita game library is not your cup of tea fine but the PS Vita in every way is the best specs and designed dedicated gaming handheld ever made. There is no question. It is very comfortable. Best D pad, responsive buttons, high quality everything, multitouch everywhere. There is just one issue with the Vita is the perception that the system has no games and that is a farce really because depending on what games you got for home consoles I'd say it has a great lineup. Too many ports is true, no question. But the quality is there in spades and if Japanese reports are to be believed the Vita is going to be just fine for sure. XSeed is coming through and Soul Sacrifice has been said to be a system seller of epic proportions just off of demos alone. PSO2 is coming at the end of the month too. Vita is here to stay just get over your bias.
Blastoise  +   1099d ago

"the Vita is uncomfortable .. and can't even do 3D, which 3D has been proven to not be a gimmick, and to enhance gaming experience"

You're talking rubbish. The 3D is completely a gimmick, I've bought loads of games for the 3DS and not a single one has benefited from the 3D. My 3DS is very much a 2DS.

As for the Vita being uncomfortable, how is it? Let me guess, you find your very rectangular and pointy 3DS much more comfortable? Right?

Edit: this is taken from your profile
"It's a fact, Nintendo is KING. . . welcome to Nintendo's Land. "

*Sigh* Why do I even bother...
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BuffMordecai  +   1099d ago

Typical nintenyearold response.
TruthbeTold  +   1099d ago
As compared to a 'Sonineyearold' response?

See? That silly crap goes both ways.
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Sithlord-Gamble  +   1099d ago
This Bully kid has stealth-trolled a few Vita articles already.

It would be different if he brought up valid points ... but instead he talks jibberish nonsense.

It would appear that this wonderful subpar 3d tech he so fondly speaks of has fried his brain.
Shnazzyone  +   1099d ago
I do have to agree with bully mangler on the uncomfortable aspect. primarily for those chincy baby joysticks on the vita. The first thing i noticed when I tried the vita was how awful those joysticks feel. They might as well be two dpads functionality wise. Huge disappointment.

Not to mention I can't imagine putting an vita in my pocket all day. those stupid joysticks digging into my leg all day. It has to be said that the lack of bulk in the original 3ds did make my hands cramp after a while, but 3ds definitely wins in comfort for carrying it in your pocket all day.
swansong  +   1100d ago
Why I bought Scott toilet paper instead of Charmin! Less dingle berries lol.
Krew_92  +   1099d ago

if (This headline) = (N4G) then
write = "Guaranteed Hits!!!"


if (This headline) <> (N4G) then
write = "No hits, sorry."

end if
end if

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sonic989  +   1100d ago
because you are a nintendo fan ( and want hits ) .
psvita is less than a year old the 3ds was struggling at the same time of its life span btw the 3ds was the only new handheld system no competition except the usual phones, apple and others
Yodagamer  +   1100d ago
It sold better than the vita did at the same price point, even outsold the original ds in it's first year, the vita is simply not doing well, where the 3ds did.
sonic989  +   1100d ago
the vita wasnt there at that time when the 3ds launched was there when the vita launched
easy .... buddy dont take it personal
karlowma  +   1100d ago
The easy answer is: Games.
Kingthrash360  +   1100d ago
Thats no easy answer list notible games next to the vita then ill listen because I think they are neck and neck with games ( not to mention the year head start the 3ds has)
karlowma  +   1100d ago
Alright, games is subjective. I'll stick with cost of entry.

I'd like to have both, but the Vita's prohibitive cost and lack of software I'm personally interested in, and Nintendo's constant revisions and special edition announcements have prevented me from picking up either so far.
bullymangLer  +   1100d ago
GREAT games you mean .
Kingthrash360  +   1100d ago
Cost IS a better answer. I hope sony gets that part right.... maybe a price drop will be announced on the 20th. I mean everyone will be listening on the 20th no better time to do it...ps4 and a vita price drop would really give sony some momentum going into E3.
Kingthrash360  +   1100d ago
Trash article....unless you work for sony, or are a gaming celebrity or something, your gaming choices mean nothing and are not worth writing an article. Enjoy your 3ds like I do when im not enjoying my vita... stop the flame bait
bullymangLer  +   1100d ago
I held the Vita the other day, and i felt like slamming it . it is soo uncomfy, that i cannot even imagine playing games on that thing . .

the 3Ds has many advantages over the pretty Vita . uh huh . don't make me state them . .

plus the Vita ainty even getting Resi Revelations . shame shame shame . . the vita needs a new re-design
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Sanquine90  +   1100d ago
The title is for hits, but the article is wel written. You can check my comments history i am a vita supporter but the writer has it's points. Since 3ds has a far lower price point it is so much more attractive. Even i bought a 3ds because it was damn cheap.
shewbrookj  +   1100d ago
I bought both and I'd like to think many other people out there might have done the same. The two portable consoles are sufficiently different enough to warrant it (unlike the 360 and PS3 where many of the same titles are available on both systems).

We know the 3DS is safe in terms of units sold so far and the media coverage it is receiving. Sadly, the press seem to have earmarked Sony and the Vita as a 'whipping boy' to shower with negative stories.

As a gamer first and foremost I hope this trend does not continue for too long. It would be a shame to see such an amazing portable games machine succumb to the doom mongers. I for one don't want my only other portable gaming option (after the 3DS) to be the dreadful ios and android titles. I've wasted enough money on those hoping for a decent gaming experience only to find that you really can't beat real thumbsticks and buttons.

A good start for 2013 would be for Sony to drop the prices of those memory cards ASAP and re-energise the vita community by bringing out some system exclusive 'must have' games.
Thirty3Three  +   1100d ago
Question: "Why I bought a nintendo 3ds instead of a ps vita?"

Answer: "... Because I'm 11."
chukamachine  +   1100d ago
Bully, yes the 3ds does 3d.

Only reason It sells is Mario and original ds games.

The actual screen is poor compared to the vita, this is a fact. and the 3d isn't that good.
TongkatAli  +   1100d ago
@ the title cause you were on a budget ? I bet he thinks Nintendo games are the bees knees. I like the Vita cause even if you don't like the games which is impossible cause you got Vita games, smartphone games, minis and PSone classics, you could use it for it's other feautures. There has to be something you would like or else you never bought one or your clueless.

Spec wise, screen and controls Vita wins. Now games ? That is your prefrence.

Also the 3DS is cheap as #### compared to the Vita. People like to act like it isn't and it's just games doing the talking. Yeah, games sell amazing when the platform is dirt cheap to buy, lol.
3DS being underpowered and marketing the hell of it.

Don't hate the player hate the game, Nintendo is smart, Parents buying their kids a 3DS and the Vita is off limit cause it's to expensive. Kids are the money makers and Fire Emblem is amazing for adults. Sorry for my sloppyness I'm at the gym typed this fast on my iPhone,lol.
Ult iMate  +   1098d ago
@ cause you were on a budget ?
The entry price for PSV is really higher than for 3DS. But 3DS doesn't have a PS+ with free games (Uncharted, Mortal Kombat, Ninja Gaiden...). So yes, you pay for device, for the memory card and for PS+, but in the end you've got free games.
cpayne93  +   1100d ago
Main reason I got a Vita was an amazing black friday deal and all the free games that come with ps+.
tubers  +   1100d ago
That was the reason I jumped on the VITA (the famous Amazon BF deal of 2012). I would never have paid 250 bucks for a barebones handheld.

Historically, this price range ($ 250 for the unit) for a handheld gaming device never made good market penetration.

Sony already has announced that there will be a price cut soon.
sincitysir1  +   1100d ago
What a stupid article. Why can't people just say both are great? Who careeeess why some idiot bought a 3ds over a vita. Can't we all just get along. Why are we all so segregated?! I have a friend, a good - no. A great friend! He once said it does not matter the shape or size of our gear, and that one day 3ds will live comfortably with ps vita and so forth and so on.

I have both. The 3ds is made for a lot more text based games. Therefore people who buy a 3ds love to read ;) logic.

The ps vita is made for a lot more games that want to thrill and rock your socks off. Therefore people who buy a vita are adrenaline junkies ;) logic.
swansong  +   1100d ago
Why I bought a 360,ps3,psVita and not a wii or wiiu or 3ds. I just like powerful systems(lol). Honestly the 3d effect on the 3ds just gives me a bad headache so I decided not to purchase a 3ds. I enjoy all my other systems though. Never cared for the wii and I decided I would save my money for the next Sony and Microsoft systems and pass on the wiiu.
tachy0n  +   1099d ago
the reason that bought myself a PSVita was because of the amazing bang for the buck it offers with its specs, i can finally watch full blown 1080P HD movies on an OLED screen!, great games with great graphics, PS+, youtube in HD, i can go on and on.

the 3DS is just a DS with the ability to give you headaches with the 3D which kinda sucks really...

comparing the PSVita to the 3DS is like comparing a Nissan GTR R35 to a Mazda Miata MX-5.
r21  +   1099d ago
Why i bought a ps vita? Cause it looked more attractive than the 3DS IMO and had the games i wanted such as Gravity Rush, LBPV and others.
Protagonist  +   1099d ago
Why I will buy a "PS4" and not the Wii U... to be continued...
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H4all  +   1099d ago
my friends buy vita because the graphic and gameplay look awesome than 3ds

one of the awesome is football game, please look fifa 3ds vs fifa vita... wow... vita has console version look a alike...

don't want to talk more.. people who play 3ds will hate if i say the truth about it...
Williamson  +   1099d ago
The vita has been quite comfortable to hold imo as I played ninja gaiden sigma plus for 2-3 straight hours today with no issues at all. As for the article itself....if you like the games on the vita then get one, if you like the games on a 3ds then get that or grab both. I picked up my vita when the ac3 liberation bundle came out for 199$ and I feel thats the price where the vita will see the most success.
Rohered  +   1099d ago

Why Buy A Nintendo 3DS Instead Of A PS Vita?


Square Enix exclusives....

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