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Dead Space 3′s New Direction Does It Right

With the fall of survival horror standbys like Resident Evil and Silent Hill seen this generation, Dead Space remained as one of the few success stories that consistently delivered the scares. However, when Dead Space 3 appeared to be a bit action-heavy, fans became worried that EA was dumbing down a beloved franchise. After playing through the recently released demo, though, Gamers Association editor Luke Frazier is here to let us know why this new direction isn't automatically a bad thing. (Dead Space 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

PinkFunk  +   723d ago
Having only played Dead Space 2, and having been following updates on DS3, I feel a serious sympathy for longtime fans of the series. What drew me into the franchise in the first place were reviews noting its incredibly subtle and expertly crafted 'atmosphere', which was undeniably creepy to the bone. What drew me into it was actually a curiosity of the survival horror genre. I did not buy it to play an action game - there are hundreds of those.

This franchise catered to a genre that seemed lacking this generation, and it was considered fresh because it stayed true to that genre where other franchises strayed.

Their wish to cater to people that don't normally feel attracted to horror doesn't seem to me a proper evolution of a franchise that actually reinvigorated the genre.

And you know what? I'm not a big horror genre fan because it scares me like crazy. So I do tend to avoid it. However, I was glad to know that when I was curious and wanted to delve into it just once, there was a franchise that mastered it beautifully. So is what I hear of the original Dead Space, and what I experienced in Dead Space 2.

Hearing this sort of opinion piece. in my mind. is disconcerning. That is not a 'cry', but rather a legitimate concern for the apparent movement to woo the casual crowd. It will not benefit, in my opinion, to prove your franchise to be that fickle.

I'll hold my final judgement for the final copy, and certainly comment again...
DeadSpaced  +   723d ago
I have similar concerns. It fills me with fear to possibly see my favorite series go down the toilet. Between DS1, DS2, DS extraction, DS iOS, the movies, the comics, I can say I've been loyal.

If this game is created to cater to the masses, the game will be ruined. If it as I hope, they will add small actions of action that are few and far between, which I can look past.

In simpler words, I will spend my money on a Dead Space game. If it is not a Dead Space game, I will be elsewhere.
yeahokchief  +   723d ago
I'm not even going to bother trying the game. They made this game for casuals and people who like playing shooters. This game wasn't made for survival horror fans. I'll spend my money elsewhere.
jon1234  +   723d ago
very good comment, but it doesnt concern me, it fills me with anger, that EA did this to us... i feel betrayed... i know that me not buying the game will get me point across to EA... but i just hope that thousands of other gamers like me, feel the same way i do, and that sales suffer because of this
MikeMyers  +   722d ago
From the article:
"In my eyes, Dead Space 3′s new direction does it right. When compared to the first two — from what I can tell with my limited experience, at least — the latest Dead Space entry dials back the survival horror aspects and fills that area with action-oriented gameplay. For series die-hards, such a statement is obscene, an injustice imposed upon a beloved framework. Tinkering with what isn’t broken, if you will. I have heard these cries, fans declaring EA is dumbing down Dead Space 3 to expand its audience. After playing that demo, they don’t seem to be wrong."

I have to wonder, did the previous games not sell well enough? I know the first one was a hit and one of my favorite games.

I can see why people are upset with ip's changing. From games getting easier, to being more action-oriented, to adding multiplayer and co-op, flooding it with paid DLC and so on. Is the next DOOM game going to go down this route as well?

I think the industry needs to have some balls and not feel obliged to cater to mainstream fans who buy Call of Duty by the truckloads. We need the big boys like EA taking a stance and being the leader of innovation. Instead they are the ones who are milking the consumer and with all that pull they have and marketing budgets it dwarfs the smaller guys who want to just make games they love to make.
Root  +   722d ago
Good comment, very well said

What I'm scared about is the reviews, it's obvious from everything we've saw that this is not the Dead Space we fell in love with so when it comes to reviews I want reviews to compare it to the past games and mark it down if they need to. If a game dosen't live up to their past games then it's a failure in my eyes, yeah you can keep saying how we should judge the game as it is but at the end of the day developers who ruin franchises for more money are never going to learn. If it was a new IP that you couldn't compare to anything then fair enough give it a good score if you have to but if the thirf or fourth game is nothing like the first game then why give it a good score overall, point out the things it does right and then make sure you note what the developers did wrong.

I have a funny feeling it's going to get good reviews and people are not going to link it to the games we fell in love with. Reviewers got it right with RE6, hopefully they will get it right here.
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Sovereign59  +   723d ago
I think this person is in for a rude awakening if they wind up playing the full game.
After viewing (singleplayer) gameplay from the first 5 or so chapters of the game, the only new changes seem to be that the majority of the game is set on a planet rather than in space, and there is one chapter where you fight a few gun toting enemies, otherwise it seems nearly identical to Dead Space 2 in terms of how much action and scares there are. Although Dead Space 2 wasn't quite as creepy as its predecessor, in my opinion it was still a great game, and I think most of us will manage to enjoy Dead Space 3 as well so long as we don't go into it in a state of rage over the completely optional microtransactions, DLC weapon and suit packs, and with the preconceived notion that "the ending is going to suck because this is EA."
I think it is worth noting that it has been said by the developers that the amount of ammo and health packs in the demo was increased for the demo and they should not be so plentiful in the full game. Also, from watching videos on youtube uploaded by lucky people of whom I am jealous already have the game in their possession, without spoiling anything I will just say that a good piece of what you did in the demo is actually different in the full game.
Statix  +   723d ago
Lol. So this guy's argument is that, because he gets scared easily, he thinks the more action-oriented approach and dumbing down of survival-horror aspects in Dead Space 3 (and pretty much every other game daring to call itself survival horror nowadays) is a good thing?

Thank god there's still games like Amnesia and Slender.
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shivvy24  +   723d ago
my negatives are
- more action less horror
- 11 dlc on release
and EA
Doctor_Freeman  +   723d ago
I love horror, I love getting the crap scared out of me, its how I was raised. Its what attracted me to DS and DS 2, I actually got a kick out of the commercials "Your mom hates this (DS2) game"<something like that.

The first 2 games focused on nothing but horror.

So yeah, when I hear co-op, endless customization (like we don't have enough of that),micro transactions, day one DLC and more action oriented sequences....I have but one thing to say. WHY EA...why couldn't you leave our Dead Space alone.

But all is not lost, I'll hold my final judgement for when I play it...just not sure when.

Just have to remind myself to go into it with an open mind.
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TheComedian  +   723d ago
So we had the developers saying that the new adtions were completely optional and that the core of Dead Space had remained the same so as to not allianate the original fans. And now this comes along pretty much saying that the core IS changed and the reason for that is so that an action->>"HORROR&qu ot;<< game would appeal to an audience that finds horror intolerable...
Visceral your game will be getting from me 3 euros for a rental if only for the story. You do not deserve my 60 or anyone elses. I was a die hard fan of the series but I would rather see it dead and remember it fondly than crumbling before my eyes. And given that for the franchise and your studio to survive you need 5 mil copies sold...well nice knowing you.
As for the author even though they will never read this but anyway. You can not handle tension. Completely understandable. Then what WHAT compelled you to try a game that is build around tension? Ever thought that the game was not meant for you?
Sketchy_Galore  +   722d ago
I appreciate that the author doesn't like horror games (even though being too scared to play Resident evil 4 in a lit room with friends should qualify as a genuine mental illness) but dammit, we get so few actual horror games, it's almost non-existent as a genre. I hate cheesy macho bro shooters more than this author hates horror games. Guess which one of us has to avoid more games??

Almost everything these days is a cheeseball macho bulletfest, they could turn the next Army of two game into a tense atmospheric horror game and the author of this article would still have 3 similar games to play that month. The fact that they turned Dead space into a fistpump shooting gallery leaves me with pretty much nothing to play in the horror genre on my console.

The only justification for this game that comes close to being acceptable is the idea that they had to appeal to a much broader audience to stay in business and still, that's only like telling me the guy who stole my car did it so he could sell it and use the money to buy medicine for his sick child. It might make me appreciate how tough it is out there and stop me flying into a violent rage but it won't make me enjoy walking to work in the rain any more.
DevilishSix  +   722d ago
Big fan of the franchise in fact I beat the first on both the 360 and PS3 I enjoyed it so much. I got and beat DS 2 on 360 and enjoyed it less with the focus more on action then horror and scares. I played the demo of DS 3 and it will be the first one I have not preordered or will not buy day one. I will get it later used as I will not support the direction its going, but would still like to play.

From the demo, interviews, and videos I got the impression it will be the worst scoring of the series and may sell the least. Game Informer's 7.75 early review confirmed this theory.
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DeadSpaced  +   722d ago
You know that review was a hoax, right?

DevilishSix  +   722d ago
doesn't matter DS 3 will still be the lowest scoring of the franchise.
DeadSpaced  +   722d ago
@DevilishSix And that reason being?

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