Moving Forward? Game Informer Reviews Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirror

"Dragon Quest Swords is a strange combination of new technology and dated gameplay. I wish I could say these two opposing forces mix to create a stellar game, but the truth is like a scoliotic mule. This half-breed may be unique, but it lacks a certain kind of grace."

Easily the best part of Swords is its unique motion sensitive combat. Using the Wii remote you'll slash at the screen and your horizontal, vertical, and diagonal strikes will transfer fairly accurately onto whatever monster you're fighting. You'll also have to aim your shield to block incoming attacks and use well-timed sword strikes to lob ranged projectiles back at your foes. All told, combat in Swords is a fairly enjoyable experience that rewards players with better equipment for going back through dungeons and achieving higher scores."

- Ben Reeves

Second Opinion: 8/10

- Andrew Reiner

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