We see a lot of reboots, so why hate DmC?

Dean Rosen of PCGMedia writes " Is a distracting hairdo, a tenor voice actor and a massive stylistic overhaul enough to alienate fans of the original Devil May Cry series? According to some fans, the answer is, unequivocally, yes. The Devil May Cry franchise that began in 2001 is apparently dead. However, Devil May Cry isn’t the first iconic videogame brand to undergo such a distinct transformation."

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psyxon1816d ago

People love DMC, they just hate Dante's new look. I agree with them. The game is pretty good though.

Abash1816d ago

It has nothing to do with Dante's hair color for mst people, it's the abandonment of the stories and characters of the real Devil May Cry. Not only that, but the universe itself was fantastic and I loved all the areas and settings of the games (sans DMC2)

People still can't move passed it because they loved the original DMC games *that* much

Root1816d ago

And because the new dmc games are inferior to past games

New instalments to franchises should get better not worse, which is why I dont understand the amazing reviews despite the games problems

crazysammy1816d ago

I agreed with you until you knocked DMC2. I know its the "cool" thing to bash on that game, and it clearly not the best in the series, but the game is still really good.

If you understand Dante's character in that time frame of the game you understand why he is so somber and not as cocky and excited. Plus ***SPOILER*** he rides off into hell in the end, how damn cool is that.

MikeMyers1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

"And because the new dmc games are inferior to past games"

Who says, you? Have you finished the game? Probably not.

"New instalments to franchises should get better not worse, which is why I dont understand the amazing reviews despite the games problems"

The DMC franchise did not get better with each installment. In fact many didn't like DMC2. You didn't like the reboot even before it was released, you made up your mind long ago.

DMC is a fun game and looks and plays marvelously on my PC. If you gave the game a chance you might even like it.

Root1816d ago


"Who says, you? Have you finished the game? Probably not"

No, but it's so painfully obvious, even the good reviews stated it was a good game but not a good dmc game.

"The DMC franchise did not get better with each installment. In fact many didn't like DMC2."

DMC2 was a mistake, I can even admit that but still they improved with DMC3 and even DMC4

"DMC is a fun game and looks and plays marvelously on my PC. If you gave the game a chance you might even like it."

I've seen enough to give the game a chance, I even played the demo over and over...and nothing

Maybe you should give it a rest to some it was a crap game and to be honest it actually is. Reviews mean nothing these days, most of them sounded like they had never played a DMC game before or forgot what was so good about them

miyamoto1816d ago

its not a reboot its a westernization of a Japanese idea by a Japanese named Kamiya

its like Kamiya, a native Japanese, had a son and sCrapmcom wanted the child to look like an white American citizen

Crapcom should at least had the little amount of respect to what Kamiya has done for them in the past.

Gohadouken1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

mmm the "you can't dislike the game if you tried it" Con is already in session ?

Wonder how many NT games will we keep hearing this .

Some people tried , and liked it , some other didnt .

Some didnt even try squat when they were already defending the game ad nauseam , as within their rights , just like the anti dmc crowd

MikeMyers1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

First you say:
"And because the new dmc games are inferior to past games"

Then you go on and say:
"DMC2 was a mistake, I can even admit that but still they improved with DMC3 and even DMC4"


"Maybe you should give it a rest"

You're right Root, you should give it a rest. If you don't want to like the game then why go out of your way going into topics about it? You would think after the game has been released, got good reviews, that you indeed would give it a rest.

"Reviews mean nothing these days, most of them sounded like they had never played a DMC game before or forgot what was so good about them"

That's part of what a reboot is, a new direction to appeal to new fans.

Root1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

Mike what the hell is it with you, seriously

You say things like this

"You're right Root, you should give it a rest. If you don't want to like the game then why go out of your way going into topics about it?"


I see a ton of people on here doing the same, why is that kind of response from you always aimed at me....OH I KNOW because you love to see my comments and try to make me look stupid because thats how sad and immature you are

It's a commenting website. If one side can go round and praise the game and say iut's the best thing in the world why can't you have other people with differnt opinions stating something else.

Seriously the problem with you is that you can't let others have their opinions. I have never seen anyone on here going to a person who LIKES the new dmc for example and bash their opinion for liking it but funnily enough it happens the other way round, people like you bashing peoples opinions down who don't like it

As I said it's a commenting site, it's going to feature a range of opinions. You need to get used to seeing the ones who don't like because that's how it is.

"That's part of what a reboot is, a new direction to appeal to new fans."

Oh...meanwhile screw over your fanbase you've had since the start and made DMC good in the first place. Face it man I bet you didn't even like or play on the old DMC games.

psyxon1815d ago

All coming from people who undoubtedly haven't played the game. -1 for N4G's community. No idea why I even come to this site anymore. It's laughable. Back to NeoGAF!

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Dark111816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

People hate it cuz the game feel more like a new IP than a Devil may cry game ..

Tomb raider is good example how to do a reboot , they changed alot of things but they kept the core of franchise untouched.

Chris5581816d ago

Y like removing swim adding regenerating health and multiplayer?

adorie1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

I have to admit, I was pissed too, but take this into consideration.

Reboots of anything tend to stray from the original source material.

This "DMC" is supposed to be set in an alternate universe

The game is a bit more atmospheric than the originals, partly due to art style presentation and fidelity (could be because I have it on PC)

Everyone who had classic titles such as Devil May Cry; under their belts, have left and Capcom is insane now.

Now, with all of that said, I enjoyed the game for what it was, not what I wish it was because now I've learned to let it go and move on.

The one thing I can fully understand and have empathy towards is how snobbish Ninja Theory was to the fanbase of the originals.
Tameem needs to learn how to be humble and stop being an asshole. He also needs a haircut. I've got a coupon for 2 bucks off at Fantastic Sams.

Knight_Crawler1816d ago

The fact that this game is tailored towards the casual did not help convince me to buy it.

Hope they are happy with the new casual fans that they have obtain but this die hard DMC fan is out... DMC will be placed in my memories as a game that I use to love along with Resident Evil and Ninja Gaiden.

Timesplitter141816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

The character redesign is perfectly fine but the game and the script are terrible.

- The combo system has zero depth and versatility
- The dialogues were written by a 14 year old Slipknot fan
- No wall run or shooting in two directions. Makes the fights look boring and straightforward. That was a staple of the DMC franchise
- 100% linear annoying platforming
- Horrendous visuals. It looks as though they decided to jam every single post-processing effect they could find in there. This seriously affected my overall enjoyment of the game. It almost made me sick

HeavenlySnipes1816d ago

A DMC fan complaining about linearity? lol

Say what you want about the gameplay but it did look better than DMC4

Gohadouken1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

Yeah i guess that pulling a red or blue Platform to change a corridor into another similar corridor changed the linearity and made it oblivion .

It had even less venue to explore , even discarding into account the place you explore multiple times in dmc 4

OmegaSlayer1815d ago

Yesterday I booted DevilMayCry4 in my PS3...
I suggest you all to do it.
The game still looks beautiful even if it's 5 years old and plays very lovely.
It's more challenging and just a pleasure to play stylishly.
Even with its flaws, like the backtracking it's still a way superior game.
DmC is good, just...not good enough.

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psyxon1816d ago

I know a few people who have actually PLAYED the new DMC, and love it. My brother and myself included were initially thrown off by not only Dante's look, but his brother's look, and several drastic changes. But it's a reboot/reimagining. Get past it. The game is good, and people should give it a chance.

Hanso1816d ago

game is not good boss battles are a joke in DmC
only Dreamrunner is worth fighting in DmC rest is trash

adorie1816d ago

Seriously. Dreamrunner? His teleport attacks made me laugh. I have twitch reflexes like a meth addict.

I do agree, though. The bosses are laughable till Hell or Hell.

Most interesting boss is Bob Barbas. I wanted him to be harder. :/
Most annoying and repetitive boss is Mundus Spawn.

I did enjoy how the boss fights were progressive though. :)

OmegaSlayer1815d ago

I just think people like the new DmC for how easy it is.
DevilMayCry 4 has superior character models and better voice acting and even graphics are better even if they're not in controllable 33D envyronments.
Plus 60 fps.
People must go to play DevilMayCry 4 again.

LOGICWINS1816d ago

Of the people I know personally who have the game, their enjoying it very much. I suppose they don't get emotionally attached to franchises as much as people on this site do.

Baka-akaB1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

I'd have to question the logic of people buying the game and not liking it , you know . Obviously they do , it's the one disliking it not buying it for their own reasons , bare a few "bad" purchases by curious folks

pr0t0typeknuckles1816d ago

i dont hate it, heck i wanted to give it a chance because im a fan of DMC, and i was one of the people that originally defended it, heck i gave the prince of persia 08 game a try and i loved it its one of my favorite games ever, but the reason most people and me hate the new DmC is 1-why reboot something when the story isnt finished, DMC 4 left a lot of things unanswered, unlike the sands of time trilogy which actually had an ending and everything tied up.

next there isnt really anything that resembles DMC in the game besides names, and everybody agrees that we all just want more of the original dante, he technically anly has 2 games and an anime to his name DMC 1 and 3, 2 was just terrible, and 4 got fun as soon as you unlocked him but it was very short, and a rushed product at that, and the reason i refuse to buy it and why ill get it used is because of the company, i downright refuse to give Ninja Theory my money after all the the crap they said about the fanbase,the original games, developers, dante, and the japanese game market overall, they dont deserve a dime.

wishingW3L1816d ago

I don't agree with the first paragraph because DMC has no story so there isn't one to finish. DMC1 Dante is old, DMC2 Dante is much more older, DMC3 Dante's basically a teenager, DMC4 is a little bit after the first one (more or less the same age). The reason Capcom rebooted it was because they didn't know what to do with the franchise just like they have no idea what to do with Megaman.

Now I'm not defending DmC, that game sucks. Compared to the old series the reboot it's like watching a depressing movie. Old DMC was cheerful, cheesy, gothic, fun. New DmC it's pretentious, depressing and angsty and it really blends well with today's youth infused with hipsterims, emoness and Twilight. Combo system was literally reduced to mashing buttons after a demon dodge.

And I have no problems with reboots, the problem is that Capcom gave a franchise that was built around what was cool from a Japanese point of view to a western dev. Just look at how much cursing there is in the game now, that's very western like in video games. And like you said on the second paragraph: "there isn't really anything that resembles DMC in the game besides names." and that is the truth. They just share a premise like Uncharted and Tomb Raider but they are completely different games.

pr0t0typeknuckles1816d ago

only thing i disagree with you on is the DMC not having a story, it has a story, and plots that were left unexplained, like for example how the heck did nero get his arm, we could have a true DMC 5 with nero and dante playable and both have 20 missions(what DMC 4 would have been had capcom not rushed it),we could have a game whwere we controlled sparda and saw how his life truly played out, also DmC doesnt suck overall, its a bad DMC game but its an okay hack and slash game.

at the end of the day though i can fully agree that capcom just like ubisoft is out of touch with what the fans want, DMC fans just want a true DMC5 with more dante, and PoP fans just want an 08 sequel or a real PoP unlike forgotten sands.

Godmars2901816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

The overarching story in chronological order:

DMC3: Dante, Lady and Vergil meet. Vergil goes to to the demon realm.

DMC1: Dante meets Trish. Fights and kills what's left of Vergil after he's apparently been enslaved by Mundus.

DMC4: Dante, Lady and Trish team up to take down a corrupt church, but Nero, who has has possible ties to Sparta if not Vergil gets in the way.

DMC2: Dante goes to the demon realm in order to save Lucia and Earth.

Going by this DMC5 then would likely be about Nero finding out about Dante and going to the Demon realm to save him. That's likely what Hideki had in mind but will likely not happen now.

Would have been nice, since one of the series underlying themes is that the essence of defeated demons becomes weapons that they explain the origin of Rebellion and the guns, likely followers of Sparta who sacrificed themselves so as to give a young Dante means to defend himself from enemy demons more powerful than them, but of course Team Ninja didn't under that much of the series. They only went surface deep.

bryam19821816d ago

I love the demo my only problem is that i don't like games whitout a replay value so i'll buy it when it gets a good price cut also i love ninja theory i have all their games and yes i think nslave was a great game

Godmars2901816d ago

1) The original series ended mid story. As convoluted as it was.
2) The changes were made because of internal company politics. The lead dev getting fired. Fans of the series shouldn't be expected to be exploited because of that. If Capcom wanted to make a new IP similar to DMC, they should have made it. Re-using the name has just ended up hurting them and us.

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