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Is Playstation Plus better than Xbox Live Gold

Adam from NoobFeed reasons whether PlayStation Plus provides a much better service than Xbox Live Gold. (PS Vita, PS3, Xbox 360)

Ezz2013  +   788d ago
for me YES...1000 YES
Philoctetes  +   788d ago
Which is better? Paying to use your own internet connection to play a game you already own, or getting free games? Tough call.
HammadTheBeast  +   787d ago
Is it even a question?
dedicatedtogamers  +   788d ago
PSN+ is an optional paid service that gives you dozens of free games and free DLC (that you can keep after your subscription ends).

XBL is a required paid service that allows you to use the Netflix you paid for, the Hulu you paid for, the multiplayer portion of the game you paid for, and it gives you cute Avatars. Oh, and I suppose the ads you get are free.
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Dwalls1171  +   788d ago
Logically I have to say yes... with plus you pay for one year of free games discounts and early betas....live gold just gives you access to use online features that are free elsewhere..

I dont think this is fair to MS gamers....thet shouldnt have to pay just to unlock the ability to play games online or use Netflix
AngelicIceDiamond  +   787d ago
Why do people keep doing this? I'm not gonna parrot anymore. Both are excellent services. One gives you free games the other gives you a unified gaming and entertainment experience.

Please no more with these dumb Xbox Live VS PSN comparison articles seriously.
Belking  +   788d ago
For me , hell no. They both are great but xbl is just more unified and simpler.
TheGrimOfDeath  +   788d ago
And with XBL you have to pay to play online with adds on the XBL screen.

While with PS+ you get to rent tons of games for 4$ a month, with early betas, themes, profile pics and many more things. And if you don't want PS+ you can just play online without paying a dime.

Yeah it seems XBL is much better because it's "simpler". With the PS3 having the most easy navigation system.
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omi25p  +   788d ago
Party chat beats everything on PS +. I have my 360 turn on and im in party chat while i play the ps3.
I never have my ps3 on while i play my 360.

For that reason i buy all my multiplatforms for the 360 and as a direct result of that i haven't played a single game on my ps3 since uncharted 3 came out.

I also prefer achievement to trophies which is another reason i never by multiplatforms for the ps3. But that's my personally preference and of nothing to do with the consoles.

Also by "ads" do you mean icons for application i have downloaded on my 360.

The only "ads" i have on my 360 are for demos, dlc, games on demand and things to watch on netflix, 40D, sky and zune.

I use all of those services so i don't really count them as "ads" more as a reminder for what i can use.

It really comes down to free games vs party chat.

For me its party chat because there has yet to be a free game that i haven't owned or own.

Let the disagree pour in and most of them wont even bother to write why.

PS. The 360 has cloud storage.
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TheTwelve  +   788d ago
I can't believe you have to pay for Xbox Live Gold AND get ads!!!!

(I mean I really never knew this until recently!)

(I own a 360 for Witcher 2 but never considered getting Xbox Live Gold as I don't need to be online to play this...now I certainly won't get it.)
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Baka-akaB  +   788d ago
To each their own . There annyoing but still existing outside services and alternative to party chatting .

Obviously not convenient , but i can just chat with the same folks on my mobile phones or tabs .

While there is hardly an alternative to getting free online gaming OR/AND actually free stuff with the only sub around .

And the era people could pretend they lag less in most game on 360 compared to ps3 is long gone . Not fooling anyone , both got games working badly on their infrastructure and better with the competition .

It's mostly a matter of friend list now
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xursz  +   788d ago
It depends if you prefer Party speaking and solid interface vs periodic discounts, betas, early content, cloud storage, and rotating IGC

"There hasn't been a free game that I haven't owned" <- Really doubting this... Not defending ps+ but NOBODY has bought every game given in it.
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Belking  +   788d ago
"And with XBL you have to pay to play online with adds on the XBL screen"

yea but it didn't ask which one is cheaper. Just because we pay for gold doesn't make ps plus better. For me xbl is still better. The free games you get to rent with psplus is not a big deal to me because 95% of them I have already played already. I like xbl better because of XGC(cross chat) the achievements, the ease of use, better integrated dashboard,and Kinect is integrated into the dashboard. It's just a more well rounded service and well worth it's price....even though i've never paid full price. PS plus is a great deal too but it's still not as good as XBL. I just got an email from them giving me 1 month for free too....yea baby..
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Y_5150  +   788d ago
@Omi25p your right about one thing, Party Chat. If the PS3 had party chat, there will be no excuse that PS3>Xbox360. But really it's the ONLY thing that I see that the 360 tops the PS3.

Party isn't as special as these Xbox guys make it out to be. I have the Vita with that feature and never used it yet. PS+ shows ALOT of value for it's price and it's even cheaper than Xbox live! So you really think Party Chat tops EVERY THING PS+ you're obliviously wrong. PS+ has cloud storage so what?
rpd123  +   787d ago
I honestly don't get that argument. Guess what else we pay for that has ads? Cable, internet, magazines, games themselves have ads in them sometimes. Who cares? Do I see those ads and then become infuriated because they have ruined my gaming experience? No I don't, and the vast majority of them are gaming related.

Also, the free games aspect is pretty subjective. Most of the games on PS+ I already have. For some, that feature might mean nothing because they would rarely get anything from it.

And don't underestimate party chat. It is a huge feature. Sometimes it's nice to just talk to your friends, even if you're not playing the same game. It's big with kids and teenagers, and Sony is kind of stupid for not implementing it by now.

I think PS+ is a better deal, that doesn't make it a better service. People make Live out to be much worse than it really is, all because it's a paid service. Because Sony would never screw people out of their money right? *cough*600dollarlaunchprice*co ugh*
faysal  +   788d ago
@omni25p so you are paying all that money for party chat only? and saying party chat alone beats ps+? well buddy we have party chat for FREE on the VITA... we have cloud storage aswell for ps+ so whats your point? also skype, youtube etc are all free too. skype stays on while you are gaming aswell. if vita has all this for free so will the PS4. oh well if you love giving away money for things we get for free that's your loss.
Y_5150  +   788d ago
Haha you and me had sort of the same response! XD
omi25p  +   788d ago
Im sorry i seem to have upset you.

I dont own a vita, its a waste of money. So thank you for telling me what features the ps vita has.

I dont want to have my computer on all the time while i play games and you cant live stream on youtube.

Also what am i exactly "wasting" my money on?

A far superior interface with better arcade games and party chat?

well im happy "wasting" MY money on that.

By better arcade games i mean MineCraft and trails evolution which i play more than every AAA exclusive on the ps3.

I literally haven't even bothered to plug my ps3 into my new 40inch TV so why would i want to pay a subscription for PS+ when i would never use it.

Also why are you telling me what features the next gen console will have as if to use it against the 360.

its like saying my brand new top of the range Ferrari is better in every way than you're 10 year old Aston Martin.
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faysal  +   788d ago
@omi25p yes we can live stream on youtube. it is a game feature not console feature, so you point is invalid.
just because you have no use of vita doesnt mean its a waste of money. people who HAS IT (me) probably picks it as one of the best gadget of 2012 and years to come.
so you bought a console to play arcade games and pay for online when most of the arcade games dont let you play multiplayer. just to let you know thoes arcade games are also on steam and such, so they are not exclusive.
superior UI? yh the one with adds runing every where you look? even tho you are paying for the service. its bacially browsing through XBL store non stop.
idk what heck you mean by having computer on all the time(you are probably lost).
if VITA has free party chat so will ps4, what ever vita has now for free ps4 will have them too and beyond. my point is... things that we get for free you stupid fanboys will keep on paying for them through nextgen and beyond.

clearly you dont own a ps3 (pretending you do) just so that you can silent troll ps3.
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t0mmyb0y  +   788d ago
You one of'em real simple folk ain't ya boy.
psp2roundup  +   788d ago
As a subscriber to both, PS+ has moved way ahead recently. Gold feels like a service charge while PS+ feels more like the gift that keeps on giving
DwightOwen  +   788d ago
Better HOW? The initial question is fucking retarded. What is the context? Value? Reliability? UI design? Ease-of-use??? All of the above?

God I hate how the internet gives stupid people a platform to infect others. Who approved this shit article anyway?
Nelson M  +   788d ago
Light Years Better
USMC_POLICE  +   788d ago
I think live is better in terms of playing with friends. Party chat and partying up even if your in different games. And plus gives you free games and you can upload saves to a server.
MontyQ  +   788d ago
free full games discounts and then if ur not a plus member online play is still free not like M$ who tbagz ya oooooooooh ya snap into a slim jim
TronEOL  +   788d ago
XboxLive if you like paying over $50 a year for Skype (I can group chat on Skype/Steamchat too), a nice UI, and demo's before Silver users.

PS+ if you like video games. Which if I remember correctly is what this whole "Video game console" thing is about. Maybe I'm wrong, and people would rather have a nice UI than free* video games. Who knows.

My personal opinion is that XboxLive is a scam. Folks who only own Xbox's need to pay full price for their games, and make sure they're paying Microsoft for the ability to use the other half of their games. Whereas PS3/Wii-U/PC gamers can just buy their games and play them in full without needing to pay a monthly/yearly fee. And when you DO pay a fee on PS3, you get over $2000 (2012 alone) in savings a year.
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Banned   788d ago | Spam
Mr-SellJack  +   788d ago
PS plus FTW!!!
hennessey86  +   788d ago
One is an online gaming service and they other gives you free games and discounts. To me they are totally different. You should be comparing PSN to Xbox live

@below, that's not the point. You can't compare two totally different services fairly.
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xursz  +   788d ago
But psn is free. ('¬')
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ShadowKingx  +   788d ago
this is just another typical fanboy fight article, at this point xbox and sony have some interesting things, its up to you to figure out what you like and go with it.
InsaneGam3r  +   788d ago
PS+ = For PS store

XBL Gold = For online gaming

They are not the same, Don't compare it.
DigitalSmoke  +   788d ago
Gold is paying for your own internet son, wile getting ads, which is hillarious.
For what, a chat room?.. lol.

PS+ gives the gamer value, adds online save game storage, night time downloads upgrades and add ons.
Free Sony music, tons tripple A games and discounts.

It blows Live out of the water, you chat room option aint shit.
Bumpmapping  +   788d ago
Plus you get your moneys worth Live you can to pay to play.
Bowzabub  +   788d ago
I'm a PS3 man myself but this article is flame bait. I do feel that X-Box gamers shouldn't have to pay to game online though..just my opinion. OT- PS+
amiga-man  +   788d ago
I would never pay for Xbox live out of principle, but I did give PS+ a try and all I would say is if you own a playstation, PS+ is fantastic value.
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omegaheat  +   788d ago
I'm an Xbox fan. I have nothing against Sony, it's just a matter of preference. I do however think it's getting harder and harder for Microsoft to justify paying 60 bucks a year to play the content (multiplayer) of a game that you already own. For crying out loud, it comes on the disc. The only difference between playing multiplayer on Xbox Live and Playstation Plus is that Microsoft uses a closed infrastructure for Xbox Live. I don't have to explain that to any core gamer. I don't know how much money it cost to have such a structure, but I'm sure it cost more money to provide it. I just don't think we should pay 60 bucks a year. Why not 24 bucks a year. The only thing that would justify the 60 bucks imo is if every multiplayer game played on Xbox Live required the devs to provide dedicated servers. Does anyone agree with me? For now, it's looking like Playstation Plus is a much better deal considering the free stuff. If anything, Microsoft should have given us Too Human for free just so we could see how bad that game was. Sorry fellow Xboxers, but if we don't speak up, we may continue to be ripped off by our favorite console.
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ShadowKingx  +   788d ago
omega, really good point, i think the online gaming should be free, but if people want to use the features that xbox live offers than you should pay. But for online gameplay. buying the console alone should be enough for that. this is coming from a person who currently pays for xbox live. i am not a sony fanboy.
NoobJobz  +   788d ago
Value wise, I think so.

I don't own PS plus but it's not because I don't like it. I literally have Live just because that's what all my friends have. If everyone switched over, I would too. I have no brand loyalty.

But like I said, I do think PS plus gives you more for the money.
Kingthrash360  +   788d ago
First word to come to mind when I read the title " yes"
After thinking it over and comparing the 2 services...." hell yes!"
Father Murder X  +   788d ago
New day same old shit. You guys fall for it every time. You like what you like you hate what you hate. No one's opinion will make you change the way you feel about PSN or LIVE so why engage in this stupid fanboy drivel every single fucking day?
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Loki86  +   788d ago
PS Plus makes you pay to rent games, which means when you cancel that service you lose those games until you renew the service. This is the same subscription model that XBL keeps you on to use these services. Except XBL guarantees no downtime, limited interruption, and gives full access to several services you can't find on PS for 5 dollars a month. So yeah XBL is superior.
KongRudi  +   787d ago
The free games on PSplus is just a bonus, it's the day one discount's and sales wich makes the service pay for itself, several times over - if you're semi interested in digital downloads. And those are yours forever.

PSplus is a subscription service wich offer access to content worth usually around 2500£ each year.

The game rentals on PSplus wich you call them, is basically the same as your XBL Gold membership.
However the main difference here is that you rent access to abit more than 30 AAA-titles each year, both single- and multiplayer- wich you may, or may not, - want to pick up for 0 extra cash.
While on Xbox Live Gold you're just renting access to the second half of the games you allready bought for full price (60$ each), wich you loose again when you stop paying. :)

XBL dosn't guarantee no downtime either, that's just something you made up.
Last week several people couldn't watch Netflix, because the Xbox Live network were down.
And by the way, on PS3, if PSN is down, you can offcourse use services like Netflix. :)
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Loki86  +   787d ago
Way to stretch facts and also its right in the T&C that they guarantee limited to no downtime. AAA titles for rent, no just same rehashed stuff that was there 2 years ago, I have both consoles and tried PS Plus, very disappointed.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   788d ago
For the one hunodreth time the answer is no. The ps plus is inferior.
contradictory  +   788d ago
let me think for a second, yes.
GearSkiN  +   788d ago
been xbox live member for 10 years and I think xbl need to step it up doesn't mean much anymore paying 60. deff psn plus is a better value I have both console but xbox is always have been my preferred console. and wishing we get free games like ps plus does.
plaZeHD  +   787d ago
Yes, yes it is. To put it simply, you pay for Xbox Live Gold to gain access to your own internet that you already pay for. PlayStation Plus gives you free games, huge discounts and cloud saving. But PlayStation Network vs. Xbox Live is a whole other thing.
I pay for Xbox Live just because of Red Dead Redemption and Battlefield: Bad Company 2.
WeaseL  +   787d ago
I wonder how many Gold subs MS would lose if they just made MP free.
TheLastGuardian  +   787d ago
PSN > XBL Silver

PS+ > XBL Gold

Hell, even regular PSN is on par with XBL Gold. Online is free on everything else, it's complete bulls**t that you have to pay for it on the 360. $60 a year for what the competition does for free? What a joke.

Aw man, I just noticed my Plus subscription ended today. Time to resub for another year.
legendof117  +   787d ago
Sony is still leaps and bounds behind Xbox Live. Sad fact kiddies. Paying for your Xbox Live subscription guarantees you a platform with rare issues. Plus, there support is top of the game. On XBL you feel connected to a community while on PSN you are alone.
Hicken  +   786d ago
NOT paying for Xbox Live guarantees you no online AT ALL on your 360.

That means you only get HALF of exclusives like Gears, Halo, and Forza; and multiplats like Call of Duty, FIFA, and Madden.

No surprise to have a connected community of suckers.
MasterCornholio  +   787d ago
I prefer Playstation plus because in my opinion im already paying for my internet connection so i shouldnt have to pay extra to rent the multiplayer portion of the games that ive already bought. Also the reason why i choose to subscribe to plus is because of all the content that it provides. Which to me is a lot more valuable then renting the multiplayer of the games that i legally own.
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