Why David Jaffe was Right to Savage CNN’s Anti Video-game Anchor

An opinion piece reviling the bias discussion of the violent danger of violent video games by Eric Burnett on CNN and defending David Jaffe's impassioned response.

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ThatGuy22113d ago

Let me just kill a few hookers and ill get a few "points" in GTA.....these guys are so ignorant about video games, in fact, and its obvious that they did not even play the games they where even talking about...

showtimefolks2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

Some were saying Jaffe came across too aggressive but I believe what he said was 100%. So these morons can blame gaming and gamers for all the society eissues yet we should be gentle or nice when make our point?

Someone has to stop up to these bullies, your kids are your fucking responsibility. If you have a stupid kid who plays GTA while under age tha does something stupid than its on the parents no on gaming

There is a rating system. I have seen parents buy 8-10 year old kids COD games. So maybe be a better parent and lock your Fucking guns because when you buy me to protect yourself make sure you keep me in a safe so your retarded kid couldn't get to use them

Sorry about the language I am so tired of media blaming all their issues on us. Society has some dumb ass,stupid,retarded people just accept the fact we got some morons who do stupid stuff.

Raise your kids right
Teach them family values
Be a better parent

FantasyStar2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

To be fair, the industry should be well aware of the effects of their games on the kids just as much. It's not a surprise or a secret that companies like Activision/Microsoft/Sony profit off kids using violence. They know their products gets into kids hands anyways, that's why they have the Graphical-content warning since MW2 and keep things like nudity out of even M-rated games (which is silly IMO for reasons outside this article).

To their credit and other developers like Epic games that adds a No Gore/Profanity option: it is a step in the right direction toward the industry helping parents.

HarryMasonHerpderp2112d ago

We have a right to be angry.
It's insulting to hear our hobby is being accused as being a tool for training to kill people.
I mean that's what a lot of these media types have just come out and said. Videogames are the reason people have walked out of their house and fired bullets into school children.
I mean come on really? I'm glad Jaffe has stood up for gamers and just called these idiots out. They just point a finger at whatever they don't understand instead of actually putting research into these things.
I also think sessler did a good job too

MikeMyers2112d ago

What games and movies 'CAN' do (can meaning to some individuals not all) is desensitize violence. If you grow up seeing violent movies and playing violent games then seeing real world violence may not be as alarming to 'SOME' individuals. I'm not sure if there is proof of that or not but I will give them the benefit of the doubt for arguments sake.

The problem is from seeing to action. I have played many violent games and have seen many violent movies. That doesn't mean I have ever or will ever curb-stomp someones face because I saw it in American History X. A disturbed individual who already has issues may react differently.

I think some people just have it in them that can do harmful things and playing violent videogames or watching violent movies may trigger that even further. Again I am no expert but giving them the benefit of the doubt for arguments sake.

So to generalize and say videogames are the reason for violent crimes just isn't true. That is why it is the parents job to know their children. Not every person is as mature as the one beside them.

rainslacker2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

I agree 100% with what he was saying, and am glad a well known figure in the industry is standing up for it. However he did come off in a very unprofessional manner. It is counter-productive to what he was trying to achieve.

I understand he was angry. Watching the original interview made me angry as well. But in this case he is representing an industry, and not just himself.

I know he didn't start the attack, but in these circumstances it's always better to take the high road. Present facts, cite studies, offer up real debate on the topic. Force it into the media so they are forced to respond. Doing it in what amounted to a ranting letter does not paint him or the industry in a good light, and it could be used to only re-affirm what the original reporter "see this is what they're like".

It sucks that's the way the media nowadays handles these things, but if your going to go up against the media, you have to cover your bases. Too much gets taken out of context, and things get twisted around too much to suit agendas.

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user39158002112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

2 people I cant stand Jaffe and regie. They are both self center that seem they want everyone to know they are right about everything. Dumb journalism, ince when 2 wrong make it right anyways, must be the new fad of 2013.
@logicwins, you are right jaffe like always want attention and want the gaming community to support im, he just want to be big, reminds me of entertainers lol.. hes going to take lady gagas place soon.

Stoppokingme2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

This is what happens when you start paying people for their 'opinion'.

Up yours Erin, you MSM troll.

KyRo2112d ago

All these reports on violence being blamed on games is really starting to grate on me. Some of these reports go on as if violence and shooting people has only been happening since video games came about which is simply not true. Things were either just as bad then or in some cases worse.

I'm totally with kids/young teenagers not playing violent games but if they do get hold of them and they can't tell the difference between reality and fantasy then there's something wrong with child to begin with.

DeadlyFire2112d ago

I don't call 10 bucks points. I call it MONEY!

Tonester9252112d ago

I would love to see David Jaffe on Fox News/CNN debating this issue.

Without any foul language that is lol

rainslacker2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

I'd much rather see someone from the ESRB up there. They are very well informed on these issues and have tons of statistical data to present. It's kind of hard to dismiss that the industry regulates itself when your talking to someone from the biggest regulatory foundation within the industry. Hell there are even US government agencies which have studied this topic at great length with information which refutes everything that is being said lately. Someone from those agencies would be good as well.

In the end you don't fight hyperbole with more hyperbole. You have to use facts.

I have nothing against Jaffe, or any other developer really, but there are those within the industry who are much more equipped at getting the facts out there in a good way.

Either way it won't happen. Shows like this in the media already know what the truth is. They are pushing an agenda, and to do that you can't really put people up there that will discredit that agenda. The person this women was interviewing did just that, but she became real hostile and pretty much steam rolled his statement into meaninglessness.

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Riderz13372112d ago

Lol the guy "trained" in a video game and taught himself how to shoot/hold/aim a gun? Well then I guess I know how to drive because I'm an expert in Gran Turismo...Or maybe I know how to play the guitar because I've mastered the art of Guitar Hero? You see how this works people? Her face is so punch-able but she's also so bang-able at the same time...My penis is confused.

Ultr2112d ago

Actually people get out of Gran Turismo and go into Racedriving. because you know, Gran Turismo IS a Driving-Simulator...
take another example ^^ and the thing is YOU ACTUALLY can use a drivingwheel.
I aint using a gun for shooter, Im still using my controller. Dunno how that can ever work :D :D

ApolloTheBoss2112d ago

Meh. I can take it or leave it.

MeatAbstract2112d ago

It's an issue that will sadly never go away. We'll see it next gen, infact, we'll see it in September when GTA V rolls around and the next mass shootings happens.

If you watch the video, it's fascinating to me to see them talking what Obama's new proposal for tighter gun control could have on the companies the produce these weapons. It's millions and millions dollars. They then follow that up with 'It's violent video games'.

They say repeatedly these games end up in the hands of children. If that bothers you then parents should get off their lazy arse and stop that, rather than making companies do the parenting for them. However, what do you think kids, young boys in particular, want? Do these people completely forget what it was like to be a kid. I remember when I was 12 years old, I wanted to watch actions films and my friends an I would play fight a lot. We'd then sit and play games like Tekken and wow you should of seen our reaction when we first saw God of War.

This is exactly what kids want because young boys want blood and action. Call of Duty isn't the highest selling game because some little psycho kids are training to shoot up their school, they just want to shoot things and be annoying little shits down the mic. Apart from the mic part, how is this any different from us watching The Terminator and Robocop when we were kids?

We live in this almost contradictory time where parents want to coddle their kids but don't want to take on the responsibility of a parent. So the parent takes the stance of "My kids shouldn't be playing these games!" rather then sitting down and having and a talk with your child. They might see that they're just like any other kid that enjoys playing games.

Skynetone2112d ago

The movie industry has much more influence on people but seems to get a free pass, who the hell went for a swim after watching jaws, people buying rambo knives because of rambo films, etc etc

neoMAXMLC2112d ago

Watching all of the Final Destination films made me afraid of everything. :P

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