We Need More Drama in Gaming to Elevate the Medium

"When you look at the world of entertainment outside of gaming, there are many genres, but the most popular in film, television and literature always seems to just be basic, run-of-the-mill drama." |

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AmayaAi1906d ago

I think it's improving day by day. Consider the Walking Dead game. It's more like a movie and a lot less like a game.

FarCryLover1821906d ago

Also better than the TV show.

dvewlsh1905d ago

The TV show is a complete mess, the game is just amazing and gripping.

rpd1231905d ago

But not quite as good as the comics.

Blacktric1906d ago

As long as it's not forced drama like Mass Effect 3's ending, I'm fine with it.

DOMination-1906d ago

Its been a year get over it already!

rainslacker1905d ago

Not to single out ME, but a lot of the drama in games is forced. It doesn't flow naturally like in a good movie or TV show.

This may be due to the nature of the medium, given that most people just complain when cut-scenes take too long to get through. Xenosaga for instance, I wouldn't say the drama was forced, however it had long and plentiful cut-scenes which broke up the game play enough to notice them.

It also doesn't help that some of the people writing the stories and scripts for some of these games aren't really equipped to write scripts, and often times the script seems to be forced into game play mechanics to add features and such.

FrightfulActions1905d ago

Are you referring to the drama the fans made about it or the actual ending itself? Because I didn't find the ending to be dramatic at all. More confusing then anything else.

Flavor1906d ago

we need more gameplay in games to elevate the medium.

Why bother 'elevating' to the level of mediums which many people find irrelevant...

You cannot put true 'drama' in most games. Angry birds with deep emotional attachment? Mass effect with a heart rending scene involving disabled kids and heroin?

Hydralysk1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

Walking Dead was hugely successful in it's drama, so was Spec Ops The Line, and Persona 4 Golden. That's just games from 2012.

I'd much rather play any of those, or in fact any game that treats it's story and characters as central components, than a game which simply focuses on gameplay.

PhantomT14121906d ago

Then watch a movie, or a TV series...

Hydralysk1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

Except TV, books, and movies are passive experiences, in video game you are the protagonist and driving the narrative forwards. Also, player choice is something that we haven't perfected, but it's still something no other medium is able to provide.

Gameplay isn't unimportant, some games like Dark Souls and FTL are amazing, and gameplay is how the character interacts with the world AND the story. However, saying gameplay is inherently more important than storytelling is something I strongly disagree with.

1906d ago
CouldHaveYelledUiiW1906d ago

I Agree.

Drama is not a must in all games but in order for that Genre to grow it has to be able to convey all of the genres of the other mediums.

But the problem is how do you do that and still make things fun
or still give the player a sense of control

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