Iwata: More unannounced Wii U games due at year’s end

NE: "Earlier today, Nintendo posted a transcript of the company’s financial results Q&A from its investor’s meeting. It isn’t available in English just yet, but a few sections have been unofficially translated online."

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richierich1775d ago

So we have to wait till the end of the year to find out

Root1775d ago

They could show them off at E3 although they might be over shadowed by the Nextbox and the PS4

tehpees31775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

Why are people comparing Nintendo with 720 and PS4?

Microsoft and Sony are the ones in direct competition. Not Nintendo. If you will buy Wii U you will buy it eventually. if you won't you won't.

Also he probably means Mario.

DA_SHREDDER1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

I wouldn't necessarily say over shadow. The WiiU is already out and E3 is right around the corner. Gaming internet noob.

BullyMangler1774d ago

ha haa .if only you knew what the big N was planning on unveiling this year . hoh boy this is gonna be goood!

pandaboy1774d ago

"If you will buy Wii U you will buy it eventually. if you won't you won't."

thanks for your invaluable insight there :)

Jek_Porkins1774d ago

I think a new HD Zelda, HD 3D Mario, Smash Bro's and Mario Kart isn't getting over shadowed by much of anything. It just means that E3 will be chock full of awesome instead of boring like the past couple of E3's.

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Jadedz1775d ago

Nintendo has to be prepared for anything.

SonyNGP1775d ago

More like between now and E3.

"We also have games that are slated for end of the year that we haven’t mentioned yet."

Knight_Crawler1775d ago

I feel a major Wii U price drop coming this E3.

mcstorm1775d ago

I think the price drop will depend on the ps4/xbox 3 price as £300 for the pro is not that bad of a price on the Wiiu. I do feel they will bring out a Mario kart or Zelda game around the time of the other 2 consoles as it will help people pick the Wiiu over the other 2.

I do think this year will be a big year for Nintendo though as the games we know about for the Wiiu and 3ds we have some big names in the mix.

3-4-51775d ago

No....Wait until the end of the year for them to release.

We will find out ahead of time.

You should think before you type.

When was the last time a game was announced and released on the same day by Nintendo ?

Stephen55431774d ago

It's not that he didn't think. He just didn't read, which is common on this site. The title is also a little misleading.

3-4-51774d ago

yea I was probably too harsh with that comment.

deafdani1774d ago

Last week! They announced and released Balloon Trip for Wii U the same day.


jakmckratos1775d ago

If Nintendo didnt consider itself a competitor then why release games like Darksiders,Mass Effect 3 and Batman??

BullyMangler1774d ago

1 answer, the gamepad . . its been proven that playing console games on Nintendos new and soon to be copied Game-pad feeLs awesome . (:

WiiUsauce1774d ago

they said they'd announce new stuff at GDC. keep up with the news, bro.

Angrymorgan1774d ago

They gonna release their big guns at the end of the year to try and take the shine off m$ and sonys new console launches imo

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1upgamer991775d ago

Basically there are games coming out this year we have not seen yet. Also they need more talent. That is a good thing. I hope they don't put all of their efforts on the gamepad. I mean yes I REALLY like it, but not every game needs to use it constantly. Some games they could just use it s a HUD or weapons switch.

Jamaicangmr1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

Way to gather excitement Nintendo.

xursz1775d ago

Well they can show stuff earlier and build some hype. But i'm pretty much with you in finding it difficult to be excited. Hopefully the prove my doubts wrong.

Knushwood Butt1774d ago

Don't forget you'll have Wii Fit U to keep you busy until then. /s

DeadPixel1775d ago

At the end of the day no one even knows when the 720/ps4 will arrive no date has been confirmed its all just rumours and hope and with gta now being delayed untill sept i'm not so sure about the holiday release window

sway_z1775d ago

Hahahahah gotta love Nintendo ...Meh!

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