Samurai & Dragons Is Out In English In Asian Territories

Samurai & Dragons, Sega’s other free-to-play PlayStation Vita game, is out in Asia, and it has English-language text. The game will be monetized through in-game item sales, and is a four-player monster battle title that also has a card battle element.

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H4all1938d ago

i play this game.. it's fun!!

r211938d ago

Indeed, while graphics aint the fanciest, its still a pretty fun title :D Oh and its free too!

H4all1938d ago

indeed, free, and i love dungeon mode, it's awesome with big monster.. and not lagging while playing...

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i got an offer to asia PSN user,
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i give it for free to any PSN USER.

r211938d ago

Nah, man, not interested in When Vikngs Attack. Thanks for the offer though :)

Protagonist1938d ago

OK I´m switching over from my JP to my HK account. Loved the Soul Sacrifice demo, now for some Samurai and Dragons.