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Deciphering The PlayStation 4 Before February 20th – Specs, Controller, Price, and More

The PlayStation 4 is going to be revealed on February 20th. Going through all of the latest rumors we believe we have an accurate take on the PS4′s specs, price, release date, controller, and features. (PS4, Sony)

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AztecFalcon  +   571d ago
The controller profile linking sounds cool. Since I'm into e-sports I'd kill for that streaming feature, too.
Redrum059  +   571d ago
I'm expecting the PS4 to pack a punch so paying $500+ isn't out of the question. I have the money for it, I have the passion for it, I didn't have a problem with the launch ps3 pricing. I'm looking to "invest" in an entertainment machine that will last me for the next 8 years so paying $600 is no problem at all.

What is a problem is that there are "gamers" in here that expect the PS4 to be high n mighty with a launch price of $300-$400. Sony (and M$ I suppose) are looking to be future proof and to cater to new standards of technology. So if you're looking to have Sony (dont know about M$) to provide 4k video output and 4k movie experience along with other high quality specs/features, expect to shed out some money... Especially at launch.

I'm prepared for my gaming fix ladies n gentlemen.
morkendo23  +   571d ago
After ps4 is release all the 360 fangirls realize 720 will not be released til 2014 with no games but Gears,Halo,forza and maybe a few new Ip's they will re-join sony and all be normal again.

meantime "BACK TO THE FUTURE" playing with my PS12 hologram image gaming. im dueling on a yu-gi-oh game vs. SETO KAIBA
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DeadlyFire  +   570d ago
Likely NFC from console to controller to port your profile when say you take your controller to a friends house.
SadPanda101  +   571d ago
I'm not sure if you'll see it retail above $399.

Part of the reason that the PS3 struggled so much at launch was people found it to be to pricey at $499.I think you're right about there being two SKUs at launch, but I think they'll launch at $330 and $399 respectively.

Still, very excited for this announcement!
PrimeLantern  +   571d ago
I can see them playing it safe with a semi low price of $399. Then they'll charge a premium for the second SKU or a hundred more.
LOGICWINS  +   571d ago
Anything over $449 would be suicidal for Sony. I'm sure they understand that though. If the most expensive SKU with backwards compatibility at launch is $399, then that'd be incredible.
xursz  +   571d ago
Wiiu is 350 basic and 400 with pro controller and a game. I can't see ps4 matching it in price, you know, being a next gen console and all.

450 base model is acceptable.
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FarCryLover182  +   571d ago
I'm thinking $449.99 as well.
shahrukh339  +   571d ago
PS4 will be more pricey then the xbox720 because it will be more powerful just like ps3... I never bought ps3 because man it was pricey as hell. So if the strategy remains the same then people will pick up xbox720 more then ps4..

However if PS4 price is not so much different then XBOX720 is gonna get knocked out instantly because Play Station is for hard core gamers which are many as compared to Kincetians and other kids plus Play station has the best exclusives in the console market... I just cant wait to play Unchartered and the new ND last of us :D...

Not a fan boy... just a guy with logic (I GUESS)
FlyingFoxy  +   571d ago
How much ignorance in this post?, i respect MS and Sony but this time i'm more interested in PS4 just because i like Uncharted and other possible gaps it can fill with games similar to Banjo Kazooie or Conker, since Rare only make Kinect stuff now there is no chance of that on 720.

Besides if you were really a hardcore gamer you would own a gaming PC as well. That is the best.
a08andan  +   571d ago
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   571d ago
8gb gddr5 do not exist yet for gaming
The_Infected  +   571d ago
The developers said Sony is shooting for 8Gb DDR5 over the current 4Gb.
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Tsar4ever  +   571d ago
I don't see it being another 4GB of GDDR5, but most likely 4GB DRR3 RAM instead. And being that the orbis's discreet GPU & APU's GPU will both based on the updated GPU UNIFIED architectural tech, I'm sure both GPU's will use both RAM chip-sets when ever needed. And also sony should change the OS memory from 512MB to 1.5GB, We'll never know how much NEW types of multimedia apps will be implemented into the console between 2013 & 2020.

I'm just EVER happy Sony's finally getting it together and pushing for more memory (*Like devs always wanted) to at least match nexbox. And they also need to change the memory bus speed from 256-bit to 384 for broader memory bandwidth which would help a great deal with graphic visuals.
gingerpier20  +   571d ago
just as Howard responded I'm impressed that any body can get paid $5453 in a few weeks on the computer. did you look at this site link
DwightOwen  +   571d ago
$399??? You're crazy if you think it's going to have a touchscreen controller AND be able compete with high-end PCs for THAT price.

It had better cost $699 MINIMUM. That's what QUALITY consumer electronics go for in 2013. Don't like it? Get a real job or find another hobby.
xursz  +   571d ago
699 is too much to ask any sane household to pay. But I have a feeling it won't be as cheap as people on here think.
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   571d ago
Well said sir. These consoles are for the grown and sexy thus they will have a grown man's price tag. If u can't afford it then indeed get a man's job
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DwightOwen  +   571d ago
To be honest, I wish they would price it out of every kid/teenager's price range and leave it there. It's not like they contribute to the industry anyway. They think $60 is a princely sum (it's a modest date AT BEST), so they buy everything used at GameStop or borrow it or pirate the hell out of it, so it's not exactly like devs and publishers will miss that money.
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   571d ago
I don't care what the price is. If I bought two ps3's at 600$ then ill pay whatever they are charging for ps4. It's an investment the way I see it. And ill gladly pay whatever ms will charge for 720. I'm a gamers gamer, I will not cheat myself out of some of the best games next gen because I'm a fanboy...
loulou  +   571d ago
well said. i dont honestly think that i could do next gen without a ps4 and xbox... my girlfriend aint going to like it though
Mr-SellJack  +   571d ago
$450 i bet for cheapest version(c'mon ps3 is 350 for 500 GB!)
SonyNGP  +   571d ago
"Video outputs: only HDMI, no composite or component."

I really hope this isn't true, and if they keep their HDMI connection encrypted like it is on the PS3, then say goodbye to using game capture devices with the PS4 :/
cloud495  +   571d ago
A lot of people across the globe still don't have a HDTV so I don't think they would take out composite or component.

But even if they do, apparently it'll have a built in DVR so we'll still be able to record gameplay.
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   571d ago
2gb gddr5 maybe, not 8gb, that will cost a few thousand dollars wich is not is used for gaming.
FlyingFoxy  +   571d ago
Well games don't need much ram at the moment, most PC games only need 2-4gb if you look at recommended specs, but obviously they need to add enough ram to run future games. They don't mean video card ram, only those uber expensive Mars cards had a lot more video ram than high end cards, and those cards sucked because they were a lot more expensive and only roughly 10% faster.
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cloud495  +   571d ago
It's suppose to be 2.2GB Video ram and 4GB for System ram which is suppose to be 8GB now, to compete with the next Xbox.
nevin1  +   571d ago

"To be honest, I wish they would price it out of every kid/teenager's price range and leave it there. It's not like they contribute to the industry anyway."

lol, you cant be serious.

Anyway, keep in mind people that one of the reason for the $499-$599 PS3 price was the blu Ray drive(and Cell) being so expensive at the time. I think it was $250+
nevin1  +   571d ago
His controller predictions are horrible and I hope its not the case.
metroidfusion2  +   571d ago
Um did anyone from sony say the ps4 wouldd be announced on feb 20th because if no one did then its. Still a rumor I will wait for an official announcement and not go off of rumors like so many dumbasses on this site hha lol
CRASHBASHUK  +   571d ago
hmm HDD 500GB hmm its got to be bigger then 500GB tbh well mostly all ps3 owners would like to transfer there data to the ps4 right? so maybe 750GB or 1TB ps4s?
Skate-AK  +   571d ago
"Gives a chance for devs such as Gameloft, Zynga, Com2US, and others to bring their games to a bigger audience."

Noooooo. That's the only thing I don't like. No Zynga on my PS4.
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broken_back-man  +   571d ago
people are dumb... complaining about ps3 prices I bought my 80 gig fat for 600 launch day! the 360 was 400 brand new but add 8 years of xbox live gold and thats actually another 480 dollars dont forget about adding the cost of batterys lol so ps3 in all reality is around 300 dollars cheaper in the long run then the 3-60 rrod death from lauch disaster lol
level 360  +   570d ago
I do agree and think that is the best concept of the PS4 console.. not so much the Nyko control pad.

For sure "rumble" function hopefully will be kept.

As for the price.. roughly speaking do wish it would be as close to the speculated quote ( $399 - $499 ).

It would be great though if Sony and Microsoft make 500GB of HDD space as the standard *minimum issue since prices of HDD's have plummeted ages ago.

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