‘Far Cry 3’ Is One of the Greatest Games of This Console Generation | Popmatters Review

The islands themselves are Far Cry's breakout stars, and what makes the game so enthralling is the constant sense of fear that exploring them provokes.

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marcoskids2116d ago ShowReplies(4)
d0nT wOrrY2116d ago

The game is fantastic. The only thing sucks about it is the Co op. I didn't bother with the MP though.

da_2pacalypse2116d ago

I do wish the coop was more like the SP, however it's still fun. I recommend it for sure. My friends and I had lots of fun with it.

The MP is well done.... however I'd rather play the SP.

d0nT wOrrY2116d ago

The coop needs a lot of work, there are some annoying glitches here and there.

ufo8mycat2116d ago

I don't even include CO-OP or MP as part of the review for this game, simply because this is a SP game at heart.

DasTier2116d ago

I;m afraid I don't agree. While the games was incredible for the first few hours, it soon became very repetitive and disappointing. Also the multiplayer felt very tacked on and due to this, the impressive map creator was made redundant. Finally the co-op was truly awful and took away all the things which originally made the singleplayer so great. Overall I would have given it a 7.5 out of 10

asmith23062116d ago

Completely agree. It got repetitive very quickly, even though I was in awe of it the first few hours I played it.

GiantFriendlyCrab2116d ago

while gta games kept me playing for months

realiks2116d ago

all games are repetitive in their own kind. think.

Monstar2116d ago

repetitive? It's video games...they all are. Elaborate a bit more. Perhaps the open world movement and upgrade progressiveness was a bit too much for you?

Mutant-Spud2116d ago

I thought it was a good game, but not a great game, I think I spent in the order of 30 hours on the SP and enjoyed it all, some of the animal hunts and side missions were a bit tedious but on the whole it's worth playing. The MP and co-op weren't that bad, it's just that a lot of really crappy user made maps seem to make it into the playlist.

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OhMyGandhi2116d ago

I absolutely loved the single player, never did play the multiplayer. And it has the best map editor I've ever seen.

omi25p2116d ago

multiplayer is shocking.

Deku-Johnny2116d ago

You forgot to put "In my opinion" at the beginning of the title. It was a great game but a lot of great games were released last gen and I don't think I'd class this as one of the best.

Mykky2116d ago

How could this be a fact? Of course it is his opinion, it would be a bother if people always had to type "In my opinion" before meaning something. In that case you also should add "In my opinion" before what you said.

Deku-Johnny2116d ago

Well it was more of sarcastic comment than anything but still the title of an article is different to a comment on the article.

iamgoatman2116d ago

You shouldn't have to write "in my opinion" if it's clearly his opinion, what else would it be? Think for a second.

Always wondered why people on this site get into hissy fits whenever someone doesn't write "in my opinion" after stating something that's so obviously an opinion. If someone expresses a like or dislike for something it's always an opinion!

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