What Is Capcom Thinking?! Resident Evil: Revelations Pricing Woes

GP writer Jared discusses the recently announced port of Resident Evil: Revelations coming to consoles and why charging $50 for it is a bad idea.

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Irishguy952116d ago

Are you seriously asking what Capcom is thinking?

Don't the last 6-8 years show you what their mindset is?

Gamer19822116d ago

Exactly with all the on disc DLC crap they been doing lately.. The only people who can stop them doing this kind of crap is US the gamers. By not buying there games. Eventually lack of sales will force there hand and stop them ripping off the consumer but while people pay they will continue to rip people off. Also known as the XBL effect.

ABizzel12116d ago

We can't say it's Capcom. Some of Capcom's developers have actually been doing a good job.

But upper management are the one's who force the DLC and multiple editions on us.

Max-Zorin2116d ago

Well, Capcom is the Japanese Ed Edd N Eddy.

OhMyGandhi2116d ago

I hated that show's art style.

jokia0052116d ago

dont disappoint me anymore.

clintagious6502116d ago

Yeah after playing RE6 i think ill take a break from this franchise. The games arent even scary anymore.

Venox20082116d ago

this one is much better than 6

Donnieboi2115d ago

So what, i got this far without a decent RE game for years, so i'll live without this port. Maybe i'll check it out when it's $20, or i'll get used from gamestop and beat it within 7 days so I can get a full refund when done.

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The story is too old to be commented.