What Is Capcom Thinking?! Resident Evil: Revelations Pricing Woes

GP writer Jared discusses the recently announced port of Resident Evil: Revelations coming to consoles and why charging $50 for it is a bad idea.

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j-blaze1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

it doesn't matter to me, i mean ppl should glad a proper Resident Evil coming to consoles even if it was an HD release!

SOD_Delta1780d ago

While I am glad I get to play this game. I think charging fifty dollars for a handheld port is ridiculous. I will not be buying this game for that price. Once it's on sale for thirty or twenty dollars I'll consider buying it.

Aceman181780d ago

yea i was thinking about getting this, but not for $50 i'll just wait till it drops to around $15-20.

SolidStoner1779d ago

my thoughts long ago... this far this games seems to be as "good" as the movie!

helghast1021779d ago

This is still a far cry from a "proper Resident Evil".

It's on a better track than RE6 though, I'll give it that.

PopRocks3591779d ago

How is it a far cry? It has a dark and creepy atmosphere with monsters around each corner, not unlike the older games prior to RE4, complete with another kooky story.

And yes, it is much better than RE6.

helghast1021779d ago

Because the atmosphere and monsters weren't the only things that made a Resident Evil game

kostchtchie_1779d ago

people like you are why they charge these laughable prices, and to everyone else in this thread that has some personal morals i salute you, do not support this crap until it goes to proper price

DigitalAnalog1779d ago

LOL! $50? Really? Is it that much expensive to port it to HD? Jesus, GOW I & II had higher production values and you get 2 GAMES for less! Shame on those who support this obvious cashcrab, I won't be even the least bit surprised if they just updated the resolution and leave it at that.

MasterChief36241779d ago

You have to flip it on its back and hit its weakpoint for massive damage!

Pozzle1779d ago

I don't know how much the PSN ports of Code Veronica and RE4 were in America, but they were $30 each here in Australia. So sadly I'm not surprised that Capcom would charge this much for a HD port of a 3DS game.

DigitalAnalog1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

$20 each. Granted, their HD-port is so lackluster I won't be surprised if they had 1 programmer to port it and let the console do the rest.

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Irishguy951780d ago

Are you seriously asking what Capcom is thinking?

Don't the last 6-8 years show you what their mindset is?

Gamer19821780d ago

Exactly with all the on disc DLC crap they been doing lately.. The only people who can stop them doing this kind of crap is US the gamers. By not buying there games. Eventually lack of sales will force there hand and stop them ripping off the consumer but while people pay they will continue to rip people off. Also known as the XBL effect.

ABizzel11779d ago

We can't say it's Capcom. Some of Capcom's developers have actually been doing a good job.

But upper management are the one's who force the DLC and multiple editions on us.

Max-Zorin1780d ago

Well, Capcom is the Japanese Ed Edd N Eddy.

OhMyGandhi1780d ago

I hated that show's art style.

jokia0051780d ago

dont disappoint me anymore.

clintagious6501780d ago

Yeah after playing RE6 i think ill take a break from this franchise. The games arent even scary anymore.

Venox20081779d ago

this one is much better than 6

Donnieboi1779d ago

So what, i got this far without a decent RE game for years, so i'll live without this port. Maybe i'll check it out when it's $20, or i'll get used from gamestop and beat it within 7 days so I can get a full refund when done.

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