Prey 2 is not Dead, More Information coming soon

It seems that we will finally get more information on Prey 2.

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Smurf12143d ago

This game looked really promising, hopefully this turns out to be true.

Karooo2143d ago

This looks like real. Hope it is for next gen platforms.

Smurf12143d ago

They wouldn't make a game for consoles with no install base.

FarCryLover1822143d ago

They would make a port of it though.

DOMination-2143d ago

With that logic no games will ever come out! With the news the last 48 hours and the games history this seems a dead cent for next gen

BlackIceJoe2143d ago

This would be interesting if now Prey 2 is a launch title for the next gen systems. I wonder if they decided to make this its own game & not related to the Prey game. Because maybe it is now called Alien Noire. That part is what I find interesting. Why would the link be under Alien Noire & not Prey 2 unless like I said it is now called some thing else.

BanBrother2143d ago

I think Alien Noire sounds cool. I still want a 'real' Prey 2 that continues Tommy's story. The Prey 2 we know looks super awesome, but I think it shouldn't recieve the number treatment. Sorta like Super Mario Bros 2 (eeew). It is a spin-off for sure, even though Tommy is included.

2143d ago
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