Deadly Premonition Team On Brainstorming, Western Feedback, And Game Prices

Hidetaka “SWERY” Suehiro and Tomio Kanazawa from Toybox, the two brains behind Deadly Premonition, talk about adding combat, inspiration for the story, and visiting America.

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OhMyGandhi2117d ago

I'm so confused about this game.
It's gotten terrible reviews, but people love it?

Pozzle2117d ago

Pretty much. The gameplay mechanics are absolutely awful, but the rest it like a wonderfully bad B-movie version of Twin Peaks. Not everybody will appreciate that though, which explains the bad reviews.

Wagz222117d ago

Yea I personally loved the game. Yes the controls are clunky and graphics aren't the greatest, but man it has the best characters and story. Its worth it to give it a chance and stick with it. I can't wait for the directors cut!

alegolo2117d ago

so they're making the controls easier. let's see how it turns out