Ni no Kuni’s Jump Is Both Useless And Amazing

Kotaku: When playing video games, it's easy to get caught up in the notion of utility. Is this ability useful to me, does this skill make my character more powerful, will it improve the ratio of my numbers to my opponents' numbers, robot, robot, numbers, beep, boop, etc.

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DaThreats2146d ago

You really had to make an article about this?

Quadraxis2146d ago

It's Kotaku, they don't need to make any articles yet they do it anyways.

Chaos_Raiden2146d ago

Not-so-important Kotaku article.

Pintheshadows2146d ago

You just described every Kotaku article I think.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante2146d ago

I've found uses for it. It's good to quickly move from place to place especially when you're in a shop or something that forces you to walk. You can also use it to chase down enemies that run from you.

Chrono2146d ago

Yeah that's what I was about to say. In one of the dungeons, the character will walk slowly after being cursed, but jumping will make you go faster. Actually, the game itself says in the description that it's not very useful.

HebrewHammer2146d ago

Not only that, but you can jump to grab those golden power up orbs during battle too, as opposed to sitting underneath it and waiting for it to drop.

SOULJER2146d ago

It's to early in the morning for this shit.

Merrill2146d ago

Just vote down Kotaku. I do everytime I see one their articles.

-Falaut-2146d ago

Agreed. It be foolish not to listen to a saxophone playing horse.

*Don't know where you got that but its pretty boss, not gonna lie.

Merrill2146d ago

Hahaha, it's from a mock(re-cut) episode of Star Trek TNG on youtube. Although their version is black&white. Hilarious.

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The story is too old to be commented.