What Multiplayer in The Last of Us Might Mean for Its Story

Gi - Superstar developer Naughty Dog, the creators of the successful Uncharted franchise, are set to release survival horror action-adventure game The Last of Us on May 7. The PS3 exclusive is taking the studio in a somber new direction in the ongoing pursuit of evolving storytelling in its games. Part of the title’s promise includes “dynamic stealth”, a system of emergent player options in scenarios that result in differing enemy reactions.

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NewMonday1778d ago

Hope their is a high spec version for the PS4, would hold out for it.

DigitalAnalog1777d ago

Once ND is finished with this game I hope they create a new IP for the PS4 instead of wasting their talents porting it over to a smaller userbase.

OhReginald1777d ago

There will be little difference between a PS4 launch game and a late PS3 game in terms of graphics.

cooperdnizzle1777d ago

Dumbest thing i have heard on here in a good while. You are straight tripping

orakle441777d ago

Why would you think that? There has been nothing said officially by sony to think that. Dont post your opinions like they are facts.

OhReginald1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

with given specs of the ps4, its already outdated by current PC rigs now .....

ABizzel11777d ago

The specs. for the PS4 puts it on par with most mid-range single GOU gaming PC's.

The difference should be noticeable day 1 as long as developers take the time to make the difference.

7970M is vastly superior to the GPU in the PS3, as well as the 4GB of GDDR5, now supposedly 8GB (I suspect 4GB GDDR3, 2GB DDR3 OS, 2.2GB GDDR5 GPU). That upgrade is more than enough to see a difference, especially in resolution, framerate, textures, lightning, and overall graphics enhancements.

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HammadTheBeast1777d ago

Well, I'm confident Multiplayer will not affect story at all, after seeing the first 30 minutes of GoW Ascension, it's amazing.

Dwalls11711777d ago

More then multiplayer I hope this game is coop...

Im sure naughty dog will deliver more great multiplayer with uncharted4

DeadlyFire1777d ago

hmm...Likely PS3 support will be in the PS4 and there will undoubtedly be a sequel.

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miyamoto1777d ago

New type of multi-player...

Sony PS3 offers more of something new all the time not more of the same.

Such a forward thinking and progressive gaming brand that always keeps the excitement going.

My gaming investment on PS3 is well worth it.

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Riderz13371777d ago

It means nothing because this is Naughty Dog. What happened to Uncharted 2 when it included Multiplayer? It improved on the single player from Uncharted 1. What happened to Uncharted 3? It improved both the multiplayer and single player, in my opinion.

Norrison1777d ago

Uncharted 3 felt worse than Uncharted 2 both in SP and MP IMO.

b_one1777d ago

here we go again with this shit - same as with God of War, superb multi and superb single player, they wont screw....

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The story is too old to be commented.