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There is no denying the fact that the Crysis series is drop dead gorgeous, but does the multiplayer in Crysis 3 offer anything that will keep players coming back for more? We take a look at the recently released open multiplayer beta and see if it is worth your hard drive space or not.

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decrypt1936d ago

"There is no denying the fact that the Crysis series is drop dead gorgeous"

Was back in 2007, after that there is no progress, rather the next game was 10 steps back.

Degsie1936d ago

Hey guys, I've played the PC multiplayer for the past 2 days on a high end machine. Really wanted to like this but...

Disappointed with feel of the animations. Have you noticed how jerky the pinger is in third person view when controlling it? All running, jumping and death animations are poor by today's standard .

Feels like a DLC expansion of Crysis 2 mp rather than a new game. Hunter mode is dull when playing 5 rounds as a CELL operative as you just find a place to hide and do nothing else.... Where's the fun or skill in that?

FPS are only smooth on low/medium settings. Try it on highest setting is unplayable.

I'm a Crytek fan, but this demo is a let down ..... The single player campaign had better be a big step up from this, or I might just throw my toys out the pram!

xPhearR3dx1935d ago

"FPS are only smooth on low/medium settings. Try it on highest setting is unplayable."

That's not true. I'm currently using a GTX 650 (Going to get a 660 Ti soon) with 8GB Ram and Intel Core i5-3350P and I can play with everything on the highest settings aside from two that a lowered to high (forget which ones). I was getting a solid 40FPS.

I do agree though, very disappointing. I would like to check out the SP though, but MP is very MEH.

Degsie1935d ago

I'm playing on SLI 580GTX 16GB RAM, SSD, i7 CPU, using the latest beta drivers on 30" screen (very high resolution ) and have to reduce settings to medium. It drops to 25FPS on Ultra settings ...... not good for gameplay.
I may have sounded a bit harsh in my reaction to the demo, but I still want the highest quality from Crytek. Maybe the final release version will be better :-)

Hassassin1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

I can play while record at 1440p with a gtx570 and its still playable... although not on "very high" settings across the board.


seanpitt231936d ago

The mp was average in c2 and it looks the same in c3

AdmiralSnake1936d ago

I thought I was gonna enjoy this...but the entire multiplayer is boring, there's nothing that "WOW" me...and it will die just like the multiplayer in Crysis 2.

All in all, I'm not even impressed by this game and I'll be skipping it.

They might as well forget multiplayer if it's gonna be so lackluster and just used all their resources into the the Single Player.

Because everything about it is bad, IMO...there's nothing IMO that will make players wanna go back and play this, least not me. The FPS genre is extremely stale and Crysis 3 does absolutely nothing special to distinguished itself from other FPS.

Gorgeous graphics will only get you so far, with a boring gameplay it's meh. End of my rant, I hope the final product is much better, however I won't be picking this up, or even renting it.

Lord_Sloth1935d ago

Wish Hunter wouldn't respawn the fallen as Hunters. That kinds kills the point of being the Hunter. When the Hunters outnumber the Hunted it takes away the thrill.

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