Mysterious Attacks Plaguing Battlefield 3 Servers

With servers constantly crashing, DICE has yet to release any statements.

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hiredhelp1245d ago

If not bad enough AimBots

TheSuperior 1244d ago

Why can't they just leave us to play our game? Damn attackers :/

Soldierone1244d ago

To make it even more ironic, the site reporting this is currently down lol


this may be a noob question but i just started playing bf3 on pc tho im a vet on xbox. what are aimbots? aim assist?

SnakeCQC1244d ago

its a program that allows players who use it to automatically aim at the enemies head etc


Oh ok. Well that's no fun. I use a 360 controller and now I see why people say someone with a keyboard and mouse will own against a controller user lol.

hiredhelp1244d ago

Angers me that only takes seconds to find where to get them from but yet DICE chooses not close these domains down.

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