Sony To Develop More Sly Cooper Titles? Final Story Trophy Suggests So (Ending Spoilers).

TPG - Hearing the announcement of Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time brought back many fond memories of the Playstation 2. While we are coming to a close for this generation of consoles (PS3, Xbox 360), that doesn't mean that Sony will be done with the Sly Cooper franchise, seeing that it may continue it's story through the next generation of Playstation.

*Spoiler Alert, Ending Leaked*

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Qrphe2118d ago

Sony didn't want to release this one anyway. Only if this were to actually happen :}

Abash2118d ago

I vastly prefer Sly Cooper over Ratchet & Clank, Sony should really give Sly the Ratchet treatment. More Sly is amazing new!s

shivvy242117d ago

i prefer ratchet but the problem is insom is just releasing too much ratchet, i reckon they should have ended it with crack in time(ended the trilogy) and try out a new platformer ip

TOGC2118d ago

That ending really set it up for a next game.

A2X_2118d ago

Not gonna complain. Platformers are rare these days. Keep em coming.

morkendo232118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

Seem to me only platformers left is RATCHET AND CLANK along with SUPER MARIO BROS. wii-U

shivvy242117d ago

yep, 5 ratchets , 1 Sly and No Jak ! man i miss last gen

majiebeast2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

I want Sony to aquire Sanzaru they have shown to be excellent developers, who can stay true to the formula of a franchise i would love to see them make Jak 4 or a R&C game.

Also Sly Cooper cartoon series it needs to happen.

remanutd552118d ago

yes i think Sanzaru could do a very good job on psvita development. They could bring a full fledge Ratchet and Clank game to the vita.

b_one2118d ago

same as Bend Studio to uncharted, somehow i see thier ideas better than ND ;)(treasure hunt for example)

pr0t0typeknuckles2118d ago

yes, i agree we need a sly cartoon series.

dgonza402118d ago

That would be great to let them take over multiple ip's like the jak and ratchet series and let naughty dog, sucker punch, and insomniac try the new things they want. Would bring in a constant stream of revenue, wouldn't it?

Nitrowolf22118d ago

man they did a nice job on Thieves in Time. I was so worried seeing that it's a new developers, but these guys have my respect

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pr0t0typeknuckles2118d ago

im not going to watch this because i want to be surprised with the ending but if so, then HECK YES DO IT, just dont milk it to death like ratchet.

shivvy242117d ago

well ig are trying new ideas for ratchet to refresh it but they should have stopped at a crack in time which ended the trilogy perfectly

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The story is too old to be commented.