PS4: Sony will show its third party muscle and games at PS Meeting 2013

So we know that Sony will reveal the PlayStation 4 at PS Meeting 2013.

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Malice-Flare2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

time third parties don't have the excuse of hard-to-program tech to hide behind if they try to sell us poor ports should they have the thick skin to try to...

Smurf12141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

I don't think there will be many poor ports with PS4/Xbox 720.

jujubee882141d ago

I don't claim to be an expert on such dealings, but it would seem that if hardware on both is the same (both rumored to have some AMD chipset) than it comes down to a similar API implementation.

This means, middleware and multiconsole development studios could cut off the fat and make games faster, better, and under budget.

(Again, this is hypothetically speaking.)

thorstein2141d ago

I hope not. And Bethesda, if you are listening: New Console means the slate is wiped clean. Use the PS4 as your primary and then port. Why not have a ton of happy gamers instead of a divided following.

Athonline2141d ago

Talking as a software developer -not in the gaming industry, but the idea behind programming is the same- the architecture 9based on the current rumours) will be the same x86 or x64 architecture. This means "porting" from one console to another and even from PC/Mac/Linux to a console will be debatable easy.

Question is however the graphics programming API behind it.

Microsoft in the 360 promoted their XNA API for arcade games and DirectX-like for everything else, while Sony uses their own API for PS4.
Moving to a PC-like architecture will allow them to adopt OpenGL or DirectX.

Sony most likely will go with OpenGL and this will help developers to program and port games from PC to PS4 and vice versa.
Now Microsoft is the one that troubles me. They are used to ditching industry standards to promote their own -just last week they said no to WebRTC in favour of their own similar solution. Thus I guess they will go with their DirectX route to promote Windows 8 gaming as well...

If MS goes with their own solution, we will see crappy port until some work-arounds are found... but even then I doubt it will much of a difference.

Personal note: I am doing parallel programming in CUDA with OpenGl and it is "easy" once you learn it.

Shadowstar2140d ago

@Athonline : Sony did in fact have an OpenGL implementation for PS3 (I believe they supported all of OpenGL ES). It just wasn't all that useful for most studios, AFAIK.

Athonline2140d ago


Sony used a semi stripped, tweaked & customized OpenGL 1.0 based API PSGL that uses libGCM. I wouldn't count OpenGL 1.0, a really old version, especially a customised version of it as OpenGL.
It uses features, not the entire library of OpenGL ES, which again is a customised version of OpenGL, tuned for embedded devices and not PC architecture... at least this is what I was told from some friends in the industry.
The differences in the syntax are minimum, OpenGL ES is actually more "lightweight" than OpenGL 1.0, but they are there.
We developers are lazy, we believe and workship the DRY manifest (Do-not Repeat Your Self -aka do not write the same code twice) at such extremes, we just "copy"/"paste&q uot; code snippets and hope it works. With this in mind it was "expected" for developers to mess things when porting from one standard to another.

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Thatguy-3102141d ago

This explains the announcement of a battlefield 4 reveal during this month

xursz2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

Battlefield 4 on ps4? Ah man I'm completely against the annualization of these games but I think i'd be all over that this xmas.

Fil1012141d ago

Maybe also the reason gta v has been put back till september.

SolidStoner2141d ago

all this is very exiting.... so many good stuff coming... I feel like a 9 year old again, waiting for a present.. lol

Freak of Nature2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

3rd party, ok , but how about slipping in some...

Dream mode on!

Show me that new Media molecule Ip for the PS4 and while I am still dreaming, "The last guardian and Naughty dog's new PS4 IP (uncharted 4?)...Oh yah and that new Kojima game (what's it called ,cough cough) and Killzone PS4 and there 'other new Ip and how about some Gt6, and......then I woke up.

Well I hope for something special anyways, I cannot wait to see the future...

GribbleGrunger2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

Yes, it's going to be interesting to see the response. The usual excuse from devs is that it's difficult to program for and the usual response to why 1st party games are much better than 3rd party games, is that Sony devs can cater exclusively for the Ps3. So, these devs and these dissenters are going to have no room for manoeuvre. Devs better equal Sony studios or the cat will be out of the bag. I'm almost convinced that 3rd party efforts on BOTH consoles won't look any better initially than the 1st party games coming for the PS3 this year. We'll see ... I could be wrong--I hope I'm wrong, but if they're NOT, all hell will break loose amongst Sony fans.

It's time for devs to put up or shut up and show us what they can do with a more unified user-base. No more excuses, no more complaints, just get on with it.

imdaboss12141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

Sony got plenty of first party games coming exclusively only for the PS4..Third party developers have no excuse to port any crappy games to any of the console..since its easy to program on the ps4 and the next xbox...The only games that will show great graphics will be the PS4 exclusive games..or the developers will take advantage of the ps4 hardware and port it to the next xbox

BlmThug2141d ago

The most anticipated title for me is Gran Turismo 6 :'D

Genuine-User2141d ago

Why are people disagreeing with "his" most anticipated title?

kupomogli2141d ago


Didn't you know? Your opinion isn't your opinion on the internet. Anytime you make mention of anything you like or don't like, you're trying to shove your opinion down other peoples throats.

This post is meant as a joke reply, but it's not really so much of a joke as often as people get attacked for stating their opinions.

dougr2140d ago

I hit disagree because my most anticipated for ps4 is not GT6

Jamaicangmr2141d ago

I doubt they will show third party at the meeting. Most likely we'll get a few feature demos (Like the rubber duck was used to show liquid physics) and first party demos, like GT for example.

The games will be saved for E3 when they can just assault us with games and pricing and launch date.

The meeting will be mainly to show the hardware and a few capabilities.

Well thats what i think if i'm being realistic and not going overboard like some are.

jivah2141d ago

You do know that this is mostly for investors. That is why Sony is calling out for em. So it will definitely show third party support to get people to invest in the company more.. that will be key. It most likely wont be too specific on things, that will most likely be e3 but it will most definitely touch on the support it will get as well as improvements and how to attract consumers. Thats how it was when I went to the ps3 meeting, so im expecting the same

dcbronco2141d ago

It's strange to still be blaming developers when Sony has changed their direction and admitted the Cell architecture was a mistake. Strange, but not unexpected.

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TAURUS-5552141d ago

i trust in sony, no doubt theyre gonna impress us.

subtenko2141d ago

Kat :) ...uh ..right back to the subject at hand. Third party support is good. The Wii had a lot of that. So lets say if Sony were to take all of that support from them and they didnt have as many..would you all see that as a good or bad thing?

Maybe it's both? They get more support but as long as they keep up their quality they are good. Only bad thing I can think of is some people would focus on Sony having a TON of third party games even though they have a TON of quality exclusives. What do you think? Or am I just confusing myself.

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Sandmano2141d ago

Zipper is history though.

Etseix2141d ago


Yeah but they stated that they can not let SOCOM series die, maybe sometime..... somehow... (it'd be a shame if they someone like Activision, EA, etc, make the new game from it thou )

Gamer392141d ago

I hope, The Witcher 3 coming ps4.

sdplisken2141d ago

i would kill for the witcher 1,2 and 3 on ps4!

Sandmano2141d ago

How about some new IP'S eh?

Gamer392140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

Man, The Witcher series only on PC. Ok, W2 360, but this game awesome and complex. Many only for AAA console game its a joke and simple.

W3 incoming!
"RED Engine 3 is a revolution in RPGs"

This is a GAME, not corridor shooter.

PS4isKing_822141d ago

No more current gen buying for me.
From now till launch, all my time and money will be for the ps4's launch day.

I know there's a few good games left to come out but too excited for the new stuff.
PS4, 3 or 4 launch games and an extra controller.

Hurry up Sony, I honestly can't contain my excitement much longer for this thing.

2141d ago
WooHooAlex2141d ago

You're not playing The Last of Us or Beyond when they come out? I don't think I have that kind of strength.

PS4isKing_822141d ago

My fiancé will get the last of us for her ps3 while I plan our ps4 launch purchase :D

We're both just excited as hell and love Playstation. :)

WooHooAlex2141d ago

Haha nice, that game is going to be amazing.
Here's how big of a nerd I am... I started pricing out tents for the PS4 launch.

LiquidSword932141d ago

Your going to camp out just to give Sony $600? I'm getting a ps4 too but only when it gets a decent price cut. You must work two jobs or somethin...

WooHooAlex2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

Well, I've already started saving for the PS4, and if I didn't have to dip into that fund to buy a new laptop last weekend, I'd be good to go.
Just one job for me, enough for bills, groceries and my video game addiction.

Sandmano2141d ago

GTA V is all I truly want now.

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Zool 082141d ago

You will buy current gen and love current gen, forget about future gen.

imdaboss12141d ago

they got the last of us, beyond 2 souls, and the new god of war game coming out this year..i suggest you keep gaming with the ps3 and save money at the same time

BlindGuardian2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

I'm still getting The Last of Us and Beyond

Metal Gear whatever is next gen, GTA5 will probably have a next gen better looking version

on the multiplats side Bioshock Infinite willend up on the top five for this gen if it fulfills what it promises

other than that maybe Crysis 3 and Tomb Raider and that's pretty much it for this gen

to recap:

-Bioshock Infinite
-Tomb Raider
-The Last of Us
-Beyond Two Souls

and then into the next gen we go

edit: on second thought Beyond might end up on the PS4 too

Tetsujin2141d ago

I'm kind of in the same boat, however I'm waiting more of a release date for the PS4 so I know how to budget my $ in time for the PS4 instead of getting broke then having to wait.

FFXI1012141d ago

"No more current gen buying for me"

I wish I could say the same. I pre-ordered Dead Space 3, GTA5, Last of US, Metro Last Light and Bioshock:Infinite. But I'll probably just pick up Metro, LoU and Bioshock.

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landog2141d ago

i'll rent last of us and god of war

the last console games i played were uncharted 3, halo 4 and gears 3

since then, i don't know, killzone 3 and halo reach

pc has been drawing me in deeper and deeper with steam deals, amazingly better grapihcs and performance and way cheaper games

i am really looking forward to ps4 and nextbox to draw me back to the consoles, i do love my consoles, i own ps3/ps2/ps1/wii/gamecube/n64/n ew/snes/xbox1/xbox360/ds/psp/ga mebooy advance sp/genisis

but honestly they are all boxed up except my ps3 for exclusives and bluray, i can play every otther gen of consoles on pc, including wii, it all looks so much better in 1080p with massive anti aliasing

cannot wait for great console exclusives to get close to pc llevel graphics

already got some cash set aside for both ps4 and nextbox, cannot wait, i hope one of them launches this summer!