No Xbox Live Gold needed for Netflix this weekend

Netflix is pushing House of Cards hard, and the one last piece of this weekend’s PR drive can be found on the console side of things. For the next couple of days, a Gold membership will not be needed to watch Netflix programming on the Xbox 360.

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Kamikaze1352114d ago

Why do you need Gold for Netflix in the first place?

Godmars2902114d ago

Because that's the way MS wanted it to push Gold subscriptions. duh.

Not that I see this working as a way to convince any Silver accounts with online access to go Gold.

StrongMan2114d ago

It's criminal that the worst version of Netflix is on the device that you have to pay real money to access it. This should be illegal.

insomnium22114d ago

Hooray for a free weeken...meh who am I kidding....

IAMERROR2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

worst version? hahahahaahahaha

...oh wait were you serious?

I'd consider the non-HD versions worse

IAMERROR2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

lol and let me just say that I in no way support the XBLG requirement, in fact I've spoken out about it many times on here. But to say that it's the worst version on Netflix when non-HD devices like the wii had netflix?... That's all I'm saying

So yesss Sony fanboys i'm on your side.... for once


Insomnia_842113d ago

So ppl pay for internet to use Netflix, then pay for Netflix for the service and then some ppl have to pay Microsoft to let them use it just because "that's how Microsoft wants it"? LMFAO!!

Godmars2902113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

Why would you reply about which system its better on when I said nothing about that? (Oh wait, StrongMan's comment. Joy.)

If anything if MS had been considering accessibility rather than exploitation when they had Netflix as a system exclusive the 360 would likely be the #1 platform now. Regardless of its quality.

Instead because they just had to tack on XBL, that party feature with the MST3K theme no one apparently used, they pretty much gave that to the PS3.

They wanted non-gaming features bundled with the game-supportive service XBL mainly is so as to justify it to non or casual gamers. Nevermind that many people realized that they already had non-bundled, non-paid subscription access to those features.

MikeMyers2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

It's because Microsoft is trying to create an Xbox experience while using apps like Netflix. Which means all your Live features and social functions, along with Kinect features, are integrated with the app. The problem is this clouds the idea of Netflix being a free app (of course you need a Netflix membership regardless of the platform you use and Xbox Live Gold does not cover that).

That's the problem with Live, because everything must run through Live it means you have to have a paid Live membership. That's what I don't like, being forced to be a Gold member to access apps that are otherwise free on any other device. They have also hampered Silver accounts by delaying game demo's and not putting any focus whatsoever in the free alternative.

Xbox Live back in 2002 was cool and brought a fresh whole new outlook to social gaming. It's now 2013 and the fee is not nearly as justified. I don't see Xbox Live pulling ahead of the competition and offering vast differences, at least not enough to warrant a fee. Nintendo, Sony, and Steam, have all grown throughout the years. So there are free alternatives now that were not as great back in 2002.

So unless Microsoft can come out with the next Xbox and show a clear distinction why Live is superior, I see them as the odd man out.

BattleAxe2113d ago

Ok people, I'm going to chime in on this one.....PS3 FTMFW!!!!

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Karpetburnz2114d ago

Not only that, you also need a Gold subscription just to even use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and even the Web browser. All of those should be FREE features.

Why some people think this is acceptable is beyond me.

pompombrum2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

XBLG.. premium price for everything you can get on your PC for free. I never realized how bad M$ really are scamming people with this, hopefully with the booming popularity in smartphones, M$ will at least offer these services for free.

Funny really, these days you can get a PC good enough to run all these things for the same cost of an xbox 360. Might take up a little bit more room but you add the console plus that HUGE power pack, it doesn't really take up much more room.

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PS4isKing_822114d ago

I can do ALL that for FREE on my ps3. Plus I get all the exclusives sony makes and all the multi plats.
So what's the point of owning an Xbox? Serious question.

Aside from halo, gears, and maybe forza, I don't see a need for Xbox to exist.
If a person can get everything and more on playstation and for free, I have to wonder why a person would choose something like Xbox.

It just feels like a waste of money to me.

amiga-man2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

Free for a weekend on the xbox or free forever on the PS3

......... ummm thats a tough one.

abzdine2114d ago

i didnt know you needed to pay to have access to "pay" for Netflix :D

what a bunch of pigeons those 360 owners.

Megaton2114d ago

Fees to pay the fees. Only on Xbox 360.

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