ZombiU Patch Soon - Creative In Game Painting Patch Announcement

Ubisoft has decided that formally announcing a patch on a forum or news site is boring. So they took it a step further and announced one inside ZombiU.

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Jadedz1660d ago

Hope it gets rectified. How's the multiplayer by the way (5 players locally)?

deafdani1659d ago

There are a few game breaking glitches, actually, not just the one. Luckily I never ran into any on my Zombi U playthrough.

YoungPlex1659d ago

Please add inverted Y-axis controls for the Gamepad! They have inverted Y-axis controls for the main game but for some reason don't have it for the Gamepad when using it separately.

jaymart2k1659d ago

add online multiplayer plz

Drainage1659d ago

welcome to last year. they have been doing these messages since launch

RaptorGTA1659d ago

Call me surprised...played since launch and never seen that message. Seen quite a bit...but not that one.