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Submitted by alexcosborn 1104d ago | opinion piece

What Could Sony Be Announcing At PLAYstation Meeting 2013?

GR: Sony decided to send the general gaming public into a massive frenzy last night when they announced that they'll be holding a meeting on February 20th to discuss "the future" of the PlayStation brand. At this point, everyone seems fairly certain that we'll see the PlayStation 4 at this event (here's our PS4 wishlist), but what if we don't?

After all, Sony is no stranger to disappointment. Because all of us here at Game Revolution appreciate a good (and sinister) laugh from time to time, we've compiled a handful of tragically disappointing announcements that could take the place of a PS4 reveal. (PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Sony)

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dbjj12088  +   1104d ago
My favorite line is at the end. I can't believe THAT would be "superior" to a PS4 reveal. HAHAHA, excellent article.
JoGam  +   1104d ago
what "Could" Sony be announcing you ask?
To be honest....anything. PS4, Gaikai plans, games. They may even announce PS4 will only $299. Hey I can dream right?
egidem  +   1104d ago
Anything! The problem is that now the hype train is approaching supersonic speeds. I almost forgot how insanely crazy these periods are during the end of a generation and the start of another one. The speculations about specifications, insider is quite exciting.

Thing is, if you take all the previous info from these so called insiders plus Sony's teaser about the future of PlayStation, people are most likely going to come down to one thought - PS4!
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BitbyDeath  +   1104d ago
Investors are attending so it'd have to be a physical product that can be sold and have money made.

So if not the PS4 it could be a Playstation watch, Playstation phone, PSP 3 etc

Most likely thing of course would be the PS4.
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UltraVegito  +   1104d ago
Well if they announce anything but the ps4 i think this world may implode on itself...

Lol but seriously everyone is hyped as hell for this thinking that there is a 100% chance of a ps4 reveal.Alot of signs point that it could be revealed there but you still can't be that sure.
Like JoGam said it could possibly be gaikai,something vita related or games.
Either way i can't wait to see what this event brings.
xursz  +   1104d ago
Ps4 will be minimum 400$. Wiiu is 350 basic.

edit: This is hands down the best article I have read regarding "the future of PlayStation" event. I laughed.
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3-4-5  +   1104d ago
ehh I think it's a safe bet that Sony's console will be Standard $50.00 + more than the Xbox 720.
rainslacker  +   1103d ago
At this point in time Sony would have said it wasn't the PS4 if that were the case. They aren't so stupid to know that if everyone thought it was the PS4, and then they don't show it, they will get blamed for lying to everyone about announcing the PS4, even though we made the assumption. It would cause major backlash within the press and community, and Sony would not want that. They would quelch a misconception of that magnitude real quick.
camel_toad  +   1104d ago
I'd love to hear that they've magically reworked The Last Guardian to be a PS4 launch title.

It HAS been a long time since we've seen it.
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rainslacker  +   1103d ago
I wouldn't be surprised if they just put it off till after the PS4 launch. The design team had a lot of technical issues getting some things to work with the PS3. The footage shown so far is obviously going to be very demanding on the hardware.
jamesnix47   1104d ago | Spam
Knight_Crawler  +   1103d ago
Not sure if this is a good move by fat PS3 died a few months ago and I was really considering on buying a Super Slim PS3 but if the PS4 is announced for xmas 2013 or 1st qt 2014 then I will holding off on buying one.

On the other hand if Sony announces a PS3 price drop and they also announce that the PS4 wont be backward compatible then I might just get the PS3.
zeddy  +   1103d ago
not a lot will be mentioned i bet. they definitely wont mention any specs but there might be a demo or two to show the "power".
TrendyGamers  +   1104d ago
Haha PS++
doctorstrange  +   1104d ago
j-blaze  +   1104d ago
hopefully new trailers + release dates for VersusXIII, FFX HD, The Last Guardian.. and of course....PS4!!
bicfitness  +   1104d ago
Clueless article is clueless.

l don't know that we'll see much else than a Ps4. Some Gaikai stuff maybe.
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A2X_  +   1104d ago
The article is not meant to be taken seriously.
knifefight  +   1103d ago
Never heard of sarcasm, eh?
smashcrashbash  +   1104d ago
Okay I don't think it is games or Gaikai at all.They wouldn't invite both press and investors to show them something as simple as games or Gaikai which everyone already knows about.They could have easily have just announced that on the internet. This has to be something bigger then that and what is bigger then a next gen console?
Adva  +   1104d ago
Playstation Meeting has been about new consoles...
Bobertt  +   1104d ago
Red and blue ps vita slim.
TheUndertaker85  +   1104d ago
A new model of PS Vita won't be announced. Why would they announce a new model when they're having problems moving the models out now?

Sony would be smart to announce the PS4 now, particularly if it does actually push things like better Cross Play or Remote Play. If done right they could use the PS4 as a way to move the Vita and vice versa. Knowing I could finally use my Vita as a full controller while at home would be nice. If more games offered Cross Controller experiences too that would also be a bonus. They don't even have to be as advanced as the LBP2 Cross Controller pack. Take the mini maps off the screen and push them to my Vita. Clear up TV screen space & still give users something that functions and has a purpose but not something users have to worry about looking down at constantly.

If it's not PS4 price cuts for both PS3 & Vita would happen before a new Vita model.
Bobertt  +   1104d ago
I was being sarcastic lol. Well a slim version would be cheaper so they would lose less money.
PS4isKing_82  +   1104d ago
Sony bought sega and will help make the dreamcast 2 and launch with sonic adventure 3!
The Great Melon  +   1104d ago
"On the screen will be a montage of Tidus and Yuna laughing with Hirai joining in on the hiliarity as he walks off the stage"

StrongMan  +   1104d ago
They will let us know when the next gen starts.
abzdine  +   1104d ago
most stupid news i've read in a long time!
PS++ with more free games *facepalm*
PS3gamer4life  +   1104d ago
DC universe on the vita?
floetry101  +   1104d ago
It's Ridge Racer!

TheOneEyedHound  +   1104d ago
The last gaurdian at Launch, would be most welcome.
gamingmaster2013  +   1104d ago
hope its a ton of new vita exclusives involving games like gow infamous etc... and a reveal of what the ps4 is going to look like (without revealing the specs incase of competition from microsoft).
violents  +   1104d ago
All of these speculations are rediculous, I realize this is a joke article but theres no way they would hype up anything on this list like they have. I think they are trying to beat MS to the punch this round with some real next gen equiptment.
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xursz  +   1104d ago
To be fair I haven't seen them hype anything yet. The just made a teaser saying Feb. 20
violents  +   1104d ago
yes but couple that "teaser" with the line "see the future" that sure as hell doesnt say anything like the points of this article say. You dont hype people up for some big announcent of seeing the future for PS2 HD remakes or cross game chat. When I read "see the future" that tells me they are revealing something that will really wow people and show what direction the company will be moving in the future. And to top it off they are having all thier big investors there to see the show personally, you dont do that to reveal something small.

The highest probability is going to be a next gen reveal IMO.

and how exactly is a "teaser" not supposed to Hype something up?
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remanutd55  +   1104d ago
i want new psvita game announcements, God of War, inFAMOUS, Motorstorm and new IPs and of course ps4 reveal!!
Soldierone  +   1104d ago
To be honest if it isn't PS4, Sony should have shot the rumor down as soon as possible. At this point if it isn't PS4, it will just be a shot to their foot.

If its Gaikai, people will be mad at the service. If its just a game, people will be disappointed. Let alone why are you flying people out and getting people's attention for this if it isn't "important"? A game reveal, info on Gaikai, all of that could wait till an event around E3 when all the press and retailers are already in the area for E3.

MS hosts the events too, but its normally important. Their last one was for their tablet line.
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   1104d ago
February Meetings:
Console itself

E3- gameplay of launch games and trailers for upcoming games in 2014
TGS: playable launch games
December: Launch
Soldierone  +   1104d ago
If it plays like the Vita, Sony will have basically "tech demos" of games on the console at E3.

At E3 when they announced the Vita they had closed doors for it with specific levels from games simply demonstrating the features.
TheLastGuardian  +   1104d ago
Sony are going to announce that it bought the rights to Crash and Spyro. Naughty Dog and Insomniac are going to bring these series back to their roots on the PS4! I'd be way more excited about that than a new console reveal.
PygmelionHunter  +   1103d ago
Give me The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy VS XIII already!
ajax17  +   1103d ago
I hope they get Crash Bandicoot back! That was my favorite series of games(the Naughty Dog developed ones at least) on the PS1.
tigertron  +   1103d ago
Crash Bandicoot as a Sony exclusive PS4 launch title would make me throw all the money I have at my computer screen in a desperate, yet futile attempt to buy the PS4 instantly.
ajax17  +   1103d ago
MakiSaad2  +   1103d ago
I wish Crash Bandicoot come back to his home in PlayStation and Naughty Dogs in charge of him again :'(
ajax17  +   1103d ago
Me too, it was a sad day they sold the rights to him!
Armyntt  +   1103d ago
IMO its all or nothing here. If its anything non-related to the PS4, Sony will look like a joke. Stock will drop and Sony will lose money in the millions within hours. With all the info being "leaked" for months already then this teaser it would be a huge failure on Sony's part as a company not just for us and videogames by showing anything that is not their next console.
smashcrashbash  +   1103d ago
That doesn't make ANY sense. Why should that happen? It isn't Sony that said it would be the PS4.We are all saying that.Sony NEVER confirmed or stated anything of the sort.Even if it isn't the PS4 it is something close to or equally important. Are you telling me that is how it works now? You blame Sony for what you make up yourself? If it is the PS4,hurray.But if it isn't it is your own fault that you jumped to conclusions.How is it Sony's fault? They haven't said anything about a PS4.
rainslacker  +   1103d ago

Stock probably wouldn't crash, but the backlash among the community and press would be extreme. While Sony aren't the ones who are making up this news, they aren't discrediting it either. It wouldn't matter at that point who did what, Sony would receive all the blame. It may not be just, but it is the way things are.

Unless this whole thing is crushed by mid-week next week then Sony would be to blame IMO, because they were allowing this hype to build. I know companies may sit on things to generate hype and what not, but not for an announcement of this magnitude, nor with the amount of excitement and press it's already gotten. It would come back to bite them in the ass in a big way, regardless of who's fault it was.

That being said, Sony is well aware of this. If this wasn't a PS4 reveal, then Sony would have crushed that prospect very quickly. Whatever it may be, it is big for them, and they would not want the actual news or product to be overshadowed by the hate they would receive over peoples own assumptions.
Dilldo_  +   1103d ago
Hilarious hhahah
clevermaniac  +   1103d ago
Sony Has Re-Acquired The Rights To Crash Bandicoot, And Naughty Dog's Working On A Reboot

The revolting orange mascot from the original PlayStation days makes his triumphant return in the form of a PlayStation-exclusive reboot done by the guys over at Naughty Dog. As a giant costumed Crash Bandicoot takes the stage, everyone gasps as Anthony Severino charges the beast and beats it to a bloody pulp. The whole meeting then comes to an abrupt end, as Mr. Severino is taken away by the authorities.

YESSSSSS that could possibly mean crash in playstation all-stars battle royale :D
GloriaHiggs22  +   1103d ago
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No_Pantaloons  +   1103d ago
I bet it'll be another announcement!
Everyone is getting all up in arms ready for the big ps4 reveal, but seriously neither they nor M$ want to tip their hand too early. That's how an technological arms race will occur. Sony says it has X, M$ will say it has X+1.

WiiU is doing ok, but no where near the level of forcing either of them into early reveals. So settle down and enjoy the ride.
stefan771  +   1103d ago
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