PS4 Unveiling: What Would Sony Gain By Being the First to Show Off Next-Gen Consoles? | Sony is expected to roll out their next generation console in a matter of weeks. What exactly do they gain from making their announcement before Microsoft?

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1871d ago

They'll set the stage of course. It's always better to act rather than react. If you make the first move then you decide the flow of combat..... says Batman anyway.

GreenRanger1871d ago

They would gain my money.

PrimeLantern1871d ago

I just want it to release. They've earned my money with what the PS3 has been doing and I can only expect better things with the PS4.

miyamoto1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

They will gain lots of these
and these

They are repeating the PS2 strategy.

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