Jaffe Responds to Sensationalist CNN Anchor

Jaffe-"Dear @ErinBurnett : you, ma'am, are at best an idiot that @cnn should be ashamed to have as an anchor. At worst, you are the worst kind of American: one who has allowed the healthy desire for success to morph into a capitalistic cancer that makes it ok to ignore the facts in order to make your product more appealing, regardless of the consequences. To make matters worse, your own views about video games- which you seem to have no problem sharing with your hundreds of thousands of viewers- clearly have not been formed by any actual research or real life experience with the medium.

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2pacalypsenow2115d ago

finally someone strikes back

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LOGICWINS2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

I agree with David, but I disagree with the way he said it. This is no where near as mature as this

Theres a difference between lashing out and and making a sound counter argument. Jaffe tends to get over-emotional. The mainstream media believes that gamers are angry, violent immature brats. Jaffe's tantrum only solidified that stereotype.

grifter0242115d ago

LOGICWINS- Difference between the two is that Sessler did not get steam rolled and bullied into the argument or get talked over, they gave him time to talk and say what he had to say without putting in a lot of arguments. Watch other videos on Fox with Sessler and see what they do even to him and see how he has to defend his stance on FOX.

NLV- Did you SEE the video? She was dead set on making the psychologist say out right "Games make people kill." How in your mind is that something that should be on television? How come no one says that all the tv shows about cops and shootings on national tv don't cause people to kill?

I agree with David, yes he says stuff that makes no sense sometimes but in this case I agree with him 100%...she is trashing his way of living and I bet she would do the same if he trashed hers in a video game.

LOGICWINS2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

Does anyone have the link to the video Jaffe is responding to?

EDIT: No need. gt it dwn below :)

dcbronco2114d ago


Sometimes someone needs to lash out. You can as eloquent as possible and get nowhere. So when trying to remove a wall sometimes you have to use a sledgehammer. If news channels had any class this wouldn't have been a story. But few people in the business do anymore. They use witch hunts to make a profit. It's not about addressing real issues.

People have always been violent. And the US congress has a lot of nerve speaking out about anything. But any reporter will give far more weight to that congressperson than they will to a developer. If you want to look at who causes violence look at a school shooter and a congressman. A school shooter just happened to play games. Or watched a movie. Before those things existed, people still did a lot of killing. Children were taken to executions as a day out. So there is no evidence that games cause violence.

Look at a congressperson. They vote for declarations of war. They vote for money to continue wars. They buy the weapons. They know that enemies hide within the civilian population and they bomb them anyway. It's estimated that as many as a million Iraqi civilians were killed during the war. And since congress allows tens of thousands of armed contractors to remain you can bet many more Iraqi civilians still die.

Video games win on the amount of deaths caused a million to 0 compared to a US congressman. SO to blame a developer should make them lash out when so many are still stupid enough to put any weight behind the words of members of the media or congress.

Aceman182114d ago

i agree with everything Jaffe said after watching that segment i'd want to cuss that b*tch out.

my aunt took me to see horror movies at the age of 4, and i've been playing games since then and not once till this day (now 39) have i wanted to go out shoot people or kill anyone. i knew all that stuff was just fantasy.

adorie2114d ago

I want to see David Jaffe with a lightsabre now.

Dirtnapstor2114d ago

what about "slander" or "libel" issues when it comes to the media outlets spewing erroneous rhetoric concerning the issue and showing game play footage/images of the various shooters? Should the likes of Activision and EA be outraged???
I'd be pissed if they were tossing my product around with such associations and inaccuracies!

showtimefolks2114d ago

I am with Jaffe on this one, it seems like to me gaming has taken cheap shots from all ends yet when someone from our side is aggressive than All of the sudden it's wrong

So y'all can blame all your issues on games yet not looking at anything else but when Jaffe says something it's regarded as he is not coming across right?

Killing on name of religion
Killing for sake of killing
Killing because you have s sick mind
Killing because you are mentally ill or retarded
Killing in useless wars on terrorist

So I am sure when someone raises a gun to shoot someone it's because they played GTA or COD. In new Orleans where I live people are shooting each other left and right so is this on gaming too?

And what happened in that school shooting is all fake anyway. How could it be that the so called kids who died never existed? Those names belonged to already dead senior citizens?

How could it be that Facebook pages were created for those kids 3-4 days before the shooting actually happened?

How could it be that one of the dead kids who was a hired actor mt Obama but she was suppose to be dead?

All this shit is done to blame 2 things

Controlling guns
And blaming entertainment media such as games

mechlord2114d ago

HEHE :) Epic :)

I'm not sure what makes your argument look more ignorant: the fact that you don't back up your idiotic statement by showing a correlation to the current health of America's agriculture sector with the popularity of Farmville OR the fact that the sick, deranged evil loser who killed those poor kids in Norway had picked such a poor 'training' tool that after 700 hours of play, he was only capable of hitting little kids with his bullets versus the well armed pretend terrorists and highly skilled virtual soldiers that he was battling in the game

Tultras2114d ago

When has journalism ever been about reporting the facts?

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Timesplitter142114d ago

I fucking love people like David Jaffe who just barge into a place and speaks their mind, not even bothering about being politically correct.

Awesome_Gamer2114d ago

Gotta love Jaffe. I would have done the same if I were him, sure he is loud but he got his point across.

morganfell2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

"I said it before and I am going to say it again, until these journalist realize that ritalin, Prozac, Xenex, Zoloft, and any other antidepressants is the reason for these violence."

And fluoride is used by the government for mind control.

Jaffe is right that games do not make you a better shooter. After all COD isn't the EST 2000. But games do allow you to train tactics which is a wholly different beast from shooting. And if Jaffe doesn't think that violent games and Hollywood do not factor into these shootings then he is wrong.

Notice I do not say that violent games and Hollywood are to blame. No, not at all. The individual is to blame. Period. And the individual should be executed swiftly in a public, gruesome manner. But violent games and movies do desensitize a person.

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Nate-Dog2115d ago

I'd still give her one. Might have to use some brown tape over that mouth though.

iNMyFiN4LH0uR2115d ago

can someone post to what he is responding too?

izumo_lee2115d ago


Watch the video in this article. Jaffe is right Erin Burnett is an embarrassment to the way journalist should act. I've seen her sometimes in some of these issues & she really is annoying all the time.

Good on Jaffe to speak his mind & not stand for someone who clearly has no idea what she is talking about.

KING852114d ago

Just watched the video and I have to agree with Jaffe on this one. She came out with an assumption and tried to state it as fact. I'm assuming from her dialogue she's had no real exposure to these games, and she cites references GTA as all news journalists appear to do when this topic presents itself. Her journalism in this case was pitiful as it appears she was attempting to coax the interviewee in joining in on her opinion.
I can't say positively if there's an underlying connection between violence and video games as I would have to do more research. What does appear to be possible is that many people who do go on these wild shooting rampages usually have some mental/social condition which has some effect on their cognitive and decision making skills. Bullying, social awkwardness, feeling isolated, etc are often social factors which can play a part in these things. Not implying that these are constant factors, but some of these conditions can be underlying factors. I guess more research has to be done for any sound reasoning to be made.

psyxon2115d ago

got DAYUM. he went in on her.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

lol yeah ^_^ She deserved it. Tomorrow we'll either see her apologising or a new anchor.

Either way Jaffe is such a Badass @[email protected] <3

PurpHerbison2115d ago

Both of them need a dose of STFU.

jtenma2115d ago

Are you serious?

We have taken this sh%$ long enough! It is about time we said something. This man is sticking up for YOU.

...OR he should be, or else my next question will be "why are you here?"

cl19832115d ago

I believe purp meant the dr and cnn anchor.

PurpHerbison2114d ago

Jumping to conclusions is the best possible thing you can do.

HammadTheBeast2115d ago

So do you apparently. I joke.

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