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The Games That Will Define 2013: part 2 (Hooked Gamers feature)

Hooked Gamers writes: "In the coming weeks we will present you with a list of games that we think will define 2013. They might not all be AAA titles, but they will make a difference this year. So keep a look out and enjoy. Here's part 2 with SimCity, Shadowrun Returns, Total War: Rome II and Command & Conquer." (Command & Conquer, Dev, Shadowrun Returns, SimCity, Total War: Rome II)

Timesplitter14  +   846d ago
That list is a bit ridiculous. It's from the perspective of someone who obviously loves strategy games, which is fine, but these games will in no way "define" 2013. Most of them will go under the radar and appeal to a somewhat limited audience
Kiriel  +   842d ago
I think you have failed to notice that 1) it is part of a series, this would be part 2, and also that Hooked Gamers is a PC focused site. For PC gamers, these ARE games that will define 2013.

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