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Crysis 3 Beta First Impressions: Hit & Miss

Does the Crysis 3 beta live up to expectations? Or is it another example of tacked-on multiplayer? (Crysis 3, Crytek, EA, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

GABRIEL1030  +   808d ago
I have mixed sensations about this one, the graphics are ok but isn't the marvel, like their cousins Killzone 3 or Halo 4. In fact there is a lot a effects, animations, details and good moments of gameplay, maybe I have been expected much more of this game in technological terms. Well is only a Beta.
sandman224  +   808d ago
I understand what you're talking about. But I think you played the console version of crysis 3. If you see the game on max settings on a PC you'll understand the marvel of the game. This game should have been made for the ps4/720 and PC. I had fun with the multiplayer for the consoles. I just wish the graphics were on par with the PC on max settings and It ran at 60 frames. I might buy a high end PC if Sony doesn't anounce a ps4 on feb. 20th
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Lisica  +   808d ago
Who cares about the graphics anymore... :(
CyberCam  +   808d ago
Well, I downloaded & play it on my PC for all of 10 minutes and then hit the uninstall button. For me it was a lagg fest of pretty graphics. I guess it's just my hate for cloaking games and environments where your enemies blend into the scenery (even without the cloaking). It was just not for me, but others may enjoy it.
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Baka-akaB  +   808d ago
Yes on a high end pc you have the definitive version anyone should play instead if able .... but the mp is still just ok and not that interesting compared to other games .

It's only obviously better than crysis 2's already meh mp gameplay
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Donnieboi  +   808d ago
Now lets talk about gameplay. Graphics don't justify a $60 for me now matter how good they are.
Plagasx  +   808d ago
Meh, the MP feels like a Crysis 2 expansion and nothing more.

Can't wait for the SP though..
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AKS  +   808d ago
Seems a bit rough. I think a much more intelligent choice would have been to first release a brief single player demo, which would have given them a bit more time to clean up the multiplayer.
MYSTERIO360  +   808d ago
Isn't that the point of a beta its to iron out any faults with the MP so the final product is a lot better.
pennywhyz  +   808d ago
If your not playing this on a maxed PC please dont judge it ty.
CyberCam  +   808d ago
I played it on maxed PC... nothing but pretty graphics. I didn't feel immerse in the world at all. And for some reason, I don't like my gun with a scope taking up a third of my screen.
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Mutant-Spud  +   808d ago
Why not? Does greater computing power now fix mediocre gameplay?
I played the demo on 360,it's not awful, it's just nothing new and definitely nothing special, if anything it's a simplified version of Crysis 2 MP....which wasn't that complex or interesting in the first place.
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Norrison  +   808d ago
It's pretty well optimized, unlike the original Crysis. The console version was pretty bad tho, I would take killzone 3 or halo 4 over it if I was a console only player.
HeavenlySnipes  +   808d ago
Its basically a patch of Crysis 2 MP. They changed it so that you climb faster, power smash isn't an ability anymore, everyone has it, and that running and power jumping don't consume energy like in Crysis 2 (unless in stealth or power mode)

All the assault/submachine guns still feel the same ala Crysis 2

The hit detection feels weird

I'd tone down player speed while sprinting (only in MP)

I'd lessen the time you can stay in stealth/armor mode (still too much camping invisible)
Degsie  +   808d ago
Hey guys, I've played the PC multiplayer for the past 2 days on a high end machine (SLI 580GTX 16GB RAM, SSD, i7 CPU, using the latest beta drivers on 30" screen ) and here are my impressions

Disappointed with feel of the animations. Have you noticed how jerky the pinger is in third person view when controlling it? All running, jumping and death animations are poor by today's standard .

Feels like a DLC expansion of Crysis 2 mp rather than a new game. Hunter mode is dull when playing 5 rounds as a CELL operative as you just find a place to hide and do nothing else.... Where's the fun or skill in that?

FPS are only smooth on low/medium settings. Try it on highest setting is unplayable.

I'm a Crytek fan, but this demo is a let down ..... What do you guys think?
AKS  +   807d ago
About the same here. I have a 2600K and 2 GTX 670s. Still seems pretty rough to me. I doesn't help that I watched that video they made about the bow in Crysis 3 first, which looked incredible with the all grass and all. I think they'll sharpen it up a bit prior to release, but I wasn't blown away by the MP Beta.

Seems decent but nothing spectacular at this point.
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Degsie  +   807d ago
Maybe things will get better in the final version. Let's hope so, cause Crytek, DICE and CDPROJECT are the only ones pushing the envelope at the moment. Everything else is same ol'same old.
AKS  +   806d ago
Oops, that should have said TALL grass. Typo.

Of course looks aren't everything, but that said there was quite a difference between what I've seen between SP and MP so far. Hopefully they can clean up MP in time for release.
byeGollum  +   808d ago
I'm enjoyin' it. .

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