Vita only console, portable and home, to not get RE: Revelations.... Why?

Resident Evil is coming to more than just the 3DS, in fact we know that before its all said and done, all systems will have the game.... with the exception of the Playstation Vita. Kawata responds and we share our speculations. What's yours?

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miyamoto2139d ago

Where is Resident Evil Portable?

Mounce2138d ago

I honestly think Revelations 'was' RE Portable which was meant for PSP, but since 3DS came about, RE scrapped that idea and brought it to Nintendo instead.

Same thing happened with Ubisoft whom were making an Assassin's Creed game for the 3DS and later scrapped to go to the Vita as they found it more towards what features they were trying to make and I think that then became AC Liberation.

I'd honestly buy RE Revelations if it went on the Vita :/ I'd rather have it as a handheld than a console game.

SpoonyRedMage2138d ago

Actually the Assassin's Creed for 3DS became part of Assassin's Creed: Revelations for PS3/360/PC.

Mounce2138d ago

@Spoony - You REALLY think a sequel like Revelations that was based off AC2 and AC Brotherhood which were console games, would just simply go to 3DS?.... Tbh, that sounds stupid.

Only time AC games ever have gone on handheld are if they were Sidestories, but not MAIN chapters to the story.... Ubisoft wouldn't do such a stupid thing as put a main game sequel randomly on a handheld and at that, cripple their fanbase and console consumer-base.

BlackWolf2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

Revelations was originally a 3DS tittle. It would have been called Assassin's Creed: Lost Legacy, but it was cancelled, and it's main elements went into the development of Revelations.

Before commenting, investigate. That way, you can get arguments to back up your claims.

BullyMangler2138d ago

between the Vita and the 3DS, why no Revelations for vita?

1. The Vita gots more Power than the 3DS, but not that that much more power . The ps3 had more power over the gameCube, but have u seen what Res Evil 1 remake looks like?, . its for the gamecube and there is yet to be a game more astonishing looking than that one, so much for ps3 or 360 power.

2. The 3Ds is more comfy than the Vita = comfort matters tremendously when embarking on lengthy games .. the Vita's comfort is actually bad, go chek it. . i would not want to spend time with my hands wrapped around that thing . = bothersome the vita is .

3. The 3DS can do stereoscopic 3D . . as soon as Super MArio 3d land came out, that game dissmissed all the myths surrounding gaming in 3d . i played that mario 3D land and its like witch craft . it felt like i was playing a whole new race of videogames for the 1st time . awesome game . witchcraft stuff!!

4. 3Ds XL?

5. The Vita looks more pretty than the 3ds, from the outside that is

6. The 3Ds has GREATER games than the Vita so far .

7. The Vita has comfort grips you can buy seperately, i have not tried them yet

the 3Ds is a pleasure to hold and to have, the Vita is not a pleasure to hold, but yes to look at. . . the Vita should be getting great games soon one day i hope .

p.s. .the vita and its wrongly place joy sticks that stick out in just the wrong place . shame

Nimblest-Assassin2138d ago


Makes sense because revelations is the only game not written by Corey May

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swansong2139d ago

Well, at least we can still play RE1,2,and 3 on the Vita. Three games that are survival horror at it's finest.

calis2138d ago

Hasn't RE2 been taken off?

swansong2138d ago

just checked and all three RE are still on the psVita store.

calis2138d ago

Weird, I checked SEN store and it only says it's for PSP and PS3

And then I came across this (though it's a few months old)

Jadedz2139d ago

It's not exclusive just to the Vita either. Like Tomb Raider for instance... ''the Wii U controller is too unique!'' Um... use the Wii U's pro controller?

TheUndertaker852138d ago

The problem with your statement is all WiiUs don't come with pro controllers. All Vitas are exactly the same.

WiiUsauce2138d ago

all Wii U's pretty much DO come with pro controllers. The gamepad has every traditional controller button you need. They don't have to use the screen if they don't want to. It could just display your hud and maps and inventory and that's it.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2138d ago

SMH at Tomb Raider

Just don't use the Screen.

TheUndertaker852138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

"Pretty much" and is isn't the same thing. Why bother using the WiiU's controller if you can't think of something useful to do with it?

...Or should Game Devs not want to use the display on the controller? I'm sure that's a message Nintendo wants to send.

They don't want to limit the experience to just using the new pads as controllers and want to deliver more in that department if they're going to do it on WiiU. Why is that a bad thing?

It's bad for WiiU cause they won't get the game but if they did deliver a game and it was exactly the same as the PS3/360 versions, which it most likely would be at that point, WiiU owners would be ranting about how Tomb Raider didn't fully use their system.

All Vita owners want here is a game that is playable on another handheld system that realistically only has two differences over it. While Vita doesn't have 3D or a second display, the PS3 & 360 versions won't either. Vita does offer the same single touch experience 3DS does but brings multi-touch to the table too. They have gyroscopes, Near(Same idea as Street Pass), and various other things that 3DS offers. They wouldn't have to sacrifice the already existing game at all to bring it to Vita nor really do anything special to differentiate it.

All I'm saying is they believe that by giving WiiU owners the same experience that's on PS3 & 360 they wouldn't be doing justice to the WiiU & one of the main features of the system, the new controller of the WiiU. Resident Evil Revelations already has those features that could translate to Vita easily and doesn't need to really differentiate itself from the 3DS version minus 3D which is already being removed for the PS3/360 versions.

Thus where the difference lies between Sony's Cross Controller & the Nintendo WiiU setup. Sony advertises the Cross Controller experience as an extra, something you can do IF you own both a PS3 & Vita. The WiiU on the other hand has the pad packed in the box. By doing that, they deliver the message that it's at the center of the console itself. By dis-including features for the display or limiting their use they'd be delivering the message that it's ok to drop or stunt the growth of one of the WiiU's core features. Nintendo needs to show users why they're buying the WiiU with it. Sony doesn't necessarily since those experiences split with the Vita. You're already getting Vita & PS3 dedicated games. The WiiU shouldn't be just getting games for its pad though and treating it like an accessory.

SilentNegotiator2138d ago

And Nintendo has been greasing their palms lately. Probably doesn't hurt.

Ult iMate2136d ago

I think there's some kind of agreement between Capcom and Nin that forbids Capcom to publish RE:R on other portable consoles. That's the only sensible reason I can think of.

Perjoss2138d ago

what about the WiiU, is it getting revelations also? and whats the install base like for the Vita? maybe thats the reason.

CBaoth2138d ago

1) yes. 2) Vita around 4.2mil global base.

I speculate it's one of 2 reasons: Capcom believes the majority of Vita owners own a PS3 so it's already available to them, OR (it's ok to tell me to take off the tin foil hat) the same contract that called for an exclusivity period for MH on Nintendo hardware also contained a clause for RE on handhelds too.

gamingmaster20132138d ago

OR... crapcom just simply cannot be asked to develop games (that are not fighting games) for the vita

lilbroRx2138d ago

Didn't Capcom say that the exclusive contract for Monster Hunter on Nintendo's cosnole didn't exist?

MH3P and MH3PHD wouldn't have came about if it did.

pr0digyZA2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

Wii u is getting it.
As for install base, it could be that or there is a portable exclusive deal for a certain amount of time.

Edit: CBaoth beat me to it.

Kingthrash3602138d ago

The 3ds' s user base was low when this game was ANNOUNCED for the 3ds, so that no reason.

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