Dead Space 3 has 11 Pieces of Day 1 DLC

Dead Space 3 will launch with 11 pieces of day one DLC available, offering services ranging from speeding up loot collection to new suits and weapons for Isaac.

According to Eurogamer, most of the purchasable upgrades tie into the game's crafting system, specifically the scavenger bots that you can use to salvage weapon parts and resources scattered around the game world. It's worth noting that these DLC bundles are separate from the micro-transactions in the game's weapon crafting system discovered last week.

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Bumpmapping1720d ago

Wow what scumbags they make Activision look good now that's pathetic.

JaredH1720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )

The whole crafting idea sounds like a gimmick for micro-transactions to me. They really are adopting a free to play model with regards to it. It's like paying for double xp, more currency, etc. in free to play games. But the games $60.

If I end up playing Dead Space 3 I'm definitely going to play it on the classic mode so I don't have to deal with these features. I hated the crafting system in the demo before the micro-transaction news got out too. It's so convoluted with the amount of different resources.

HammadTheBeast1720d ago

Remember, they made it in mind for the "gamer who has only played action games on his phone".

Yeah, cause he'll just eat up micro transactions and BS.

LapDance19741720d ago

Thanks EA for the 11 reasons not to buy this or support your company.

dirthurts1719d ago

It's Not really DLC.
It's basically pay to make your character better from the start.
Like paying for a short cut.

TheFreak1719d ago

Yes please don't buy dead space 3. We can not support this bs. We cannot condone these actions that will ruin the industry for us the gamers.

Please boycott.

AngelicIceDiamond1719d ago

Yep EA is on there way of becoming the "franchise killer."

Pretty damn sad...

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Red_Orange_Juice1720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )

just wow, another reason to not feel bad about getting the game used

Norrison1719d ago

Just don't buy the DLC, if no one buys it they will drop that idea.

1719d ago
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MacDonagh1720d ago

Apparently they need to sell 5 million copies of Dead Space 3 for the company to survive. They are using these microtransactions to get as much money as they can because that sales number is nigh on impossible for Dead Space 3 to reach.

mi_titan271720d ago

well they lost my purchase

007Bond1720d ago

STFU you know you're going to play it eventually

Black-Rock-Shooter1720d ago


Yea secound hand and not buy the dlc.

mi_titan271717d ago

Dead Space 1 was amazing i played it straight through before starting another game. I was exteremely excited for Dead Space 2 (collectors edition), then i started playing it, lost my attention and i quit half-way through. Dead Space 3, didnt even keep my attention through the demo.

FarCryLover1821720d ago

They are not going to get there.

Conzul1720d ago

And, to boot, they will have died disgracefully. Calhoun should be strung up.

Bimkoblerutso1720d ago

Yeah, hope it was worth compromising their artistic integrity, cause they ain't gonna reach that number regardless.

Should have just made the game they and all their fans wanted in the first place.

camel_toad1720d ago

In defense of the devs, it's not their fault. Publishers and their investors are the ones that try and suck every drop of blood from us.

arbitor3651720d ago

this series has fallen so far away from what the first game was that its depressing

Dread1720d ago

This is bull S#^T

go phuck urself EA!

ArmGunar1720d ago

5 millions copies will be hard to reach !

Agent_00_Revan1720d ago

Even IF I ever buy it, it'll be Used.

sobekflakmonkey1719d ago

Sadly I pre-ordered this ages ago on I'm regretting it in light of this unfortunate news.

papajag1719d ago

@ArmGuner I agree. They set the standard way too high for this game. It has a chance though considering that the last game sold 3 Million according to VGCHarts.

F*** these dlcs. If you have a gamegennie use that instead.