What People Used to Say About The Atari 2600

Do you think people get emotional about today's gaming consoles? Have you noticed that the people running PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo sometimes say weird things? Or make some bold claims?

Well, this is what people used to say about the Atari.

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Munky2027d ago

I still have mine buried somewhere. I'm proud of the fact that I have been gaming since the beginning.

Anon19742027d ago

I also have fond memories on my old 2600. The battles my brother and I used to have with Combat. :)

thebudgetgamer2027d ago

Combat, the game that started many family rivalries.

aceitman2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

wow look at these graphics , pacman, donkeykong,pitfall. and yes we loved the graphics ,gamer4life.:>>>>

rainslacker2027d ago

Same here, found it in my parents attic a few years ago.:) Many hours spent playing Pac-Man with my mom...who actually beat me all the time, and pitfall.

sprinterboy2027d ago

been gaming since the beginning myself, god has alot changed, imagine games 20 yrs from now wow, i will be 56yrs old, hopefully kick ass with the grand kids by then lol

zerocrossing2027d ago

I started gaming on the NES but man do I wish I was there at the beginning.

rainslacker2027d ago

NES blew the 2600, and all it's competitors at the time, out of the water. Still great nostalgic feeling about the 2600 though. Looking back it really wasn't that great, and the games were mostly crap, but it was exciting.

Gamer392027d ago

I started gaming this console. Cosmic Ark my one favorite game 2600 Jr. Nice old times.

kma2k2027d ago

My first gaming system was the NES but i have played me dads old atari a time or two.

Jek_Porkins2027d ago

I got an Atari 2600 in the late 80's, also had an NES obviously, but I have some great memories of Space Invaders and some Star Wars games on the 2600.

Sad to think that a lack of quality control over the games really killed that brand and the industry. Back then, anyone could make a game for the console and didn't have to pay Atari anything for it to be sold and on the console.

Things were so much simpler back then, even though I'm only in my late 20's, I miss some of the innocence from those days.

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