Text Chat in Mario Kart Wii? Are you kidding me? Wake up Nintendo!

Gaming Console Network's Mister Pogo takes on the news of the upcoming Nintendo Wii game "Mario Kart Wii" having text-chat over voice-chat and talks about how Nintendo is missing the boat in the online gaming war.

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pwnsause3940d ago

text chat is soo 2000, we have voice chat, your fingers will always be on your controller.

anyway, whats the point of this? they have god damn bluetooth on the system. why not take advantage of it by allowing BT headsets on the wii?


to me there just going backwards....and destroying the gaming industry...just my opinion

IzKyD13313940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

thats just pathetic, the fact that BOTH the PS2 and Xbox's online were both more advanced than the Wii's, and they both were LAST GEN I might add
Hell, even the PSP has better online support!

player9113940d ago

You can't really do anything on it directly... but you can run apps and such through the browser.

You can chat on your Wii already, and could have for months. I run have a dedicated website for online chatting on your Wii with a Wiimote or using a USB keyboard. My site was even showcased on a game channel in Germany,'s WiiMotion.

My site was created by me, ran by the community, ad-free, and free to use.

I don't know how N4G is about links, but the URL is

ChickeyCantor3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

there is a way to chat and people cry.....
i'm glad the console version of mario kart goes ONLINE!.....people search for the most lamest thing to bash!.

why not claim N4g should add some sort of voice chat!!!KFSDLAKFAS
because FORUMS are soooo yesterday >=|

and looking @ the lame edited picture..its obvious most people don't realize that you can not chat while " driving"

"So Nintendo... How the bloody hell can you drive and text at the same time?"
Well how about you don't and concentrate on the road?/

btw you pay for this game knowing what you will get, if you ain't getting then just shut the f*ck up =/

edit: "So Nintendo... How the bloody hell can you drive and text at the same time?"

it just shows, with the lack of knowledge you can start a riot !! even if your points are far from the truth.......people will agree with this guy.....
actually after reading that i realized this guy cant be taken seriously.

3940d ago
ChickeyCantor3940d ago

Awesome 17 disagrees( and counting ?) !!!

eagle213940d ago

I don't bash Nintendo, but I guess they are thinking texts like....."kool mom"...."i Know dear"

tweaker3940d ago

Games require voice chat these days. My PS2 could do it. Why not the "next-gen" Wii?

jack who3940d ago

wii is new gen not NEX GEN

BrotherNick3940d ago

lol, you guys need to get out of that next gen mentality -_-; all systems are for sure this gen, it's just a marketing term for people to be like, "I have teh coolest gadgets, It's next gen".

jack who3940d ago

how you gona driv and txt at the same time??

ChickeyCantor3940d ago

....and this is what meant with people are going to agree with him.....

if you did some research you would know you cant chat while driving.
only in the lobby

crck3940d ago

This particular article implies that you CAN text in game. So how was he suppose to know? But yeah "Jack Who" Nintendo took care of that so don't worry. You can't text while actually playing...

ChickeyCantor3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

thnx for proving my point, the article contains a question that is showing the lack of research.

if the guy did some research people wouldnt be getting the false information.

[jack who] would know this and wouldnt be asking that question.

instead of reading this rant, reading the actual information would be better.

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